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17 Hottest Sushi Restaurants in America right now – brought to us by

Happy Friday great foodie friends…..

Travelling the US and looking for great sushi?
Take a look at the list compiled by of some great spots….

link to 17 Best Sushi Restaurants in America right now


When reading the list please remember that they are listed geographically and not by ranking!
Thank you!

I am currently researching a great selection of “Best of” Sushi restaurants in Vancouver….stay tuned.
Here is a photo from one great little spot that has already made my list……


Have a great culinary weekend!

Food trucks are one of Vancouver’s hottest new culinary trends

Happy Tuesday great foodie friends….

I thought that this was an interesting and quick read. It is nice to see the increasing attention that our food scene is getting from a broader audience.

An Article posted recently online from Mobile food news and shared by Eat Street.
A hot new trend in Vancouver – Vancouver’s food truck scene.
Link to Mobilefoodnew article

Just another testament of what a great diverse food scene that we are so lucky to have in Vancouver.
We truly rank among some of the greatest food cities in the world showing diverse cultural culinary treats and showcasing some of North Americas top chefs!
Get out to one of your favorite restaurants, food trucks or cafe’s today or be adventurous and try a new great spot. Enjoy what our city has to offer!

Thank you Mobile food news and Eat Street

Romer’s Burger Bar

Romer’s Burger Bar
Happy Friday great foodie friends!

Burger time?

Atmosphere: hip Westcoast, warm and inviting…they used a lot of natural neutral colours and materials that make the dining area and bar very inviting and comfortable.



Location: Yaletown- 1039 Mainland street, Vancouver, BC.
Ph: (604) 559-7210

Lunch at Romer’s……
I have been wanting to get down and try Romer’s for a while now….
It didn’t disappoint and is a great spot for you to head down with friends on your lunch time, after work or a great spot for a weekend night out!

First up something a little different, the Chorizodor burger: chorizo spiced pork and beef patty served with cheddar & pepper jack cheese & creamy boursin, fresh avocado and finished with diablo sauce.

The burger was just spicy enough to satisfy but not so spicy that I couldn’t taste all the fresh layers of flavors!

Fries anyone?:
Decisions, decisions….
Sea salt
Fresh garlic and sea salt
Truffle oil & Reggiano
Killer poutine – traditional
Spicy chili cheddar cheese fries
“The Best Short rub poutine”
Or Rockin Yam fries

Whatever your choice if you can share with someone it would be better as the burgers are big and the desserts are a must try!

Today….. Truffle oil & Reggiano it is….

Truffle oil can either be a delicacy or a train wreck… All depending on how it is used and more importantly how much is used….
This was the perfect balance and the Reggiano was the perfect pairing.

If you saved room (let’s be honest, even if you didn’t I am sure you will still venture here..)
Dessert: (Sweetness)
The choices are a simple this one or that one….
Romer’s famous drunken doughnuts: perfectly fried (not oily… Crisp on the outside ad perfectly soft on the inside) mini doughnuts dusted with icing sugar and served with 3 perfect pairing sauces to confuse you In a good way! Kaluha Nutella, lemon Limoncello, or delectable maple whiskey.


If you are not a doughnut fan, try the cookie – Warm double dark chocolate cookie- served with mascarpone frosting and chocolate Nutella.

The bonus that you should always look for is good people…. Romer’s has taken the time to train and enlist great personalities with friendly dispositions..
When you choose to spend your hard earned dollar you should expect good to great food and great service to create the perfect dining experience whether casual or formal.

Romer’s also carries a respectable list of craft beers that seems to change every so often… The staff can truly help you to pair the perfect beer with your meal… Just ask and they will be pleased to help!


I should mention that the menu consist of more than just burgers…. There is a great selection of salads, starters and Big bowl items sure to please.

I recommend that you try any one of Romer’s locations for a great meal with friends or family.

You Gotta Try This!

Romer’s Burger Bar on Urbanspoon

Nabucco Ristorante – Furstenfelbruck Germany

Happy Saturday happy foodie friends,
Nabucco Ristorante in Furstenfeldbruck is truly a gem for anyone who happens to be lucky enough to walk in.


The genuine Italian flavors along with the heartwarming personalities of Antonio Di Gorga, his wife Francesca Licheri and their son Elesio they have established a top reputation for being one of the best eats in town!

I was lucky enough to eat here several days during my visit to the area and I marvel every time I sit down for a genuine Italian meal at the simplicity of many authentic Italian dishes but the powerful and wonderful flavors that are achieved.
Something as wonderful as bruschetta


Or something carefully prepared such as lasagna


The flavors and smells continued to please……
When the chef of the house (Antonio Di Gorga) puts on his chefs coat and asks with his Italian accent “what do you want to eat today” I just knew I was in for another treat!

Another great dish was a veal cutlet that was so scrumptious my mouth is watering just remembering it.



Topped with a rich sauce and fresh parmigiana and served with fresh vegetables cooked just right. I was saddened when the last bite was gone!

The great thing about a perfect Italian restaurant is whether you order something simple or something more complicated the result is the same…. Great flavors and aromas that fill your space and mouthwatering memories.

Fresh spaghetti with fresh fish……


Grilled calamari with penne.


Your choice of delectable traditional Italian desserts….. Or an Affogato- espresso with gelato…





Make plans if you are near Munich to get out to Furstenfeldbruck to try Nabucco!




And look for Antonio, Francesca or Alessio and let them warm your culinary heart and tempt your taste buds.

You Gotta Try This!

Thai-Style Pork with Pineapple

Thai-Style Pork with Pineapple.

This looks delectable and a great flavor change to our daily eats… Enjoy, this judge blogger is a very good cook!

Wagamama – Japanese restaurant & Noodle bar

Happy Sunday happy foodie friends,

Wagamama link – click here


If you happen upon this great Noodle house make sure that you stop in and try it for sure.

My first try was in Heathrow airport but I see that this UK based company with the unique name has opened locations in many cities including in North America.

No noodles for me on this visit but some excellent recommendations from the helpful waiter.
First up Prawn Lollipop Kushiyaki

skewers of grilled prawns marinated in lemongrass lime and chilli. glazed with a sweet-sour and hot sauce and served with a caramelised lime
The flavors were dancing on my tongue… Each bite was honestly better than the next.

Next up, Gyoza: your choice of a regular steamed chicken and vegetable dumpling, or your choice of ebi or duck Gyoza.


Again the flavors were right on the mark…and the dipping sauce perfectly matched.

And to finish off my Wagamama fun…
The Chili Squid (Calamari):
deep-fried squid seasoned with sea salt and shichimi. served with a chilli garlic and coriander dipping sauce

The Chili sauce was the perfect amount of heat ad sweet.
I recommend that you try Wagamama if you happen upon one in your travels or better yet click on the Wagamama link above and use their restaurant locater.

You Gotta Try This!