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Pig and Mortar (Pig on the Street) – Cafe & Craft Pub

Good day fellow foodie friends…

There is a new pig in town and it is residing at West 6th Ave between Granville and Fir street in Vancouver.

Yes, Chef Krissy and Mark are opening a new spot the first week of December 2012 that will focus on taking their already quality creations and flavours to a new high.


In talking with Krissy and Mark I am told that you will see some of your old favourites by day but new creations after 5pm. Chef Krissy has been busy over the last few weeks creating and testing new items to serve to their expanding list of patrons…… I am quite sure I also heard that piggy is getting a a friend that clucks… Breakfast maybe? Pretty sure….. Look for more to come in the near future confirming their new hours.

The restaurant will continue to focus on serving up creations born from locally produced ingredients and as well they plan on offering a great selection of tapas or appies to serve along with some creative craft beers from local producers as well as wine served in a unique new way-on tap, and maybe even some special treats from the UK? Not sure but let’s keep our eyes open.

Also look for some revolving menu offerings as Chef Krissy brings some special treats from days gone past from her childhood that were local favourites for all in the UK…… Comfort foods are on the top of Krissys mind as she creates new magic in the kitchen.

Who are Mark and Krissy?
A word from the Culinary masters:

Owners Mark and Krissy
We moved here from England 5 years ago. Krissy was born in Ottawa and moved to Cornwall, England when she was 7. Mark was born in Cornwall and we met in 1997. We came to Vancouver on our honeymoon and decided to move straight out so went back to England, packed up our stuff and now have a great life in the beautiful east side of Vancouver with our two cats and dog!
We have always been avid travellers and have lived and travelled through many countries including Australia, New Zealand and Europe. We have always had campervans and converted trucks which we would use as our mobile home which is why we decided to buy our Westy here in Canada. Being here we realised we have finally found the place we want to stay for good so decided to create something truly amazing from our campervan.

Krissy has a history of working within the food industry and also went to VCC culinary institute here in Vancouver so have always had a great passion for cooking. Krissy got all her inspiration and love for food from her Dad but also from her surroundings and the local produce that was available to her in Cornwall. Cornwall is on the coast and also has a great deal of agriculture so buying local is natural for the people who live there. Krissy would always know the farms where she got her beef, pork, eggs and cheese from and would always utilise any seasonal produce available. Vancouver and its beautiful, lush surroundings provide such a great source of produce for the consumer which is why we decided to open our food cart!

Our food cart is based around bacon for a few reasons. One its just so delicious (we’ve even caught my vegetarian friends sneaking bacon off the table when no one is looking!) and two, Bacon sandwiches are a staple street food in England. “Bacon buttie trucks” (bacon subs basically!) are like the north American hotdog stands and are super popular. We believe that there is a huge niche for that in Vancouver (we dont know of any food trucks selling bacon sandwiches as their staple). And most importantly, there are a few great local farms who produce amazing tasty bacon and that treat their animals with humane practises which is hugely important for us. We want people that buy from us to understand where the meat comes from that they are eating and respect the animal and the whole proccess. Also we want to provide food that is healthy (no hormones and weird additives that we cant pronounce!) which is why we make our own flatbread using mainly locally milled flour (the flour peddlar) and we make all our own sauces and condiments.

Mark and Krissy are excited about their new restaurant and working tirelessly to get it open as soon as possible. They are looking towards creating a comfortable place for friends to come and enjoy good food and local spirits while having some laughs and connecting further with their community.

Head on down to the Pig & Mortar for some great flavours and smiling faces……


You gotta try this!

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Can we eat brain boosting foods that can also help curb the possibility of Alzheimer’s ?

Good morning great foodie friends….
A good read for the possibility of a healthier life style.

In these trying times of busy hustle and bustle the least we can do is focus on our health.

Some of us may spend more time figuring out what the best fuel and oil is for our car, but do we take care of our bodies as well?

click here for Dash

Thanks to Dr Sabbagh’s & Chef Beau MacMillian work in creating a cookbook that serves up delicious, easy recipes for brain health.
features the new book.
Strong medical evidence suggests that simple changes and additions to your diet can reduce the risk or delay of the onset of Alheimers and other forms of dementia and memory loss.

Thanks for the great recipes and great read.

Enjoy and let’s all work together for a healthier future.


Apple Blueberry crisp

Good afternoon great foodie friends,

Do you ever have that craving for something sweet but want to stay with something a little healthier?
Apple Blueberry crisp came to my mind yesterday…..

This sweet treat is simple, quick and a crowd pleaser in our home!

