Happy Canada Day to All of our Canadian foodie friends! 

Happy Canada Day to All! 

Enjoy this day as a proud Canadian and celebrate our awesome countries 148th Birthday! 

Enjoy the day with family, friends or quietly with a loved one. Grill, swimming, watch fireworks or a parade or simply head downtown and bump in to a festivity 

Below is a link from Vancity Buzz of top activities going on in the city.

Click here for a list of things to do.

Fable Kitchen – Chef Trevor Bird

Happy Monday Fellow foodie friends,

I truly can’t believe that this blog has taken me so long to post!
I truly recommend that you get down to Fable Kitchen and try what is sure to be one of those happy shuddering culinary moments for you!

As I have mentioned before we are so very fortunate to have a culinary disneyland unfolding more and more each day in the Vancouver lower mainland. Trevor Bird – one of Top Chef Canada’s top competitors opened Fable in approx April 2012.


The restaurant is is the perfect size and laid out in a comfortable way for you to enjoy food and drinks with friends or co-workers as well as a nice romantic dinner with your love.
If you are fortunate enough to be able to sit at the “chefs wood” then you are in for a treat.
Whether you see Chef Trevor Bird or any of his team commanding the kitchen you will see the workings of a well oiled (olive probably) kitchen machine.
You will watch the Culinary magical fun unfold right in front of you. There is a definite order to what happens from the start right to when the plate is set to come to your waiting a eyes and taste buds. I saw every plate inspected and quality checked and siting for no longer than maybe a minute before it was lovingly delivered for your enjoyment.
I was lucky enough to visit Fable a few times and happily waited for the chefs wood.
First up, was “canned tuna“. Don’t be fooled or timid about what you see on the menu. Trust your waiter or chef recommendations, you won’t be disappointed.


Another fantastic appetizer was the halibut collar lettuce wrap
If they were out of collars, it was halibut cheeks up next. This magical twist on lettuce wraps was truly a culinary tantalizer of an appy!

Served with butter lettuce and a perfectly balanced sweet chili sauce (housemade of course) it was the perfect tasty start to our meal.

Next up was the Steak Frites
Triple cooked potatoes, mushroom, broccolini
for $24. It was perfectly cooked to order and melt in your mouth tender served over And unbelievably mouth tantalizing black Pepper Jam- (buy some to take home, you won’t regret it I promise) 



If the flavor a that just danced across our taste buds weren’t enough it was now time for desert! Yes desert but “must try” unique offering. 

S’mores –

Yes a campfire special but done Fable style with house made brownie and marshmallows- delectably and perfectly rich. 

Lemon Meringue pie- 

Also Fable style- a perfect balance of creamy lemon, crumble and toasted Mirengue. 

   A perfect end to a memorable meal.

Thank you Fable & Chef Trevor Bird for a great all around experience. 
My opinion is my own and Always a reflection of my own experience and tastes. It is always meant to share my true reflections and meant with respect.

You Gotta Try This! 

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Cookina – BBQ Grilling Sheet 


The days of BBQ or grilling are here and if you haven’t discovered the magical BBQ tool you need to search it out NOW! 

The Cookina BBQ reusable grilling sheet will change the way you feel about BBQing forever. 

Even if your a BBQ purist you can’t deny the fact that this sheet allows you to keep all of the perfect things that you love about BBQ- grill marks? YES. Stop all of the little pieces of food from falling through the grill ? YES. capture all of the sauce, fat or marinades from flaming up as it falls through to the flame ? YES Cook eggs, bacon, chicken with skin and no fall through or flame up? Yes! 

Your clean up will virtually be minimized to wiping down the peripheral splatter around the outside of your BBQ. Yes, your grills will be clean and you can enjoy BBQ without the nasty and time consuming clean up. 


   If you have a BBQ Master in your house then this is a perfect gift and a must have for your BBQ. 

I truly love my Cookina! 

Is it safe? I can’t speak professionally to this question other than say that I can’t find any compelling research saying anything other than it is.

A word from Dr. Weil 

Dr. Weil

Silicone is a synthetic rubber which contains bonded silicon – a natural element, abundant in sand and rock – and oxygen. Although I still prefer stainless cookware, silicone kitchen products seem to be everywhere these days. You can now get cheery, brightly colored cake pans, muffin tins, colanders, potholders, baking mats, ice cube trays, pastry brushes, spoons, cake pans, and even roasting pans made out of silicone. Sales of these products have mushroomed into the millions. The advantages of silicone include heat resistance, flexibility, the fact that it can go directly from the oven or microwave into the refrigerator or freezer and that it is generally easy to clean. Silicone containers are also environmentally friendly; the snap-on lids can eliminate the need for plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

Silicone appears to be safe. It is an inert material – nothing used in its manufacture will leach into foods. So far, no safety problems have been reported, but if you’re concerned, stick to silicone kitchen tools (such as spatulas) and avoid bakeware.

The opinions are my own and I in no way have been compensated by anyone nor has the Cookina company approved or edited my review. 


You Gotta Try This! 

Richmond Station – Chef Carl Heinrich

Richmond Station – Tornonto 

Happy Friday great foodie friends- 

My travels took me to Toronto which finally offered me the chance to try Richmond Station and meet Chef Heinrich – Top Chef Canada season 2 champ.

