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QE Food Truck Pod Launch

Happy Summer Monday good foodie friends…
Mark your Calendars for Friday July 26th 11:00 am to 3:00 pm for the QE Food Truck Pod Launch organized by Aussie Pie Guy and their friendly food truck Neighbors.

Who will be there ?

Aussie Pie Guy
Chou Chou Crepes
Culver City Salads
Dougie Dog Diner
Fat Duck Mobile Eatery
Patisserie Lebeau
Reel Mac & Cheese

I hear that there will be giveaways, special deals and more!

Follow them on twitter for updates and more:

You Gotta Try This!

Where is it? On Hamilton just off Georgia street almost in front of the QE (Queen Elizabeth Theater) in Vancouver. You can’t miss it….just look for the 8 nicely painted food trucks!
Come out and support your latest flavor masters as you will rarely find them all there on one day!









Aussie Pie Guy

Happy 1st days of summer great foodie friends…
Don’t you love the liquid sunshine!?

Aussie Pie Guy hits the streets of Vancouver! And yes, there is an Aussie behind this name!
Aussie Pie Guy was founded by Matt Fitzhardinge of Perth, Australia, and his partners Kayleigh Lum and Linda Lowery (both of Vancouver)

When you pent your name on “pie” you have to be confident in your pie crust…
The proof is in the pie…. The first try of the pie the crust was flakey and flavorful and the filling was so full of complex but heartwarming flavors and textures that you wanted the next bite right away!
I know truly that any food truck or restaurant needs to understand before they even turn the lock to open the doors, that the heart and soul has to be fired up in the kitchen to shout out loud in their flavors and delivery.
I mention this because it truly shows in the product and Aussie pie guy so far has hit the mark! Consistency is what everyone needs now and that will be the recipe to great business.
The minute you walk up the smiles await…


Kayliegh and Talia are there to walk you through their recommendations and know their menu down to the last bit…

First up the signature pie:

A traditional Aussie pie made with chunks of free range BC beef and organic onion in a pepper gravy made with Howe Sound Rail Ale from Squamish, B.C.
The perfect flavors created inside this little pie were heartwarming and so delectable…



Apple pie the Aussie way. Organic BC apples and cinnamon with a layer of creamy vanilla custard made with real vanilla bean.

A traditional North American favorite with some subtle twists that make this sweet treat a wonderful sweet treat! If you can resist biting into it, take it home and pair it with a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream!



If you like pie, and let’s be honest…. Who doesn’t like pie ?! Get on down to try the Aussie Pie Guy

Aussie Pie Guy menu- click here

You Gotta Try This!

Aussie Pie Guy on Urbanspoon

Eat Street featuring food trucks in Vancouver

Happy Monday great foodie friends,
Update date change alert!


Monday May 27th, 2013 tune into Eat Street to see a few of Vancouver finest featured!

The Vancouver street food or food truck Phenomenon continues to grow, refine and getter better every day.
Opening any business today is no small task…. To get on the radar of the very popular show Eat Street is also no small task….
The Vancouver food scene boasts some of the best and most creative culinary masters around North America whether in a brick and mortar restaurant or one of the ever popular food trucks emerging in Vancouver.

This coming Monday tune in to Eat Street and watch the magic behind the scenes as only shows like this can reveal to us!

Look for the James Bond of the food truck world – Mark and his lovely wife Chef Krissy and their pink Volkswagen Pig truck!



The show will feature their unique Bacon sandwiches keying in on the fresh and unique ingredients that create to die for flavors that bring you back again and again
If the sandwiches don’t get you then the Hair of the Hog brownies will or simply the charm of Mark or Krissy….
Also look for the truck to resume its regular schedule starting I believe May 21st.


hair of the hog- bourbon, bacon, Carmel chocolate brownie, need I say more?


Another truck to look for is the fairly new but very tasty Le Tigre, look for young dynamic Chefs Chan and Kuan slinging their modern Asian cuisine spinning a play off classic Asian dishes.
This truck caught the eye of Eat Street before they even officially opened due to their success at the night market in Richmond as well as the award winning reputation of young Chefs Chan and Kuan.

Look for Eat Street to showcase the culinary magic of Le Tigre on the same night as Pig on the Street!