What you need:

* 5 to 6 of your favorite apples
* 1 cup fresh or fresh frozen blueberries
* 1/4 pound butter close to room temp + 1 tablespoon
* 1 lemon
* 1/2 cup rolled oats
* 1/2 cup all purpose flour
* Cinnamon (to your liking)
* 1/2 + 1/4 cup brown sugar
* 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips (optional)


What to do:

* Pre-heat your oven to 350
* Core and slice apples into thin slices (remove skin) and place in a large bowl.
* Add in the blueberries
* Add in the 1/4 cup of brown sugar
* Rind the lemon and add in the bowl as well as the juice from the lemon.
* Add in 1 tblsp of flour
* Add in the tablespoon of butter
* Add in enough cinnamon
* Add in the chocolate

Mix all together and pour into your favorite medium to deep baking dish


In another mixing bowl put in the oats, brown sugar, butter, cinnamon and mix together with a fork binding all the ingredients together but leaving small chunks in consistency.
Gently cover your apple mixture with the topping covering most of the apples.

Now put in the oven for approx 30 – 40 minutes or until golden brown and bubbling. (Every oven is slight different so keep an eye on it)


Let cool a few minutes but please do enjoy warm. You can enjoy it as is or with a scoop of ice cream or fresh whip cream.



You Gotta try this!

The Balkan House- Burnaby BC



The Balkan House
Located:7530 Edmonds Street, Burnaby BC

Take yourself back to the 1970’s or the Rockerford file days in your mind and when you go in to the Balkan house that describes your initial thoughts when you first walk through the doors. The restaurant says that the decor is reminiscent of a European hunting lodge….

The restaurant is clean, the staff friendly and the service is good.

The Balkan house is an Eastern European restaurant known predominantly for their meat dishes.

Today I was in the mood for salad and Cevapcici – grilled sausage made from ground veal and pork.

The salad was fresh and the cevapcici was perfectly grilled and tasty!




The restaurant had mostly Eastern Europeans dining at it so by default I would say that the food is genuine to its European heritage and culinary roots….

Lunch for 2 was also very reasonable, approx $30.00 for two plates which included soup, salad, 5 pieces of Cevapcici with potatoes, rice and bread including 2 drinks.
On top of the sausages I am told that they are also known for their schnitzels and fish and one thing for sure is that they are known for the large portions.

At night they often have live music and a spirited atmosphere.

On Sundays they offer a buffet loaded with grilled meats and other goodies…. but don’t expect to take too many trips back to the buffet as the meats definitely will fill you up.

The Balkan House is worth a visit to expand your cultural taste buds or to simply

Get your meat on

You gotta try this!

Balkan House on Urbanspoon

A must see again…added video. Enjoy


Happy Monday Great foodies….

La Terrazza Hotel and Ristorante – Planegg Bavaria
While traveling to Munich you will find a great little town just a few KMs outside of Munich, Planegg.
In town is a nice boutique style hotel and Ristorante.
As soon as you walk into the great spot you will hear the warm accent of the Italians greet you and the great smells that all good Italian restaurants lure you in with.

There is a great patio that the interior dining room just seems to flow into with the great open concept dining room with full open sliding doors. It is a little slice of heaven so sit and enjoy.
On a warm summer night enjoy a refreshing Tomato, cucumber and onion salad with olive oil and balsamic dressing.

The salad was served with a basket of fresh breads for dipping (a must!)
Next was a bowl of…

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Restaurants say food trucks are killing business

Restaurants say food trucks are killing business

Good afternoon great foodie friends.

Are Food trucks / carts unfairly killing restaurant business?

First let me state clearly that culinary wonderment is served equally by great restaurants and food trucks alike. I have no bias against either business model, but on the contrary, I do believe that any and all businesses need to earn their patrons just as any retail or wholesale business should.

When I listen to the debate, it is clear that many facts are being overlooked or ignored. I do feel that the food trucks are unnecessarily on the defensive side of this debate, but believe that a healthy, factual debate can educate the general public, as well as hopefully dispel some questionable facts.

Lets ask the question-Why is there a debate about this issue at all?

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, you will always have competition nipping at your heels and that should fuel your fire and desire to earn and gain repeat business based on some basic business principles.

In this case:

*Good location or better known as-“location, location, location”
*Good to great food
*Great service
*Attention to detail
*Understanding your costs and your customer

I have always maintained that the only way to create great food with over the top flavors is through food that is made from the heart and the soul of the culinary master. The difference shown by the cook/chef that loves what they do and truly feels the passion for culinary magic, shows itself from the moment you see the food, then smell the flavours and finally taste the creation…… A little over top in my explanation maybe?…..I don’t think so.

