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Top 3 Food Trends of 2017
Think of food in terms of the standard terms that we have always heard, “you are what you eat”
It isn’t hard to ask ourselves why are we as a society getting to heavy, why are we all of the sudden getting allergies when I’ve never had them before?
It’s no secret that if we make things from scratch vs. processed foods or foods from a can or a box, make sure we read what is in it. For example if you buy corn or peas or orange juice, shouldn’t there be only 1 or 2 ingredients? (And the 2nd ingredient should likely be water ?) no guilt honestly, just get back to the basics at the same time as looking out for the chefs that can teach you how to make magic with good natural ingredients! You would be amazed and the benefits of making this one change, for you and your family. Then do the second best thing, teach your kids how to cook with real ingredients and then we can evoke change back to a simpler time.
Happy anew years to all of my followers!
Please know that I realize that sometimes we need to have fun and enjoy something yummy and maybe even not in the “nice” list health wise but that is the or should be the exception, not the rule.
Have a great year of culinary fun, just try and make it a wonderfully happy and healthy culinary journey!
“You Gotta Try This”

Everything we love about Italy ! 

Happy Sunday great foodie friends, 

This is a great short piece but long enough to make your mouth water and remind you how Italians influence (and beautifully by the way) the culinary world!