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Cinco De Mayo 

Happy Cinco De Mayo ! 

Although most of my Mexican friends say that Cinco De Mayo is really a day to celebrate created by the rest of North America and not really the same celebration in Mexico (though it is a day off from work!) it is a good reason to enjoy good food, good chocolate (thank you to the Mayan Culture for Chocolate!) and great coffee with friends!

Enjoy the fantastic celebrations & libations of the day but be safe safe and take care of your friends! 

Look for the special treats offered around Vancouver and share with us the great treats that you find! Pictures would be great and I will share them with a follow up post! 

Here are a few pictures of great things to search out:

And don’t for get the chocolate terrine or cafe! 

Have a great day! happy Cinco De Mayo! 

McHappy Day 

Happy McHappy Day  everyone! 

Please get out today or online and  support this great cause. The proceeds from the sale of Big Macs and hot coffees / happy meals go towards the Ronald McDonald House Charities and bring more joy to families through the toughest time one could ever imagine. 

Even if you aren’t a fast food lover the cause is bigger than that and you could donate directly if that is your wish through the link below.

Click here to donate on the McDonalds site
This cause can’t be underestimated as the dollars generated go directly to where it says! The Ronald Macdonald House Charities 

Support the cause please and bring comfort to those who most need it at a terribly challenging time in children and families lives. 

“You Gotta do this!”