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Temper Pastry & Chocolates 

 BC – West Vancouver – Temper Pastry 

  The Metro Vancouer area doesn’t know how lucky they are to have so many out of this world patisserie’s and such talented chefs behind them. 

The North shore is home to Chef Steve Hodge and he is the magician behind Temper and the flavors from the great spot in West Vancouver’s Dunderave. Stop in for everything from a perfect coffee, artisan sandwiches or a VIENNOISERIE or a delectable pastry. This location has a great ambience and is a perfect spot for a healthy or sweet lunch or your morning coffee with your favorite pastry. I would say yes every time if someone asked me to go to Temper.

The Apple bite- warm, inviting and mouthwatering 


Aptly named after Chef Hodge’s little pumpkin Charlie 

Pastries, artisan sandwiches, chocolates, coffee 

As well as a great atmosphere to sit and enjoys the fresh treats of the day.

Temper is now set for the holidays with his already popular Bûche Noël is available for order in Raspeberry Cherry, Chestnut or Caramel Apple. 

There are also show pieces galore ready to wow your kids (big or small) 

Rum & eggnog truffle 

Lastly you will likely always have a friendly hello shot your way from the very cordial Chef Hodge who is born and raised in his native NorthShore (West Van) and approaches his business like the European counterparts like Chez Christophe who greet or say hi to their guests.

I say yes to Temper for your everyday or special occasion treats! 

You Gotta Try This! 

Must get Christmas Chocolates of the season

Best of the season great foodie friends,
It has been a while since I have posted due to the busy times and of course life getting in the way!
I thought that you should see, taste and put these Must Have Christmas Chocolates of the season on your must try list.

Get ready because believe it or not the best continue to get better!
Top honours go to the following Chocolate Masters
Apologies if there is a chocolate or chocolate master that I may have missed- this statement
attest to the fact that our city now has more wonderful established and up and coming Chocolatiers & pastry chefs than almost anywhere else in North America.
Kudos list:
Chez Christophe
Address: 4712 Hastings Street, Burnaby


This chocolate not only looks like Christmas on the outside but lays Christmas on your tastebuds from the second it crosses your lips!
The Christmas figures are also a bonus for giving to those nice not naughty children to light up those smiles!

Location: 11220 Horsehoeway, Richmond

This chocolate is the perfect balance of chocolate ganache and peppermint and says Christmas as it melts in your mouth.
Honourable mention to their Fresh Chocolate or better known as bark. It is from cacao beans roasted in their own factory and organic!


Bean to Bar

Location: Multiple

This Chocolate brings you back to childhood and eating a gingerbread cookie. The flavour profile is bang on and the little bits of crunch throughout the ganache is just perfect!

Location: 2409 Marine Drive, West Vancouver




Eggnog & Salty Balls
Tempers eggnog chocolate is full of that wonderment that I look for every year in eggnog, a perfect surprise was the salty balls available in normal and mini sizes. It is a one bite chocolate as the salted caramel filling is liquid and watch out for these ying yang flavours – addictive I’ll say!

Chocolate Arts
Location: 1620 West 3rd Ave, Vancouver
Gingerbread caramel & Crantini



The flavours in these two perfect holiday chocolates are spot on and make you smile as your eating them.

Most of these Chocolatiers / Patisserie masters make other signature items for Christmas such as chocolate figures or Bûche de Noël so I encourage you to get in soon to see your favourites and place your orders just in case.

Disclosure: I am not connected to these businesses in anyway shape or form and my opinions are my own. My recommendations are thought out but truly my personal opinions.

Happy Sweet Holidays to All!

You Gotta Try These!

Bouchon Bakery

Bouchon Bakery – Yountville Napa, CA
Bouchon Bakery Yountville
6528 Washington Street
Yountville, California 94599
Daily, 7am-7pm

Bouchon Bakery home page- click here


Happy Wednesday great foodie friends……
One of the wonderful things about the Napa region is the absolute wonderment of so many wonderful flavors brought to us by award-winning wineries and award-winning chefs…..

Bouchon Bakery brought to us by Chef Thomas Keller (of famed French Laundry, Per Se and Bouchon bistro to name a few locations)


More on Chef Keller:
Thomas Keller (born October 14, 1955) is an American chef, restaurateur, and cookbook writer. He and his landmark Napa Valley restaurant, The French Laundry in Yountville, California, have won multiple awards from the James Beard Foundation, notably the Best California Chef in 1996, and the Best Chef in America in 1997. The restaurant is a perennial winner in the annual Restaurant Magazine list of the Top 50 Restaurants of the World.
In 2005, he was awarded the three star rating in the inaugural Michelin Guide for New York for his restaurant Per Se, and in 2006, he was awarded three stars in the inaugural Michelin Guide to the Bay Area for The French Laundry. He is the only American chef to have been awarded simultaneous three star Michelin ratings for two different restaurants.

what the bakery offers:
The boulangeries, the bakeries, of Paris are filled with the most extraordinary creations – the macaron, the croissant, the tart and any number of exquisite chocolate confections. These staples of Parisian daily life so inspired us that, after opening a Bouchon Bakery next to our Bouchon bistro in Yountville, we wanted to open one near our other restaurants in Las Vegas, New York City and Beverly Hills to bake the bread for them and to add an additional layer of cafe life to the areas that surround them.