Other trucks that have been featured on Eat Street in the past are Roaming Dragon, the Juice truck and Tacofino, Re-up, Vijis Railcar,Feastro…. (If I am missing any I apologize) …
Congrats to these new trucks for making the show…
Thank you to Eat Street for for continuing to feature the culinary wonders that comes out of a kitchen on wheels.

Here is the teaser….. Is that BCFoodieblogger eating a massive bacon sandwich on TV? Oh yes it is!

You Gotta Try These!

The Kaboom Box- Vancouver Food truck

Happy Monday great foodie friends.



If you feel in the mood for some tasty salmon and great Westcoast flavors head on down to the corner of Georgia and Granville streets and visit the Kaboom Box
A word from the Kaboom Box owner Andrew:
The Kaboom Box was founded to bring fresh, sustainable, healthy and local food to the streets of Vancouver. We use only the best ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible, and prepare all our food fresh to order with care and love of the trade. We are committed to serving only Oceanwise seafood and sustainably produced meat. Likewise we use organic vegetables whenever possible and are committed to using biodegradable and compostable packaging.

What is Ocean wise?


Ocean Wise’s Recommendations:

Ocean Wise’s recommendations are based on 4 criteria. An Ocean Wise recommended species is:

*Abundant and resilient to fishing pressures.
*Well managed with a comprehensive management plan based on current research.
*Harvested in a method that ensures limited bycatch on non-target and endangered species.
*Harvested in ways that limit damage to marine or aquatic habitats and negative interactions with other species.

On the menu today?
A Hot smoked salmon sandwich of course!

Served with Kaboom Box house made poutine. Not all poutines are created equal and of course you will find many iterations of poutine. Andrew does it right…. They start with local potatoes, wonderful Quebec cheese curds and fresh made mushroom gravy…. Definitely a tasty poutine and great accompaniment (low calorie of course…. Ok may not but very tasty)

The sandwich was served on a fresh roll, served with fresh slaw and a great sauce with a little kick to it!
The layers of textures and flavors were bang on and in fact left you wanting for your next bite!

Did I mention “hot smoked”?…. Okay redundant question I realize… In fact they smoke the salmon right on the truck the very morning that you eat your sandwich….
Kaboom box wants to make sure that you get the freshest caught and prepared salmon possible so you can enjoy the best tastes of the Westcoast.

If salmon isn’t on your taste bud menu today, try any number of their fresh prepared treats…..
They have a good list of popular items according to their regulars…

Food truck season is heating up along with the weather (okay, dot look outside today…. But you know what I mean) so get out and enjoy some great flavors served fresh and as quick as possible considering this isn’t “fast food”.

You Gotta Try This!

Reel Mac and Cheese food truck

Reel Mac and Cheese

Happy sunny Thursday happy foodie friends….
Another great food truck is on the road……
Located on Hamilton and Georgia in front of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.



You are instantly greeted with a smile and a few friendly folks just wanting to take you to the right taste…..
Remember what I always say, the heart of any successful kitchen with wheels or not is food made from the heart and soul! If you top that off with a smile and friendly disposition all is good!

Often when I try a new spot I will ask

if I can only have one thing, what would that be?

I was told that the “classic” is the way to go…. But let’s add a little kick and it turned into the “Green mile”… Basically the classic Mac and cheese with fresh nicely cooked broccoli spears and crunchy onions on top to finish of a great bowl of comfort food!


This was not Mac and cheese out of a box with powdered cheese like product but rather a good old fashioned homemade Mac and cheese with some special seasoning secrets that were just right.
Good flavor, fresh broccoli and crunchy onions…. Hit the spot!
I tried a little sriracha sauce to add a kick but as I told the owners Suzanne and Chef Perry Poudrier….. It was just right and didn’t need anything else on it.

Other great sounding variations were movie themed gourmet Mac and cheese like Godzilla or Slumdog millionaire …. Or deep fried Mac and cheese balls called “Run fat boy run”

Follow them on twitter @ReelMacCheese
Or on Facebook /ReelMacandCheese

You Gotta Try This

Eat Street – Season 4 premiers April 8th, on Food Network Canada

Happy Friday great foodie friends….
Eat Street season 4 is about to kick off!


