BC Fresh- New Nugget lemon Potatoes

Happy Saturday great Foodie lovers….
I was happy to see this great opportunity to use the fresh ingredients to make a simple but excellent accompaniment to any dinner on a summer (or winter night)
BC fresh Nugget potatoes aka

Warba potatoes

Save on foods (recommended by Brent) had an abundance of these little gems….. I start using the freshest and most tasty ingredients but keep it simple and from the heart and the soul. This recipe is from my dear mom who is no longer with us but her memory and her recipes live on in our kitchen.
As I always repeat and tout, food from the heart and the soul will always touch the heart and the soul beyond your taste buds.
I was excited to find the

BC Fresh Nugget Potatoes

and went to work and put together this quick and oh so flavor wow potatoes.

Per-heat the oven at 350 (I use convection)
FIRST, the ingredients.
BC nugget potatoes
1 or 2 lemons ( depends on your lemon love)
Fresh oregano (approx 2 sprigs)
1 Shallots or red onion (minced)
Garlic (minced) “QB” (approx 1 clove)
Fresh ground pepper “QB”
Virgin olive oil “QB” approx 2-3tablespoons
Sea salt (tonight I used Murray river pink flaked salt) “QB”
2-3 tablespoons hot water
Fresh butter approx 2 tablespoons
Panko bread crumbs


Wash and only cut the larger nuggets. I do absolutely subscribe to the term

Quanto Basta

or just enough when I refer to amounts…please always trust yourself in cooking to use the flavors and amounts that make sense and your gut or personal taste tells you.
Drizzle over the olive oil (healthy amount)
Use a lemon rinder and put right on top of these wonderful fresh potatoes.
Finley mince the shallot / onion and the garlic as well as the fresh oregano
and mix it in.
Squeeze lemons over top
Sprinkle pepper over top
Mix this all together and then pour the hot water carefully on the side of the dish.
Dab 1 table spoon over the top
Mix the Panko and other table spoon of butter together and sprinkle over top
Top with the Murray river salt (not to much)
You are now ready to place in the oven


Place in the oven at 350 for approx 35-40 minutes (depending on your oven) the potatoes will develop a slight browning and carmelization and are ready when your fork easily sticks in.

These potatoes will place smiles on your family and friends faces….fresh flavors and smells that pop in your mouth with every bite.
Enjoy my moms recipe and remember that every dish should carry your own signature. It maybe similar to some other recipe but make it your own….



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  1. Congratulations David! As you know your wonderful recipe was selected the Category Winner for Main/Sides in the BCfresh Be Fresh New Nugget Recipe Contest.

    Your recipe will be featured in our upcoming e-cookbook! Have a fantastic weekend!


  2. Hey! We just did a post on Warba potatoes and your recipe looked so tasty, we had to list it. Thanks for such a great recipe! http://www.bcbsides.ca/theres-a-new-spud-in-town/


  3. This information is invaluable. When can I find
    out more?


  4. Thank you for sharing your dear Mom’s recipe! She must have been a great cook! I tried this recipe last night with the new Warba’s and it was delicious. My cooking time was a quite a bit longer, but I made quite a large quantity! Ha ha ha The end result was excellent!


  5. Terrific… Thanks for the shout out!


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