Richmond station is located in the heart of bustling Toronto across the street from the iconic and one of the oldest building in Canada The Hudsons Bay. 

The atmosphere is unpretentious and welcoming as if your sitting in between Chefs kitchen and a blend of  traditional but contemporary restaurant / eatery.

We opted for the Chefs Table as well as the Chefs tasting menu. 

Chef Heinrich takes the time to great regulars and new diners alike and has almost a shy humble demeanor but extremely welcoming and friendly. You can definitely see that he has created a great team that are all bought in to his culture and demand for high quality and top notch ingredients.

The tasting menu started with Oysters on the half shell- 



The fresh oysters were served with fresh grated horseradish, lemon and housemade cocktail sauce, hot sauce and some sort of Apple vinegar type sauce that was unique and very tasty.

Next up was Charcuterie a perfectly cured selection of housemade meats accompanied by preserves and pickled treats. Served with the charcuterie was housemade bread and a delectable mix of Oil and vinegar for dipping 


sliced lardo, bistro greens, pesto aioli, green goddess dressing. I have to admit that I don’t usually like radishes but when the magical talents of a culinary master transform ingredients to the next level I found myself wanting more! 


This fresh and lively salad was served with fresh grilled bread with lardon making the bread beyond tasty.

Next served was a perfect little bite of BULGOGI STEAK TARTARE  

Served on wonton chips with pear, ginger & radish.


Next we had Slow cooked Rock Fish- the fish was perfectly cooked and uniquely prepared Sous Vide served with pommes purée, mushrooms, summer sausage and red wine beef jus. 

   This dish was perfectly cooked and uniquely prepared. I have never thought of pairing beef jus with fish but I can tell you with all certainty that it worked gloriously! 

Our final dish for the savory portion of our tasting menu was Lamb done two ways and Beef short rib burger



The lamb was masterfully cooked and prepared in two different cuts. One was delecate and tender and the second cut was the belly and sinfully good. The lamb was served with a purée and accompanied with what also seemed like the red wine beef jus. 

Did I mention that we added the wine pairing ?  We did and the best part of it was that your taken on a sipping journey that is masterfully paired with your culinary journey.

To finish off the meal with had light sweet treat. Black Chocolate pudding and White Chocolate pudding. 



Served with fennel, coffee cake, mint jelly, pernod meringue, cocoa nib crumble, chocolate ice cream. 

A nice sweet treat to end a perfect tasting meal. 

Toronto is very similar to Vancouver when referring to how many fantastic new restaurants pepper the cities with unbelievably talented chefs. Chef Carl Heinrich and his team create a very comfortable spot to eat with friends, business dinners or just a great meal with your sweetie. The style of cooking makes me think of similar to a farm to table theory where you can tell Chef prides his creations by sourcing local quality ingredients as well as supporting the local wine industry. 

This eatery really is lead by a Top Chef Canada contestant – the winner in this case. No matter how high having accolade associated with your name is as well as  the perception and expectation of your customers may already be…. Richmond station shine through in my opinion. 

The passion from the culinary soul shines through as you see Carl coordinate and looks over every dish leaving the kitchen! 



You Gotta try This! 

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Bella Gelateria – Vancouver 

Happy Friday good foodie friends.

Have you tried Bella Gelateria yet? If not, you should. 

I love that Maestro James Coolridge and his dedicated staff all seem to strive to remind you of Days gone past and encourage us to taste, take a breath and enjoy flavors that are crafted from local ingredients and culinary wonderment to create that “culinary smile and eye squint” as you savor the notes dancing across your tongue. 

When you meet Maestro James and listen to the excitement when he talks about his creations you quickly realize his true passion and dedication to his art. 


Ever since Bella Gelateria  opened it has been lined out the door with happy customers just dreaming about their next delectable lick. 

They have 2 locations, their original cozy little spot near Coal Harbour and their new location in Yaletown with great views of the water. 

Coal Harbour is strictly Gelato and the Yaletown location boasts a tasty pizza and pasta menu along with some other creative Italian flavor goodies to sit and enjoy with a perfect sip of wine. 

Here you will find more Gelato flavors as well as the savory menu! 


The magic of their pizza comes from Bella (Maestro James) traveling to Naploli (Naples) in search of the best Pizza, finest techniques and best ingredients. Experimenting and refining to achieve the best quality and tastes coming out of their genuine pizza oven that bakes the pizza just right. A quote from Maestro James told me why his passion drives him to keep creating and refining perfect offerings that create smiles and repeat customers. “When I decided to serve pizza I had people ask me what I knew pizza being gelato maker, I decided that I would do it the right way and learn from the best in Naples. It not just about importing the finest ingredients from Italy but also having the right oven and the perfect balance of how much of each ingredient to use” (that is what I took from our chat and may not be perfectly verbatim but is close)

Did I mention that Maestro James has a few accolades / awards to his credit? Oh yes he does,  in fact: (an excerpt from a press release)

Coleridge’s creation “Noce Pecan e Sciroppo d’Acero Canadese” (Pecan and Canadian Maple Syrup) was awarded first prize by the technical panel, as the best among the 30 master gelato makers. In addition, more than 200,000 visitors attended the Festival and were given the opportunity to vote for the best gelato. The people voted for Coleridge’s gelato and he was awarded with the “people’s choice award” in the competition in Florence, Italy from May 23 to 27.