There is also an Eat Street cookbook that just launched! What better way than to publish a cook book that shows you how to prepare some of your delectables from your favorite food truck?! I can’t wait to try it!
I believe that I heard that one of Vancouver’s own foodie photographers may have some of his own “outta this world” food pictures showcased in this Eat Street gem…. Could it be true @YVRBCbro ?


What is Eat St.?
Eat St. is back for a fourth season to serve up the biggest and best belly filling street food around. This season features 120 brand new, over-the-top vendors from even more locations across North America. From jerk chicken sliders in Calgary to blackstrap molasses ice cream in Austin, Eat St. Season 4 is a nonstop quest to find the tastiest curbside curiosities. Watch the TV Series, explore Eat St. online, read the Eat St. Cookbook and download our accompanying Mobile App. Season 4 premiers April 8, 2013 on Food Network Canada.

Food glorious food from passionate chefs and cooks keep astounding us with new creative “outta the box” creations!
This season does rumor to showcase some delectable food trucks from the Vancouver area… So be sure to tune in to see what treat you can find that you “just have to try” and make sure you get down quickly to your “soon to be favorite” food truck… once Eat Street showcases them, they are sure to be busy!

Who knows….. My smiling face may just pop up!?

You Gotta Try This!

Food trucks are one of Vancouver’s hottest new culinary trends

Happy Tuesday great foodie friends….

I thought that this was an interesting and quick read. It is nice to see the increasing attention that our food scene is getting from a broader audience.

An Article posted recently online from Mobile food news and shared by Eat Street.
A hot new trend in Vancouver – Vancouver’s food truck scene.
Link to Mobilefoodnew article

Just another testament of what a great diverse food scene that we are so lucky to have in Vancouver.
We truly rank among some of the greatest food cities in the world showing diverse cultural culinary treats and showcasing some of North Americas top chefs!
Get out to one of your favorite restaurants, food trucks or cafe’s today or be adventurous and try a new great spot. Enjoy what our city has to offer!

Thank you Mobile food news and Eat Street

Breakfast craving? – Yolks Breakfast can help

Happy Thursday great foodie friends….

Breakfast is one of those things that we get cravings for often enough that we search for craving cure!

Try Yolks and I am sure you will have a smile on your face!
Flavor profiles that will knock your socks off!

Many chefs have trouble creating the perfect layers of flavors that all work, not so at Yolks where they have even mastered the perfect dial in on truffle oil
Today’s special:

This breakfast special was out of this world and full of flavor!
Go see Chef Mario or Chef Steven and get your breakfast on!

if savory isn’t what want today, try a delectable sweet treat and try the tiramisu pancakes

A true tiramisu made the old fashioned way will be sure to please the taste buds…..
Lastly ill say if you want a ying and yang flavor combination of the perfect balance of sweet and savory…. Try the chicken and waffles made fresh right in front of you!

What ever your craving I promise that Yolks breakfast will be sure to please!
You can also check out Yolks website or follow them on twitter for their latest news or specials…. Warning, warning!! If you read their tweets… You will have to go see them and you won’t get out without a delectable treat!
yolks website – click here
Twitter: @YolksBreakfast

you gotta try this!

A year in review – Food pics

Happy January good foodie friends,


I was recounting the photos in my photo file and thought it would be a good idea to share….

A photo year in review 2012

I would love to have any feedback or comments and if any of the photos tweak any questions or curiosity for a recipe or a restaurant location…… All you have to do is ask!

I also note that this is not my total photo selection but some of my favorites that bring back memories. Look for a chapter 2 coming soon.

Happy Viewing!
Spaghetti Quattro.

beautiful cake art from a dear friend, delectable by the way!

Cookie monster cupcake fun with my daughter

Valentines love from my wife.

A beautiful birthday cake for mom made lovingly by my daughter


Stuffed hot chicken wings.


Refreshing salad -Famoso pizza


Bourbon, bacon caramel brownie.


Pig on the Street – Porker

Scotch egg- Pig & Mortar


Turkey Wellington


Chicken & Waffles – Yolks Breakfast truck.


Hot Angie grilled cheese- Mom’s grilled cheese

Chocolate art- cocoa butter transfers


Tiramisu in chocolate tulip artisan cups.


