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The Kaboom Box- Vancouver Food truck

Happy Monday great foodie friends.



If you feel in the mood for some tasty salmon and great Westcoast flavors head on down to the corner of Georgia and Granville streets and visit the Kaboom Box
A word from the Kaboom Box owner Andrew:
The Kaboom Box was founded to bring fresh, sustainable, healthy and local food to the streets of Vancouver. We use only the best ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible, and prepare all our food fresh to order with care and love of the trade. We are committed to serving only Oceanwise seafood and sustainably produced meat. Likewise we use organic vegetables whenever possible and are committed to using biodegradable and compostable packaging.

What is Ocean wise?


Ocean Wise’s Recommendations:

Ocean Wise’s recommendations are based on 4 criteria. An Ocean Wise recommended species is:

*Abundant and resilient to fishing pressures.
*Well managed with a comprehensive management plan based on current research.
*Harvested in a method that ensures limited bycatch on non-target and endangered species.
*Harvested in ways that limit damage to marine or aquatic habitats and negative interactions with other species.

On the menu today?
A Hot smoked salmon sandwich of course!

Served with Kaboom Box house made poutine. Not all poutines are created equal and of course you will find many iterations of poutine. Andrew does it right…. They start with local potatoes, wonderful Quebec cheese curds and fresh made mushroom gravy…. Definitely a tasty poutine and great accompaniment (low calorie of course…. Ok may not but very tasty)

The sandwich was served on a fresh roll, served with fresh slaw and a great sauce with a little kick to it!
The layers of textures and flavors were bang on and in fact left you wanting for your next bite!

Did I mention “hot smoked”?…. Okay redundant question I realize… In fact they smoke the salmon right on the truck the very morning that you eat your sandwich….
Kaboom box wants to make sure that you get the freshest caught and prepared salmon possible so you can enjoy the best tastes of the Westcoast.

If salmon isn’t on your taste bud menu today, try any number of their fresh prepared treats…..
They have a good list of popular items according to their regulars…

Food truck season is heating up along with the weather (okay, dot look outside today…. But you know what I mean) so get out and enjoy some great flavors served fresh and as quick as possible considering this isn’t “fast food”.

You Gotta Try This!

Restaurants say food trucks are killing business

Restaurants say food trucks are killing business

Good afternoon great foodie friends.

Are Food trucks / carts unfairly killing restaurant business?

First let me state clearly that culinary wonderment is served equally by great restaurants and food trucks alike. I have no bias against either business model, but on the contrary, I do believe that any and all businesses need to earn their patrons just as any retail or wholesale business should.

When I listen to the debate, it is clear that many facts are being overlooked or ignored. I do feel that the food trucks are unnecessarily on the defensive side of this debate, but believe that a healthy, factual debate can educate the general public, as well as hopefully dispel some questionable facts.

Lets ask the question-Why is there a debate about this issue at all?

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, you will always have competition nipping at your heels and that should fuel your fire and desire to earn and gain repeat business based on some basic business principles.

In this case:

*Good location or better known as-“location, location, location”
*Good to great food
*Great service
*Attention to detail
*Understanding your costs and your customer

I have always maintained that the only way to create great food with over the top flavors is through food that is made from the heart and the soul of the culinary master. The difference shown by the cook/chef that loves what they do and truly feels the passion for culinary magic, shows itself from the moment you see the food, then smell the flavours and finally taste the creation…… A little over top in my explanation maybe?…..I don’t think so.

Now lets talk about some of the arguments we hear from the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association who states:
The Restaurants have a significantly higher economic reality around leases and property taxes than the food trucks do.

While there may be some truth to this statement, the missing facts are as follows:

*Food trucks pre-pay for parking for all day when most are only able to operate between the hours of 11:00 am and 2:30 pm.
*Food trucks must have a commissary kitchen which can cost upwards of $2000/ month, they may not use a home based kitchen.
*Most food truck/carts must park their trucks in a secured, enclosed garage.
*Food trucks are supporting 2 kitchens between their truck and commissary and susceptible to 2 health food inspections.
*Most food trucks business is “seasonal” when it rains many patrons don’t come
*Food trucks have to start and maintain a marketing effort to garner patrons to try their new concept.
*Food trucks are at the mercy of the city when it comes to road closures for events or road work and may have to move their location at anytime with little notice

The debate needs to be heard, but on a fair playing field. At the end of the day, if you can’t offer customer satisfaction on many levels whether you are a food truck or a restaurant you won’t earn repeat patrons. People work hard for their money these days and will vote with their dollar when it comes to where and when they will eat.
Due to where they are situated in downtown Vancouver, many food trucks or carts become destination locations for those patrons not working in the surrounding towers. At first my thoughts may have been that the food trucks would give some restaurants a run for their money but as I searched harder for who comes to the trucks, I found that it is mostly the surrounding business towers occupants, who would at many times be bringing a bag lunch or may opt for fast food. The fact that they have only so much time for lunch likely precluded them from making a restaurant meal a daily ritual in the first place. Many of the food trucks offer them a healthy unique alternative to a bag lunch or fast food.
When we want to sit down with friends or for a business luncheon, most – if not all- would make their way to a favorite restaurant.

Basically what we need the city to do in regards to this issue, is understand that restaurant saturation needs to be monitored and licences issued in areas that aren’t over loaded already with food trucks or restaurants.

The two business models can co-exists if they all play to their strengths and earn the repeat business $ that they all search for. Lets not blame the restaurants or the food trucks for these debates, lets try and consider all the facts and support our favourite restaurants and food trucks….. Lets be proud of the Culinary Mecca that Vancouver has become. We are so lucky to have so many talented chefs in our great city…..lets embrace and support the deserved.

In conclusion, have you now noticed some successful food trucks have also opened a brick and mortar location?
I think that it begs the question, who is the debate really with.

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Yolks Breakfast – more delights!

    Yolks Breakfast- great food cart

Happy Friday great foodie friends…

Something about the weekend being around the corner starts to stir thoughts of breakfast!
Head on down and see Chef Steve and Hannah and try one of their tasty delights of the day!


Today Tempura Panko avocado sandwich- poached free range eggs, fresh cilantro, Panko coated and fried avocado, topped with lime hollandaise

It should go without saying that the flavors and textures in this sandwich popped in your mouth…. Truly a breakfast lover pleaser!

If eggs aren’t on your mind today, see if they have their homemade chicken and waffles….
Free range fried chicken served on home made waffles with fresh butter and maple syrup (ask for the 100%)
Wow…. True yum!


This breakfast cart is by no means “fast food”, if you didn’t know any better you truly would believe that a wonderful chef created it in his restaurant or hotel kitchen! In fact a wonderful Chef Steve did create it but with a little chefs magic and talent in a confined space but really quite nice food cart.
Go see Chef Steve and see what I mean!


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