That’s right, world compatriot winner from the capital of Gelato officianidos as well as home to some of the finest Gelato in the world, Firenza 

Bella Gelateria is a special treat and a great experience.

Location: 1001 West Cordova, Vancouver

1089 Marinaside Crescent , Vancouver

You Gotta Try This! 

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Glowbal Restaurant Group Announces James Olberg as Culinary Director & Executive Chef at COAST

Happy Thursday great Foodie friends,

Please find the media announcement from Global group via Serena PR regarding Chef Jamea Olberg joining the Glowbal Group. 

Glowbal Restaurant Group Announces James Olberg as New Culinary Director and Executive Chef at

COAST Restaurant


Vancouver, BC (March 26, 2015): Glowbal Restaurant Group (GRG) is delighted to announce the appointment of James Olberg as the new Culinary Director and Executive Chef at COAST Restaurant, effective April 2015. The appointment marks Olberg’s welcome return — he worked with the company from 2003-2007 as Executive Chef of the original Glowbal Grill and manager of GRG’s catering div.


An accomplished culinary talent, Olberg brings years of experience to the table. His career has spanned more than two decades and includes positions held in kitchens across the country: The King Edward Hotel (Toronto); Sheraton Red Deer Hotel (Red Deer, AB); Queen Landing Hotel (Niagara-on-the-Lake), and La Société, a French bistro in downtown Toronto.

Active in the Canadian Culinary Federation (CCFCC), Olberg’s knowledge and creativity have earned him multiple medals at culinary competitions. As a member of Culinary Team Canada, Olberg earned four silver medals in the Bocuse d’Or, the most prestigious international professional cooking competition in the world. In 2017, Olberg will once again join Culinary Team Canada in the Bocuse d’Or, held in Lyon, France. 

“It’s great to be back working with Glowbal Group in beautiful Vancouver,” says Chef Olberg. “What I’m most excited about are the region’s raw materials, especially its fabulous fish and seafood that have always inspired my cooking.”

“We are thrilled to welcome James back to the Glowbal family,” says Emad Yacoub, Proprietor of Glowbal Restaurant Group. “Highly skilled and graceful under pressure, he brings a wealth of experience to COAST. We are proud to be working with him again.”

Olberg will take over culinary operations at COAST from Pedro Gonzalez, the current Executive Chef. Gonzalez is leaving his COAST post to lead the kitchen brigade at the new Glowbal Grill, opening this summer at TELUS Garden.

About Glowbal Restaurant Group

Glowbal Restaurant Group is comprised of 10 restaurants: Glowbal Grill (opening 2015 at TELUS Garden), COAST Restaurant, Italian Kitchen, Trattoria Kitsilano, Society, Black+Blue, The Fish Shack, The Roof, Trattoria Park Royal and Trattoria Burnaby; and NOSH, the Group’s newest concept. The energy, bustle and allure of these celebrated Vancouver restaurants are what most people notice first. In addition, flawless service, exquisite wine lists, and some of the most inventive, celebrated cuisine in Vancouver define every restaurant in the collection.


Check out the Glowbal Restaurant Group blog for the latest news on all the restaurants at glowbalgroup.com/blogs.

18th Annual 2015 Golden Plates Readers Choice Awards – Georgia Straight 


Happy Wednesday great foodie friends, here is the 18th Annual readers choice awards brought to us from the Georgia Straight and really ulitmately you the readers. 

Enjoy and use this list next time you are wondering where to head out for a great meal!

Click here for the complete list


Best restaurant overall

  1. Chambar Restaurant568 Beatty
  2. Hawksworth Restaurant801 W. Georgia
  3. Vij’s1480 W. 11th

Best fine dining

  1. Hawksworth Restaurant801 W. Georgia
  2. Chambar Restaurant568 Beatty
  3. Bishop’s2183 W. 4th
  4. Le Crocodile100–909 Burrard

Best mid-price restaurant

  1. Fable1944 W. 4th
  2. Les Faux Bourgeois663 E. 15th
  3. BurgooVarious locations

Best budget restaurant

  1. White SpotVarious locations
  2. La TaqueriaVarious locations
  3. Hawker’s Delight4127 Main St

Best hotel restaurant

  1. Hawksworth Restaurant801 W. Georgia
  2. YEW seafood + bar791 W. Georgia
  3. Tableau Bar Bistro1181 Melville

Best hotel café

  1. Bel Cafe801 W. Georgia
  2. giovane café + wine bar1038 Canada Place
  3. Café Pacifica300–999 Canada Place

Best casino for eats

  1. River Rock Casino8811 River Rd., Richmond
  2. Hard Rock Casino Vancouver2080 United Blvd., Richmond
  3. Edgewater Casino311-750 Pacific Blvd. S.

