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Eat Vancouver! Food and Cooking Festival

The Eat Vancouver Food and cooking festival is right around the corner!

As in the past you will see new and innovative food products and be able to try many tasty treats.

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The Food Network Celebrity Stage is where you will find your favourite Canadian chefs cooking up a storm! Watch live 45 minute demonstrations featuring such hosts and chefs as Rob Feenie, Chuck Hughes, Vikram Vij, Lynn Crawford & Ned Bell, each eager to impress and entertain the audience with their masterful techniques and charming characters. The Food Network Celebrity Stage will also feature special techniques and grilling demos from Weber Specialist,
Michael P. Clive. Check out the stage schedule, you don’t want to miss seeing ALL of these superstars!

5 Must-Dos Before Embarking on a Whole30 (or any dietary detox)

Good information. Read up

Things My Belly Likes

note to self: get a pug...and a cookie note to self: get a pug…and a cookie

As mentioned earlier this week, I’m strongly considering giving the Whole30 another shot.

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Vancouver Foodsters – Burger Palooza Vancouver tasting plates


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It’s sure to be a fun night with tasty burgers!

25th Annual Vancouver magazine Restaurant awards

For the 25th year Vancouver Magazine has published the “best of” restaurant awards decided by a panel of 18 judges and boasting 49 different categories.
The great thing about this list is it is also broken down by areas of the city.


check out the full list here

“You Gotta Try These”

Happy Easter to all of our Foodie friends

Happy Easter to you all!

Enjoy the season and all behind it, spend time with family and friends and relish the weekend together.




Share pictures or recipes of your favorite Easter tradition or dish on our Facebook page. I will post the winners of the most delicious treats sweet or savory!

Strawberry-Banana Cheesecake Splits

Mmmm sounds awesome! A must try

butter, basil and breadcrumbs | simple. rustic. delish. recipes.

It doesn’t happen very often, but once in a while, I love to eat dessert for dinner…especially when it comes to strawberries. There is nothing better than baking some fresh biscuits, and serving them hot with fresh strawberries and whipped cream… but let’s save that for another day when strawberries are in season…and instead, talk about this dessert… strawberry banana cheesecake splits…


Sometimes it’s fate when things happen the way that they do…

And I’m going to be real here… it isn’t like this came to me in a dream…I didn’t have a vision… nor did I work long hours in the kitchen creating this recipe… it was a matter of a series of events that set the wheels in motion…

A Craving
Not Enough Ingredients
Pure Laziness (that kept me from running to the store for ingredients)


I was in the mood for a banana split, but I was…

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Are we what we eat? Cure ailments with food (proper foods that is)?

Happy healthy Monday good foodie friends…
For our health an inspiring story.
“You are what you eat” is a common thing that we have been told for years.

An inspiring story of a doctor that chose to try this path and claims that the results were life changing in a healthy way.
worth a thought.
A quote from Dr. Terry Wahls, MD. Story

“In 2003 Terry Wahls, M.D., was diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and soon became dependent upon a tilt-recline wheelchair. After developing and using the Wahls Protocol, she is now able to walk through the hospital and commute to work by bicycle. She now uses intensive directed nutrition in her primary care and traumatic brain injury clinics. Dr. Wahls is the lead scientist in a clinical trial testing her protocol in others with progressive MS.
In this inspiring presentation you’ll discover:
– The foods she ate on a daily basis to cure her terminal illness (MS)
– What specific foods improve brian health and eye health
– The importance of Omega 3 fatty acids and wild fish and animal products
– Why we’re deficient in iodine and why we need more sea vegetables in our diets”

a link to the article

Have a healthy week!

California Shabu Shabu – Costa Mesa

Happy Thursday good foodie friends.
California Shabu Shabu


A recent trip took me to Southern California and to a fantastic Shabu Shabu (hotPot) restaurant.

What fun and healthy way to eat!
Basically you have a hot plate and hot Pot at each seat.


Also with your hot pot you will have a bowl of Ponzu a citrus based soya sauce as well as Goma which is a sesame peanut based sauce, both were perfect dipping sauces!
Now your decision comes to what do you feel like eating? We chose prime rib and vegetables which also comes with noodles for the soup portion of your meal.