Now lets talk about some of the arguments we hear from the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association who states:
The Restaurants have a significantly higher economic reality around leases and property taxes than the food trucks do.

While there may be some truth to this statement, the missing facts are as follows:

*Food trucks pre-pay for parking for all day when most are only able to operate between the hours of 11:00 am and 2:30 pm.
*Food trucks must have a commissary kitchen which can cost upwards of $2000/ month, they may not use a home based kitchen.
*Most food truck/carts must park their trucks in a secured, enclosed garage.
*Food trucks are supporting 2 kitchens between their truck and commissary and susceptible to 2 health food inspections.
*Most food trucks business is “seasonal” when it rains many patrons don’t come
*Food trucks have to start and maintain a marketing effort to garner patrons to try their new concept.
*Food trucks are at the mercy of the city when it comes to road closures for events or road work and may have to move their location at anytime with little notice

The debate needs to be heard, but on a fair playing field. At the end of the day, if you can’t offer customer satisfaction on many levels whether you are a food truck or a restaurant you won’t earn repeat patrons. People work hard for their money these days and will vote with their dollar when it comes to where and when they will eat.
Due to where they are situated in downtown Vancouver, many food trucks or carts become destination locations for those patrons not working in the surrounding towers. At first my thoughts may have been that the food trucks would give some restaurants a run for their money but as I searched harder for who comes to the trucks, I found that it is mostly the surrounding business towers occupants, who would at many times be bringing a bag lunch or may opt for fast food. The fact that they have only so much time for lunch likely precluded them from making a restaurant meal a daily ritual in the first place. Many of the food trucks offer them a healthy unique alternative to a bag lunch or fast food.
When we want to sit down with friends or for a business luncheon, most – if not all- would make their way to a favorite restaurant.

Basically what we need the city to do in regards to this issue, is understand that restaurant saturation needs to be monitored and licences issued in areas that aren’t over loaded already with food trucks or restaurants.

The two business models can co-exists if they all play to their strengths and earn the repeat business $ that they all search for. Lets not blame the restaurants or the food trucks for these debates, lets try and consider all the facts and support our favourite restaurants and food trucks….. Lets be proud of the Culinary Mecca that Vancouver has become. We are so lucky to have so many talented chefs in our great city…..lets embrace and support the deserved.

In conclusion, have you now noticed some successful food trucks have also opened a brick and mortar location?
I think that it begs the question, who is the debate really with.

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23 Thanksgiving Desserts that are full of Bourbon – yum brought to us from and Rachel Sanders

Happy Monday Great foodie friends….

I saw this posting and loved the ideas….I can taste some of them just from the pictures.
It is brought to us from BuzzFeed Food blog
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Thanks Buzz Feed!

Enjoy all!

Applesauce cupcakes with brown sugar cream cheese frosting

Please take a look at these scrumptious treats! A must try


spicy applesauce cupcakes with brown-sugar cream-cheese frosting

I’ve been playing around with my spice shelf again. There’s something incredibly satisfying  about coming up with a new or unexpected group of spices that work. This time of year screams for cinnamon. The colder weather pushes me indoors and nothing cozies me up more than the smell of cinnamon. Then add the other winter spices; ginger, cloves, nutmeg and mace and a holiday potpourri is wafting through the house. While I was writing this recipe, I had a thought. Given that the spices I just mentioned are associated with heat as much as they inspire thoughts of winter – many ethnic foods like Moroccan, Vietnamese and Jamaican rely on these spices for the hot in their cooking –  why wouldn’t ground black pepper, which is often combined with these spices in savoury dishes, work in something sweet? I couldn’t come up with any reason it wouldn’t work so into the cupcakes…

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An article on how to make food taste awesome- brought to us by Fine Dining

Happy Saturday great foodie friends……
I happened upon this interesting and fun blog compliments of Grocerize Foodie @Grocerize on twitter and
How To Make Food Taste Awesome
click on this for Fine Dining Lover post

It is a fun and interesting read and helps you dare to try a few things that you wouldn’t usually think of to

Kick things up a notch

As I often say, make the recipe or dish “your own“. Think of the flavours that you love and chance to put them together….. Just think how popular that finishing salts have become on caramels or chocolate…..

Dulce de leche brownie with fleur de sel (finishing sea salt)

Dare to dream and have some fun!

Bourbon maple bacon jam…..

You Gotta Try This!

100 ways to use Bacon- brought to us by Endless Summer Blog

Brought to you from Endless summer blog
and @bitchinkitchen:
I thought this was worth sharing.
Check out this great blog…

endless summer Blog- click here

100 WAYS TO USE BACON! All of them awesome.