Best view restaurant

  1. The Boathouse RestaurantVarious locations
  2. Seasons in the ParkQueen Elizabeth Park (West 33rd Avenue at Cambie Street)
  3. Cactus Club CafeVarious locations
  4. Salmon House on the Hill2229 Folkestone Way, West Van

Best restaurant atmosphere

  1. Chambar Restaurant568 Beatty
  2. Cactus Club CafeVarious locations
  3. Alibi Room157 Alexander

Best restaurant service

  1. Hawksworth Restaurant801 W. Georgia
  2. Bishop’s2183 W. 4th
  3. YEW seafood + bar791 W. Georgia

Best use of local ingredients

  1. Fable1944 W. 4th
  2. Forage1300 Robson
  3. Farmer’s Apprentice1535 W. 6th
  4. Edible Canada1596 Johnston, Granville Island

Best restaurant for a working lunch

  1. Tableau Bar Bistro1181 Melville
  2. Cactus Club CafeVarious locations
  3. Meat & BreadVarious locations

Most romantic restaurant

  1. Seasons in the ParkQueen Elizabeth Park (West 33rd Avenue at Cambie Street)
  2. Chambar Restaurant568 Beatty
  3. The Teahouse7501 Stanley Park Dr.

Best place for food on campus

  1. Mahony & Sons Public HouseVarious locations
  2. Pie R Squared6138 Student Union Blvd., UBC
  3. The Delly6138 Student Union Blvd., UBC

Best chain restaurant

  1. Cactus Club CafeVarious locations
  2. Earls RestaurantVarious locations
  3. White SpotVarious locations

Best eatery with live entertainment

  1. East is EastVarious locations
  2. Federico’s Supper Club1728 Commercial
  3. Libra Room1608 Commercial

Best pre-theatre restaurant

  1. Chambar Restaurant568 Beatty
  2. Homer St. Cafe and Bar898 Homer
  3. Cibo Trattoria900 Seymour
  4. West2881 Granville

Best restaurant for watching the game

  1. Boston PizzaVarious locations
  2. Earls RestaurantVarious locations
  3. The Pint455 Abbott

Best restaurant for a birthday celebration

  1. Cactus Club CafeVarious locations
  2. Keg Steakhouse & BarVarious locations
  3. Red RobinVarious locations

Restaurant with the hottest staff/servers

  1. Cactus Club CafeVarious locations
  2. Earls RestaurantVarious locations
  3. Joey RestaurantsVarious locations

Best restaurant patio

  1. Dockside1253 Johnston, Granville Island
  2. Tap & Barrel RestaurantVarious locations
  3. Cactus Club CafeVarious locations

Best all-you-can-eat restaurant

  1. Shabusen Yakiniku House202-755 Burrard
  2. River Rock Casino8811 River Rd., Richmond
  3. Tomokazu Japanese Restaurant201–1128 W. Broadway

Best hole-in-the-wall

  1. Bon’s Off Broadway2451 Nanaimo
  2. Hawker’s Delight4127 Main St
  3. Peaceful RestaurantVarious locations

Best food truck

  1. TacofinoVarious locations
  2. Mom’s Grilled CheeseMobile locations
  3. Vij’s1480 W. 11th

Best food court

  1. Metropolis at Metrotown4700 Kingsway
  2. Pacific Centre701 W. Georgia
  3. Richmond Centre6551 No 3 Rd., Richmond

Best takeout/delivery

  1. NoodleboxVarious locations
  2. PanagoVarious locations
  3. Peaceful RestaurantVarious locations

Best bread bakery

  1. Terra BreadsVarious locations
  2. Cobs BreadVarious locations
  3. Purebread159 W. Hastings

Best specialty food store

  1. Whole Foods MarketVarious locations
  2. The Gourmet Warehouse1340 E. Hastings
  3. Bosa FoodsVarious locations

Best picnic supplier

  1. Whole Foods MarketVarious locations
  2. The Dirty Apron Cooking School & Delicatessen540 Beatty
  3. Oyama Sausage Company126–1689 Johnston, Granville Island

Best deli

  1. Oyama Sausage Company126–1689 Johnston, Granville Island
  2. Santa Barbara Market1322 Commercial
  3. La Grotta Del Formaggio1791 Commercial

Best seafood store

  1. The Daily Catch Seafood CompanyVarious locations
  2. The Fish Counter3825 Main
  3. 7 Seas Fish Co.Various locations

Best grocery store café

  1. Whole Foods MarketVarious locations
  2. Urban FareVarious locations
  3. Le Marché St. George4393 St. George
  4. Meinhardt Fine Foods3002 Granville

Best cooking store

  1. Ming WoVarious locations
  2. The Gourmet Warehouse1340 E. Hastings
  3. CookworksVarious locations

Best new restaurant

  1. Ask for Luigi305 Alexander
  2. Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar845 Burrard
  3. Nomad3950 Main
  4. Blacktail Restaurant + Lounge200–332 Water
  5. Farmer’s Apprentice1535 W. 6th

Best new restaurant outside Vancouver

  1. My Shanti15869 Croydon Drive, Surrey
  2. Wolf in the Fog150 Fourth St., Tofino
  3. Kazu Japanese Restaurant (Burnaby)4332 Hastings St., Burnaby
  4. Wooden Spoon (White Rock)15171 Russell Ave., White Rock

Best Burnaby restaurant

  1. The Pear Tree Restaurant4120 E. Hastings St., Burnaby
  2. Anton’s Pasta Bar4260 East Hastings St., Burnaby
  3. Horizons100 Centennial Way, Burnaby

