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Yolks Breakfast – more delights!

    Yolks Breakfast- great food cart

Happy Friday great foodie friends…

Something about the weekend being around the corner starts to stir thoughts of breakfast!
Head on down and see Chef Steve and Hannah and try one of their tasty delights of the day!


Today Tempura Panko avocado sandwich- poached free range eggs, fresh cilantro, Panko coated and fried avocado, topped with lime hollandaise

It should go without saying that the flavors and textures in this sandwich popped in your mouth…. Truly a breakfast lover pleaser!

If eggs aren’t on your mind today, see if they have their homemade chicken and waffles….
Free range fried chicken served on home made waffles with fresh butter and maple syrup (ask for the 100%)
Wow…. True yum!


This breakfast cart is by no means “fast food”, if you didn’t know any better you truly would believe that a wonderful chef created it in his restaurant or hotel kitchen! In fact a wonderful Chef Steve did create it but with a little chefs magic and talent in a confined space but really quite nice food cart.
Go see Chef Steve and see what I mean!


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