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Edible Canada- unique and wonderful spot

Edible Canada is one of those spots that you just have to try. One can’t just look at it as just a store or a restaurant, I would definitely say it needs to be looked at as more of a culinary journey and experience that will take time and keep bringing more things to see and do along the way!
Start your journey at Edible Canada and take time to enjoy and savor your findings.
There are so many facets to the wonderment that Edible Canada has to offer on your journey that will open up the world of culinary enjoyment.
Why not start with a Granville Island market tour. Get a tour of the wonderful world of Granville Island and then end your tour with some tastes of Edible Canada’s retail goodies.
Or try a culinary tour of Chinatown…..
Keep the journey alive and try some of the ever changing menu items of great dishes at Edibles bistro……
On my previous blog I mentioned their ”

Alfresco Summer Dinner series

….. This was my first introduction to an Edible Canada event and if you didn’t see it please take a look Alfresco Summer Dinner blog
Click on the above link to see the wonderful experience that we had.

Back to the Bistro….
The menu is fresh and full of great flavors… There is some familiar items on it a well as some new and different items absolutely worth a try.
I definitely see the true commitment to sustainable ingredients and fresh / local choices in their bistro and retail store.
They also do their best to create mostly a gluten free selection but please ask if your unsure.
Sit either in their comfortable and contemporary dining room or on their nice wrap around patio


Look at this wonderful dish- East Coast Lobster Mac & Cheese. Canadian cheeses, double smoked bacon and caramelized onions to add the flavor wow to an already flavor packed dish.


And to top off with a sweet…..
Ginger apple fennel brûlée…. Unique flavor WOW
The journeys are truly endless…
Check back to the their website often as well as my blog for updates because the fun experiences are endless and a truly perfect way to hop into a culinary journey with some

Masters of the industry

Edible Canada – About page
I also would be remiss if I didn’t mention how friendly and knowledgable the staff is at Edible… A true great experience anytime you visit this wonderful bistro/retail store.
Learn more about the people behind what makes Edible Canada a successful going concern in the culinary world…..
See the team starting with the President that has been put together to be the The heart and soul of this company
the team of Edible Canada
When you are done eating or before you have, take a stroll through the retail store…. So many wonderful spices, sauces and other terrific goodies to explore. Again the store seems to scream local, fresh and exciting items….

I do want to mention that there is a perfect addition outside the Edible Canada location on Granville Island, it is an Electric car hook up or Recharge station in a few spots outside of Edibles bistro/store.



You Gotta Try This!

“;Edible Canada at the Market on Urbanspoon