Best North Shore restaurant

  1. Beach House at Dundarave Pier150 25th St., West Van
  2. Salmon House on the Hill2229 Folkestone Way, West Van
  3. Arms Reach Bistro4390 Gallant Ave., North Van
  4. Fishworks91 Lonsdale Ave., North Van
  5. Burgoo3 Lonsdale Ave., North Van

Best Richmond restaurant

  1. Blue Canoe Waterfront Restaurant140-3866 Bayview St., Richmond
  2. Gudrun150–3500 Moncton St., Steveston
  3. Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant102–4940 No. 3 Rd., Richmond

Best Surrey, Delta, White Rock, and Langley restaurant

  1. My Shanti15869 Croydon Drive, Surrey
  2. Tap Restaurant15350 34 Ave., Surrey
  3. Central City Brew Pub + Restaurant13450 102nd Ave., Surrey

Best New Westminster, Port Moody, Coquitlam or Port Coquitlam restaurant

  1. Wild Rice122–810 Quayside Dr., New West
  2. Longtail Kitchen116-810 Quayside Dr., New West
  3. Re-Up BBQ114–810 Quayside Dr., New West

Best Whistler restaurant

  1. Araxi Restaurant + Bar4222 Village Square, Whistler
  2. Bearfoot Bistro4121 Village Green, Whistler
  3. RimRock Cafe2117 Whistler Rd., Whistler

Best African

  1. Simba’s Grill825 Denman
  2. Harambe Ethiopian Restaurant2149 Commercial Dr.
  3. Red Sea Café and Restaurant670 E. Broadway

Best Chinese (Shanghainese + northern style)

  1. Peaceful RestaurantVarious locations
  2. Shanghai River7831 Westminster Hwy., Richmond
  3. Lin Chinese Cuisine and Tea House1537 W. Broadway

Best Continental

  1. Le Crocodile100–909 Burrard
  2. Tableau Bar Bistro1181 Melville
  3. Homer St. Cafe and Bar898 Homer

Best Philippine

  1. Pinpin Restaurant6113 Fraser
  2. Max’s Restaurant3546 Kingsway
  3. Goldilocks BakeshopVarious locations

Best French

  1. Le Crocodile100–909 Burrard
  2. Les Faux Bourgeois663 E. 15th
  3. L’Abattoir217 Carrall
  4. Tableau Bar Bistro1181 Melville

Best German

  1. Vancouver Alpen Club4875 Victoria
  2. Bestie105 E. Pender
  3. Jägerhof71 Lonsdale Avenue, North Van

Best Greek

  1. Stepho’s Souvlaki Greek TavernaVarious locations
  2. Kalamata Greek Taverna1481 W. Broadway
  3. Takis’ Taverna1106 Davie

Best North Indian

  1. Vij’s1480 W. 11th
  2. Raga Restaurant1177 W. Broadway
  3. Indian Oven2006 W. 4th

Best South Indian

  1. House of Dosas1391 Kingsway
  2. Chutney Villa147 E. Broadway
  3. Madras Dosa House5656 Fraser

Best Italian

  1. Ask for Luigi305 Alexander
  2. Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill & Enoteca1133 and 1129 Hamilton St. 
  3. La Quercia3689 W. 4th

Best Japanese

  1. Tojo’s1133 W. Broadway
  2. Miku Restaurant70–200 Granville
  3. GuuVarious locations

Best Korean

  1. Damso Modern Korean Cuisine867 Denman
  2. Sura Korean Royal CuisineVarious locations
  3. Jang Mo JibVarious locations

Best Latin American

  1. Baru Latino Restaurante2535 Alma
  2. Chicha136 E. Broadway
  3. Cuchillo261 Powell

Best Caribbean

  1. The ReefVarious locations
  2. Calabash Bistro428 Carrall
  3. Havana1212 Commercial

Best Lebanese

  1. Nuba Restaurant and Café NubaVarious locations
  2. Jamjar2280 Commercial Dr.
  3. Saj&Co813 Davie St.

Best Malaysian

  1. Banana LeafVarious locations
  2. Kaya Malay Bistro1063 W. Broadway
  3. Tamarind HillVarious locations
  4. TropikaVarious locations

Best Mediterranean

  1. Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill & Enoteca1133 and 1129 Hamilton St. 
  2. ProvenceVarious locations
  3. Nuba Restaurant and Café NubaVarious locations

Best Mexican

  1. Las Margaritas Restaurante y Cantina1999 W. 4th
  2. La TaqueriaVarious locations
  3. La Mezcalaria1622 Commercial

Best Middle Eastern

  1. Afghan Horsemen202-1833 Anderson, Granville Island
  2. Nuba Restaurant and Café NubaVarious locations
  3. East is EastVarious locations

Best Pacific Northwest

  1. Bishop’s2183 W. 4th
  2. Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar1095 Hamilton
  3. West2881 Granville

Best Persian

  1. Cazba RestaurantVarious locations
  2. Afghan Horsemen202-1833 Anderson, Granville Island
  3. ZeitoonVarious locations

Best Portuguese

  1. Casa Verde3532 Commercial St.
  2. Nando’sVarious locations
  3. Chefe Daniel Flavours of Portugal2268 Kingsway
  4. Portuguese Club of Vancouver1144 Commercial

