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Sauder research-Foodies more satisfied with their lives 

Research | Foodies more satisfied with their lives

December 9, 2015Tagged: All News, Faculty, Press Release, Research

Thank you Sauder and Yann Cornil and Pierre Chandon for the enlightening view on eating for the right reasons.

People who revel in the tastes, sights and scents of food report higher well-being than those who eat simply to satisfy their hunger, according to a new study from UBC’s Sauder School of Business.

The researchers also found that having a deeper appreciation doesn’t lead to extra pounds, finding there is no correlation between idealizing food and above-average body mass.

“Here in North America, we’re in a society that considers food to be the new tobacco – and that’s the wrong approach,” said Assistant Professor Yann Cornil, the lead author of the study. “Eating pleasure does not need to be the enemy of a healthy lifestyle. Instead, we should help people appreciate all that’s beautiful about food, and build up more of a food culture.”
Cornil and his co-author defined eating pleasure as being either epicurean – the full sensory experience – or visceral – satisfying an impulse . The pair surveyed people to determine how they enjoyed food, and then surveyed them about their general well-being and tendencies to overeat. They compared this data with body mass index of the participants.
Epicureans scored higher on well-being, had less interest in large servings and were equally distributed across the body mass index. The researchers also found epicureans can’t be stereotyped, as they were evenly distributed across age, income and education levels.
Cornil says his findings could inform public health campaigns that too often demonize rich or fatty foods as leading to high rates of obesity and diabetes.
“Loving food doesn’t mean you’re going to eat too much of it – it depends on the kind of pleasure you derive from it,” he said.
“If you eat to satisfy your impulses, then you’re more likely to overindulge and eat large portions mindlessly. But if we teach people to appreciate food for its aesthetics, its symbolism and its rich flavours, then their first bite will the best one, and they’ll be more likely to choose smaller portions.”
The study, “Pleasure as an ally of healthy eating? Contrasting visceral and Epicurean eating pleasure and their association with portion size preferences and wellbeing,” by Yann Cornil and Pierre Chandon, is forthcoming in the journal Appetite.

Link – click here to go directly to the Sauder posting
If you want to know some other great foodies to follow and watch please let me know what region that you live in and I would be pleased to pass on some of the top foodies to help  suggest some great spots to eat or for some great suggestions for some wow recipes to try! 

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our family and friends

As the year winds down and the Christmas holiday is on our doorstep, take this time to slow down and take a deep breath and soak in the extra time with family and friends. Enjoy everything that this season can bring and make sure that you share your holiday culinary magic photos with us!

Remember that not everyone thinks this season is Merry so reach out where you can and keep in mind that Christmas doesn’t have to be maxed out credit cards but rather the reason to give more from the heart and in the spirit of the holidays.
Stay safe and pass your warming smile on to all.




If you still aren’t sure how you want to prepare that Turkey, take a look at this recipe I tried from Jamie Oliver
click here for Turkey Wellington recipe

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah

A year in review – Food pics

Happy January good foodie friends,


I was recounting the photos in my photo file and thought it would be a good idea to share….

A photo year in review 2012

I would love to have any feedback or comments and if any of the photos tweak any questions or curiosity for a recipe or a restaurant location…… All you have to do is ask!

I also note that this is not my total photo selection but some of my favorites that bring back memories. Look for a chapter 2 coming soon.

Happy Viewing!
Spaghetti Quattro.

beautiful cake art from a dear friend, delectable by the way!

Cookie monster cupcake fun with my daughter

Valentines love from my wife.

A beautiful birthday cake for mom made lovingly by my daughter


Stuffed hot chicken wings.


Refreshing salad -Famoso pizza


Bourbon, bacon caramel brownie.


Pig on the Street – Porker

Scotch egg- Pig & Mortar


Turkey Wellington


Chicken & Waffles – Yolks Breakfast truck.


Hot Angie grilled cheese- Mom’s grilled cheese

Chocolate art- cocoa butter transfers


Tiramisu in chocolate tulip artisan cups.


Fresh pears with parmigiana and 25 yr Balsamico


Red Dragon roll magic


BBQ ribs with jalapeño corn bread and slaw


Cookie magic


Shrek martini – Christmas fun!


Special plating from chefs comp. Fraser Valley Food show



Whiskey semifreddo- from my friends at La Terrazza – planegg Germany


Meyer Lemon rosemary roast chicken


Marshmallow lemon meringue pie


Meyer lemon coffee cake!


Cassava poutine – Viji’s Railcar express


That’s all for now…. I hope you enjoy.

“You Gotta Try This!”