Fresh pears with parmigiana and 25 yr Balsamico


Red Dragon roll magic


BBQ ribs with jalapeño corn bread and slaw


Cookie magic


Shrek martini – Christmas fun!


Special plating from chefs comp. Fraser Valley Food show



Whiskey semifreddo- from my friends at La Terrazza – planegg Germany


Meyer Lemon rosemary roast chicken


Marshmallow lemon meringue pie


Meyer lemon coffee cake!


Cassava poutine – Viji’s Railcar express


That’s all for now…. I hope you enjoy.

“You Gotta Try This!”

Pig and Mortar (Pig on the Street) – Cafe & Craft Pub

Good day fellow foodie friends…

There is a new pig in town and it is residing at West 6th Ave between Granville and Fir street in Vancouver.

Yes, Chef Krissy and Mark are opening a new spot the first week of December 2012 that will focus on taking their already quality creations and flavours to a new high.


In talking with Krissy and Mark I am told that you will see some of your old favourites by day but new creations after 5pm. Chef Krissy has been busy over the last few weeks creating and testing new items to serve to their expanding list of patrons…… I am quite sure I also heard that piggy is getting a a friend that clucks… Breakfast maybe? Pretty sure….. Look for more to come in the near future confirming their new hours.

The restaurant will continue to focus on serving up creations born from locally produced ingredients and as well they plan on offering a great selection of tapas or appies to serve along with some creative craft beers from local producers as well as wine served in a unique new way-on tap, and maybe even some special treats from the UK? Not sure but let’s keep our eyes open.

Also look for some revolving menu offerings as Chef Krissy brings some special treats from days gone past from her childhood that were local favourites for all in the UK…… Comfort foods are on the top of Krissys mind as she creates new magic in the kitchen.

Who are Mark and Krissy?
A word from the Culinary masters:

Owners Mark and Krissy
We moved here from England 5 years ago. Krissy was born in Ottawa and moved to Cornwall, England when she was 7. Mark was born in Cornwall and we met in 1997. We came to Vancouver on our honeymoon and decided to move straight out so went back to England, packed up our stuff and now have a great life in the beautiful east side of Vancouver with our two cats and dog!
We have always been avid travellers and have lived and travelled through many countries including Australia, New Zealand and Europe. We have always had campervans and converted trucks which we would use as our mobile home which is why we decided to buy our Westy here in Canada. Being here we realised we have finally found the place we want to stay for good so decided to create something truly amazing from our campervan.

Krissy has a history of working within the food industry and also went to VCC culinary institute here in Vancouver so have always had a great passion for cooking. Krissy got all her inspiration and love for food from her Dad but also from her surroundings and the local produce that was available to her in Cornwall. Cornwall is on the coast and also has a great deal of agriculture so buying local is natural for the people who live there. Krissy would always know the farms where she got her beef, pork, eggs and cheese from and would always utilise any seasonal produce available. Vancouver and its beautiful, lush surroundings provide such a great source of produce for the consumer which is why we decided to open our food cart!

Our food cart is based around bacon for a few reasons. One its just so delicious (we’ve even caught my vegetarian friends sneaking bacon off the table when no one is looking!) and two, Bacon sandwiches are a staple street food in England. “Bacon buttie trucks” (bacon subs basically!) are like the north American hotdog stands and are super popular. We believe that there is a huge niche for that in Vancouver (we dont know of any food trucks selling bacon sandwiches as their staple). And most importantly, there are a few great local farms who produce amazing tasty bacon and that treat their animals with humane practises which is hugely important for us. We want people that buy from us to understand where the meat comes from that they are eating and respect the animal and the whole proccess. Also we want to provide food that is healthy (no hormones and weird additives that we cant pronounce!) which is why we make our own flatbread using mainly locally milled flour (the flour peddlar) and we make all our own sauces and condiments.

Mark and Krissy are excited about their new restaurant and working tirelessly to get it open as soon as possible. They are looking towards creating a comfortable place for friends to come and enjoy good food and local spirits while having some laughs and connecting further with their community.

Head on down to the Pig & Mortar for some great flavours and smiling faces……


You gotta try this!

Pig and Mortar on Urbanspoon