Best Spanish

  1. España1118 Denman
  2. The Sardine Can26 Powell
  3. Bin 941941 Davie

Best Thai

  1. Maenam1938 W. 4th
  2. Bob Likes Thai FoodVarious locations
  3. Green Basil Thai Restaurant4623 Kingsway, Burnaby

Best Singaporean

  1. Kaya Malay Bistro1063 W. Broadway
  2. Banana LeafVarious locations
  3. TropikaVarious locations

Best breakfast

  1. Café Medina780 Richards
  2. Yolk’s Restaurant & Commissary1298 East Hastings Street
  3. Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe2095 W. 4th

Best bagel

  1. Solly’s BagelryVarious locations
  2. Siegel’s BagelsVarious locations
  3. Rosemary RocksaltVarious locations

Best brunch

  1. Café Medina780 Richards
  2. Fable1944 W. 4th
  3. Yolk’s Restaurant & Commissary1298 East Hastings Street

Best appetizers

  1. Cactus Club CafeVarious locations
  2. Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar845 Burrard
  3. YEW seafood + bar791 W. Georgia

Best burger

  1. Romer’s Burger BarVarious locations
  2. Vera’s Burger ShackVarious locations
  3. White SpotVarious locations

Best veggie burger

  1. The Naam Restaurant2724 W. 4th
  2. White SpotVarious locations
  3. Vera’s Burger ShackVarious locations

Best comfort food

  1. BurgooVarious locations
  2. White SpotVarious locations
  3. The Naam Restaurant2724 W. 4th

Best pub food

  1. The Irish Heather Gastropub210 Carrall Street
  2. The Fat Badger1616 Alberni
  3. The Charles Bar136 W. Cordova

Best bistro

  1. Tableau Bar Bistro1181 Melville
  2. Bistro Pastis2153 W. 4th
  3. BurgooVarious locations

Best diner

  1. Lucy’s Eastside Diner2708 Main
  2. The Templeton1087 Granville
  3. Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe2095 W. 4th

Best tapas

  1. España1118 Denman
  2. The Sardine Can26 Powell
  3. Bin 941941 Davie

Best wings

  1. Wings Tap & GrillVarious locations
  2. Phnom Penh Restaurant244 E. Georgia
  3. Earls RestaurantVarious locations

Best barbecue

  1. Memphis Blues Barbeque HouseVarious locations
  2. Peckinpah2 Water
  3. Re-Up BBQ114–810 Quayside Dr., New West

Best poutine

  1. Fritz European Fry House718 Davie
  2. La Belle Patate1215 Davie
  3. Belgian Fries1885 Commercial

Best tacos

  1. La TaqueriaVarious locations
  2. TacofinoVarious locations
  3. Bandidas Taqueria2781 Commercial

Best fish and chips

  1. Go Fish1505 W. 1st
  2. The Fish Counter3825 Main
  3. Pajo’sVarious locations

Best fish/shellfish

  1. Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar1095 Hamilton
  2. Rodney’s Oyster HouseVarious locations
  3. YEW seafood + bar791 W. Georgia

Best pizza by the slice

  1. Flying Wedge PizzaVarious locations
  2. Uncle Fatih’s PizzaVarious locations
  3. FreshSliceVarious locations

Best pizza takeout/delivery

  1. PanagoVarious locations
  2. Pizzeria Farina915 Main
  3. Uncle Fatih’s PizzaVarious locations

Best pizzeria

  1. Nicli Antica Pizzeria62 E. Cordova
  2. Via Tevere1190 Victoria
  3. Pizzeria Farina915 Main
  4. Pizzeria Barbarella654 E. Broadway

Best chicken

  1. Homer St. Cafe and Bar898 Homer
  2. Nando’sVarious locations
  3. Zabu Chicken1635 Robson

Best sushi

  1. Miku Restaurant70–200 Granville
  2. Tojo’s1133 W. Broadway
  3. Toshi Sushi181 E. 16th

Best izakaya

  1. Hapa IzakayaVarious locations
  2. GuuVarious locations
  3. Kingyo Izakaya871 Denman

Best ramen

  1. Kintaro Ramen788 Denman
  2. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka1690 Robson
  3. Motomachi Shokudo740 Denman

Best noodles

  1. Peaceful RestaurantVarious locations
  2. NoodleboxVarious locations
  3. Legendary Noodle House1074 Denman

Best dim sum

  1. Sun Sui Wah Seafood RestaurantVarious locations
  2. Kirin Seafood RestaurantVarious locations
  3. Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant1132 E. Hastings

Best salads

  1. Cactus Club CafeVarious locations
  2. Tractor Everyday Healthy FoodsVarious locations
  3. Whole Foods MarketVarious locations

Best sandwiches

  1. Meat & BreadVarious locations
  2. Finch’s Tea & Coffee House353 W. Pender
  3. Hubbub Sandwich BlissVarious locations

Best soups

  1. liquids + solids café & marketVarious locations
  2. BurgooVarious locations
  3. The Stock Market1689 Johnston, Granville Island

Best wraps

  1. SteamrollersVarious locations
  2. The Pita PitVarious locations
  3. WrapZoneVarious locations
  4. Budgie’s Burritos44 Kingsway