From the minute you walk in the door your taste buds start watering as your eyes fill your mind with dreams of flavours that will melt gloriously in your mouth…….


The eyes wander from your side to side as you wish

couldn’t I try 1 of each?

Bakeries can be such a personal preference but every so often you happen upon one that starts right from the beginning of excellence in everything that goes into their creations….. Not only can you taste the love from the heart and the soul in each treat but also the highest quality of ingredients and pure freshness in each bite.


As I have mentioned in many blogs posts before we do truly eat starting from our eyes and that is what pulls you towards the treat that you want. As we were a big group we ordered many treats to share.


“Oh No’s”


Bread pudding & Lemon meringue tarts


“out of this world”- chocolate and salted caramel eclairs

….. Delectable……..

I missed the name of these wonderful little tastes of culinary heaven but I won’t forget the deep rich chocolate flavours, perfect with an espresso or why not while in wine country a nice Cabernet from the valley (Cabernet pairs perfectly with dark chocolate!)


Something lighter perhaps? – Oatmeal cookie


The bakery (patisserie) has also nicely packaged offerings that you can “grab & go” or give as a treat / gift to bring into the office or to a friends….


Last but not least, I did notice that Napa Valley seemed to be very “pet friendly” and this also is true of Bouchon….. Fido wasn’t forgotten and can also eat a treat in “gourmet” fashion.


….notice the flavour offered……

I recommend this bakery (patisserie) and am so pleased that I was able to finally experience one of Chef Keller’s fine eateries!

You Gotta Try This!

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Food pics update…. Taste the goodness

Happy Tuesday great foodie friends…. It has been some time since my last blog post as I just needed some time to enjoy the holidays with my family and friends….
I thought it would be great to start back up with a simple photo gallery of some yummy meals and treats over the last several weeks!

Hope you enjoy!

Spicy Tuna cone


Ahhhh Burrata… Sooo creamy


tasty Bruschetta… To die for


Jalebi- popular Indian sweet


Ahhhh simple pleasure at Wagamama

Simple German pleasure , schnitzel and Weissbier


Spicy Panko prawns


Creamy Risotto-Bolzano Italy


Spicy prawn Udon


Cinnamon bun Yum!


warm chocolate cookie with gelato


fresh spring salad


Finger licking good homemade ribs

Spaghetti Q4 yum!


Romer’s burger wow


Simple but necessary Affogato pleasure


who doesn’t love breakfast?


or this breakfast?


Red dragon roll wow….


Last but not least… Homemade Key lime pie…. Mmmm


Hope you enjoyed!
You Gotta Try This!

Butter Baked Goods & Cafe- Review


Butter Baked Goods & Cafe

Hi fellow foodie friends,

If you are looking for a sweet treat made from wholesome fresh ingredients, Butter may just be the perfect spot for you!

4907 Mackenzie Street (at 33rd) in Vancouver, BC
This is a new location after having been on Dunbar for approx 5 years.


They are open 8:00am to 5:30pm
Tuesday to Saturday

Phone: 604-221-4333
Fax: 604-685-8563
Wholesale Orders: 604-221-0433
Link to Butter Baked Goods
Butter has so many delectable treats but I am sure has become most famous for their homemade marshmallows

These fluffy treats are unique in flavor and perfect in texture!

What we love to order for special occasions is their lemon meringue pie with a marshmallow meringue topping that adds a perfect unique flair to an old favorite of so many.

Butter is certainly also known for so many more wonderful baked treats like their squares, cakes, cookies etc….. I recommend you click on the link above to browse the large list of special sweets or better yet head down and go smell and see them for yourself!

I dare you to think that you will walk out of the bakery/cafe without sampling at least one mouthwatering dessert!

The new location is bigger and better set out to double as a great spot for a daily sandwich, lunch special or a wonderful coffee with a muffin or something more enticing…..



What ever your occasion or if you simply feel like a sweet pick me up I am quite sure that butter will have something to fit the bill.

If you want a lemon meringue pie, you may want to order ahead…. I am pretty sure that they only make them on certain days and I know for sure that they go quick!

You Gotta Try This!

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