Okay, time to eat…. The hot pot is full of water, now what?
How to Shabu Shabu:


You will basically first put some of the veggies that take a lite longer to cook in the hot water.


Now put your protein (again we chose prime rib beef) in the water and be surprised that the meat only took seconds to cook.



We ordered brown rice with our meal so between the flavorful beef and the Goma and ponzu the flavors started to dance!
What you need to know is that Shabu Shabu is not about food coming to you pre-seasoned bit rather you are presented with as mentioned Ponzu and Goma. As well you are provided a bowl of chopped green onion, chopped white onion, chopped garlic and sesame seeds that I encourage you to add all of them to your sauces to kick them up to the next level. You will dip all of your vegetables and meat or seafood in the sauces and enjoy the with or without your rice.



When you think you are starting to get full, retain 2-3 pcs of meat and put them in the soup broth that you wi be given.


Now put your vegetables and noodles in the hot pot that has already been developing as you cooked your first round in and cook it to your perfect preference.
You now are creating your hot pot soup and the finish of a great meal!



My Shabu Shabu meal left me wanting more and yet feeling like I had a healthy meal.
This was my first Shabu Shabu in many years but absolutely NOT my last!
Try California Shabu Shabu when you are in the area next and enjoy the freshly cut or prepared Shabu Shabu!

You Gotta Try This!

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Wow… Yes please

Bella Cibo's Kitchen

One of the thing that I really miss from Italy its the aperitivo time/happy hour..ohhh I miss la dolce vita

.After 5 o’clock you get together with your friends or lover and you go to the bar for a nice  drink and bite to eat before dinner….a must in almost every bar is bruschetta a piece of bread grilled topped with tomatoes and oil ,we call that pane e good my favorite appetizer so easy to make with few simple ingredients let go see how to do it


10 cherry tomatoes

 4 basil leaves,

4 slices of bread

1 garlic clove,

oil evo,

salt to taste

a sparkle of love 



Cut your bread and toast the both sides in a griller or on a frying pan.

Once golden brown,take each slice and scrub it with a clove of garlic.

Now cut the tomatoes in small cubes or…

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Famoso Pizzeria hits South Surrey

Happy Sunday great foodie friends,


A wonderful pizzeria has come to South Surrey! Famoso
Who is Famoso?
Famoso Story
In the summer of 2005 co-owner Justin Lussier traveled through Italy and Naples and fell in love with the mouth-watering fire-roasted pizzas served throughout the country.

After eating at Pizzeria Sorbillo in Naples, Justin found a payphone and immediately called his friends and future partners, Jason Allard and Christian Bullock. They soon decided that they needed to bring authentic Neapolitan pizza to Canada.

Training with the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN), organization preserving the standards of authentic Neapolitan pizza, the Famoso boys learned about the unique ingredients and cooking process required.

The rest is history…
Famoso wisely imports it’s flour and tomato sauce from Italy and takes the fine ingredients along with there unique training and brings you a taste of Italy to your back yard!

The restaurants are upscale casual and have a unique style of service. You browse the menu and then write down your choices and go up to hand your order in and pay. Take your seat again and the rest of the service will be brought to you.
The pizzeria has an impressive pizza oven that bakes your authentic Neapolitan pizza in a mere 90 seconds due to its intense heat.
Famoso’s menu is full of great flavours and choices but is also simple as Italian food should be. They know who they are and what they want to bring to their customers so keep it simple.



If you are dining in, you have your choice of a full size pizza or a Pizzetta (a personal size)
Try their fire roasted Tomato bisque or one of their fresh salads…. Each dish brings you flavour wow and will leave you wanting more.

Where are they?

Morgan Crossing
Tel: 604-560-9544
15865 Croydon Drive
Sun-Thurs: 11am – 11pm
Fri-Sat: 11am – Midnight




If you don’t have time sit and dine, call ahead for a take out pizza.
This location is brand new so is doing their best to work out the initial training and new opening trials but the flavours and great tastes are already right on the money,
You Gotta Try This!

Did I mention to try the gelato? If not, ITS A MUST!

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria (Morgan Crossing) on Urbanspoon