Best vegetarian

  1. The Naam Restaurant2724 W. 4th
  2. The Acorn3995 Main
  3. Heirloom Vegetarian1509 W. 12th

Most vegan-friendly

  1. The Naam Restaurant2724 W. 4th
  2. The Acorn3995 Main
  3. Graze3980 Fraser

Best gluten-free dining

  1. The Wallflower Modern Diner2420 Main
  2. Graze3980 Fraser
  3. The Juice TruckVarious locations

Best desserts

  1. True ConfectionsVarious locations
  2. Thomas Haas Chocolates & PatisserieVarious locations
  3. Thierry1059 Alberni

Best ice cream/gelato/frozen yogurt

  1. Bella GelateriaVarious locations
  2. Earnest Ice Cream3992 Fraser
  3. Mario’s Gelati88 East 1st Avenue

Best chocolate shop

  1. Thomas Haas Chocolates & PatisserieVarious locations
  2. Purdy’s ChocolatesVarious locations
  3. Chocolate Arts1620 W. 3rd Ave.

Best doughnut shop

  1. Cartems Donuterie534 W. Pender St. 
  2. Lucky’s DoughnutsVarious locations
  3. Lee’s Donuts122–1689 Johnston, Granville Island

Best B.C. wine/winery (red)

  1. Burrowing Owl500 Burrowing Owl Pl., Oliver
  2. Mission Hill Family Estate1730 Mission Hill Road, West Kelowna
  3. Painted Rock400 Smythe Drive, Penticton

Best B.C. wine/winery (white)

  1. JoieFarm Winery2825 Naramata Road, Naramata
  2. Blasted Church378 Parsons Road, Okanagan Falls
  3. Mission Hill Family Estate1730 Mission Hill Road, West Kelowna
  4. Tinhorn Creek32830 Tinhorn Creek Road, Oliver

Best winery/vineyard restaurant

  1. The Sonora Room, Burrowing Owl Estate Winery500 Burrowing Owl Pl., Oliver
  2. Miradoro Restaurant, Tinhorn Creek Winery537 Tinhorn Creek Road, Oliver
  3. Terrace Restaurant1730 Mission Hill Road, West Kelowna

Best bar lounge

  1. The Keefer Bar135 Keefer
  2. Granville Room957 Granville
  3. Pourhouse162 Water

Best bartender

  1. Shaun Layton (L’Abattoir)
  2. Lauren Mote (Uva)
  3. Cooper Tardivel (Hawksworth)
  4. David Wolowidnyk (West)

Best restaurant for cocktails

  1. Pourhouse162 Water
  2. The Bimini Public House2010 W. 4th
  3. L’Abattoir217 Carrall
  4. The Diamond6 Powell

Best pub

  1. Alibi Room157 Alexander
  2. Doolin’s654 Nelson Street
  3. The Irish Heather Gastropub210 Carrall Street
  4. The Bimini Public House2010 W. 4th

Best brewpub restaurant

  1. Steamworks375 Water
  2. Yaletown Brewing Co.1111 Mainland Street
  3. Steel Toad Brewpub & Dining Hall97 E. 2nd Ave.

Best university/college pub/lounge

  1. Koerner’s Pub6371 Crescent Rd., UBC
  2. Mahony & Sons Public HouseVarious locations
  3. The Pit Pub6138 Student Union Blvd., UBC

Best local distillery

  1. Odd Society Spirits1725 Powell Street
  2. Long Table Distillery1451 Hornby St.
  3. The Liberty Distillery1494 Old Bridge Rd., Granville Island

Best local brewery

  1. Granville Island Brewing1441 Cartwright St.
  2. Brassneck Brewery2148 Main Street
  3. Parallel 491950 Triumph Street

Best new brewery

  1. Brassneck Brewery2148 Main Street
  2. Strange Fellows Brewing1345 Clark Dr.
  3. 33 Acres15 W. 8th
  4. Main Street Brewing Company261 East 7th Avenue

Best brewery tasting room

  1. Brassneck Brewery2148 Main Street
  2. 33 Acres15 W. 8th
  3. Parallel 491950 Triumph Street

Best private wine store

  1. Liberty Wine MerchantsVarious locations
  2. Legacy Liquor Store1633 Manitoba
  3. Marquis Wine Cellars1034 Davie Street

Best private liquor store

  1. Legacy Liquor Store1633 Manitoba
  2. Granville Liquor Store2658 Granville Street
  3. The Brewery Creek Liquor Store3045 Main Street

Best private beer store

  1. The Brewery Creek Liquor Store3045 Main Street
  2. Legacy Liquor Store1633 Manitoba
  3. Granville Liquor Store2658 Granville Street

Best independent coffee shop

  1. Revolver Coffee325 Cambie Street
  2. 49th ParallelVarious locations
  3. Matchstick Coffee RoastersVarious locations

Best coffee shop (national chain)

  1. StarbucksVarious locations
  2. BlenzVarious locations
  3. Tim HortonsVarious locations

Best fair trade coffee shop

  1. Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting HouseVarious locations
  2. Revolver Coffee325 Cambie Street
  3. 49th ParallelVarious locations

Best tea house

  1. The Secret Garden Tea Company5559 West Boulevard
  2. DAVIDsTEAVarious locations
  3. The Urban Tea Merchant1070 W. Georgia

Best juice bar

  1. The Juice TruckVarious locations
  2. Jugo Juice
  3. The Juicery Co.Various locations

Merriman’s – a hidden gem in Maui

Aloha great Foodie friends,

A little gem hidden in paradise was what we found last night. From the moment you enter the views and atmosphere fill your eyes.

Merriman’s: One Bay Club Place, Lahina, Hawaii

Don’t make the mistake of driving to Lahina proper as this gem is in the other direction in Kapalua.

The handcrafted drinks are a great surprise along the lines of a “Speakeasy” cocktail truly made from scratch and the difference is noticeable.

Merriman’s Mai Tai- El Dorado rum, fresh lime, orange curaçao and lilikoi foam (a passion fruit foam) try the foam before you mix it in the drink then blend all the flavors together- delectable! 


Parmesan truffle fries – the perfect starter to have with your handcrafted sips- a perfect blend of flavors and truffle used the right way…not overpowering. 


Next up was the entrees.

USDA Prime grade Fillet of Beef (GF)- a perfectly grilled medium rare with pefect char, garlic whipped potatoes, kula green beans, Savoy cabbage topped with mustard brown butter emulsion. 

The perfect bites always exist when flavor depth and textures meet. Every bite of this delectable dish was filled with flavor leaving you wanting for the next bite.


Lamb- I am going based on memory for all that was on this plate, but truly it was definitely a culinary wow in my books.

The lamb was “SousVide” (this is a method of cooking in an airtight plastic bag and placed in a low temprature controlled water bath) then finished to a perfect medium rare – medium (as requested) on the grill. Served with jalepeno whipped potateos, perfectly cooked kula green beans, creamed corn and what seemed to be a fresh salsa.

Every bite touched a different taste bud if that’s possible. Well done! 


Dinner was served with a perfect sip of Heidi Schrock Austrian rose.

To finish off our Hawaiin themed dinner was:

Maui Gold Pinneapple and toasted macadamia nut bread pudding- 

A perfect blend of Hawaiin flavors coupled with a traditional comfort food dessert topped with rum sauce and Haupia (coconut) icecream. Delectable!

You Gotta Try This!

My reviews are only my opinions based on my own observations and experiences. I always judge each outing on its own merits or lack thereof. With rare exceptions, I endeavor to keep criticisms respectful and objective. Anyone’s opinions may vary. It is my hope that you will find my comments helpful.”

<a href=”http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/37/1420090/restaurant/Hawaii/Kapalua/Merrimans-Lahaina”><img alt=”Merriman’s on Urbanspoon” src=”http://www.urbanspoon.com/b/link/1420090/biglink.gif&#8221; style=”border:none;width:200px;height:146px” /></a>


Pepper lunch comes to North America – Ricmond, BC 

Happy March great foodie friends,

Pepper Lunch –has come to North America with its first location opening in Richmond on March 14th!

Location: 5951 No.3 Road, Richmond BC 

Phone: 604-285-5933

What is Pepper Lunch? 

Pepper Lunch is a DIY (means meal in store)  fast service concept with over 200 outlets throughout  Japan and Asia. Pepper Lunch offers a dynamic and fresh culinary experience by serving their fresh ingredients (fish, CAB steak, veggies and rice) on a hot cast iron plate for you to finish your meal to your liking (“sizzling it your way”)

Founded by Mr. Kunio Inchinose – he is said to see the world as a white canvas where he wishes to add colours with his restaurants to make the people happy.

The family that is bringing Pepper Lunch to Richmond has carefully taken the time to fine tune the great experience to the educated Palat of the lower mainland. They have ensured that the sauces are msg free. They have brought in CAB (Certified Angus Beef) and taken the time to send their head chef to Japan for extensive training to master the art. 

Beef Pepper rice- truly a dish that screams “comfort food” 

Served like all of their dishes with their signature pepper sauce. 

Kobe hamburger with signature pepper sauce.

Cab –steak with signature pepper sauce 

Fresh “Sushi” grade salmon served with the signature pepper sauce.

All of the meals come to you sizzling and ready for you to finish to your liking. On the table is also your choice of two msg free sauces- soy based with chili to give your dish a little kick. And a honey garlic sauce that is full of perfect flavor.

Look for Pepper Lunch to open March 14th and make a plan to head down for a fun and unique new experience and see for yourself all the rage of what most of Asia flocks to.

I was truly impressed with the passion of the ownership and staff at the commitment that they display not only in their words but truly in their actions as well as planning to bring the very best of this concept to please the customer with the best culinary experience. 

This restaurant is great for families, friends, couples or a new twist for a business lunch. 

You Gotta Try This!

Pepper Lunch Canada on Urbanspoon

Kraft Peanut Butter -Story time

Happy Friday great foodie friends,

As Valentines approaches AOL Canada shared this fantastic Kraft Peanut Butter’s StoryTime from their StickTogether program “BeOn” editorial piece celebrating families and our busy lives.

I promise that this video from the #StickTogether campaign will warm your heart if not make you shed a tear!

Celebrate the glue that sticks us together, mom! With Kraft Peanut Butter’s fantastic campaign to help us all remember how important we are to each other and how we can so easily let life’s busy turns let time pass without realizing or recognizing how it all doesn’t fall apart. Life’s wonder in most families called mom.

Thank you Moms, Kraft Peanut Butter and AOL Canada for reminding us all to #StickTogether by helping this family share their story with us!
click here for the Kraft Storytime video




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