Alfresco Summer Dinner series- Edible Canada

Happy Summer Friday great food lovers….
Have you ever heard about this spectacular culinary treat and food journey?
Alfresco Summer Dining Series brought to us by Edible Canada.
click on this link and sign up – Edible Canada tour page
From the moment I received this over the top caring gift from my family to attend this event the excitement started to build.
The chefs were announced, Chefs Connie DeSousa & John Jackson of CHARCUT
click on this link to Charcut Roast House website
But the location was a surprise “pop-up” not divulged until a week before!

As you can see from this shot the night started out just perfect.
We were pleasantly greeted and offered a perfect infused refreshment right away and left to marvel at the perfect view and mingle with the other friendly foodies in the perfect sized dinner party.

We were introduced to the two wonderful and engaging chefs Chefs Connie DeSousa & John Jackson owners of CHARCUT restaurant in Calgary. Chef Connie also known to many from both being a contestant on Top Chef Canada 2 years ago and a guest chef/judge this last season.
I truly can see why Chef Connie wowed the judges of Top Chef Canada! Both Chefs Connie and John are “top chefs” in my book!

The menu?

Each course was pre-explained to us by Chefs Connie and John which was a perfect set up to the flavor Wow about to be unveiled.
As you can see each course was perfectly paired with just the right wines from Mission Hill Winery to wonderfully compliment the complex flavors…. Edible Canada’s Sommelier was right on the mark!
Mission Hill Winery

One can’t perfectly bring the flavors into words to do the food and chefs magical creations justice. Silence fell upon the table as the first bites were taken and the smiles and hum of the mmmm’s told the tale.

After our Porchetta and beets came the most tender flavor filled beef

Wagyu Beef

Wagyu beef is beef grown from the Wagyu cattle. It was once nearly exclusively raised in Kobe, Japan, where it is considered the premium cut of beef because of its extensive marbling. In fact, while American Prime beef, the most expensive cut, is graded a 6 on a marbling scale of 1-12, Wagyu beef tends to be graded at 12, making it a very rich cut of meat.
The taste and flavor was out of this world and served with a house made Chimichurri seasoned rub and the dish was served “family style”


20120803-082623.jpg and served with wonderful BC nugget potatoes and green beans as well as a out of this world bone marrow au gratin!
The Chefs belief seemed very much “farm to table” and respectfully “all parts” of the vegetable and the protein.
Everything about this night was

Just Right!

The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed and our gracious host Edible Canada was helpful and a perfect host.
We finished with a mouthwatering whipped cream cheesecake with Granville Island fresh fruit.
In fact the Chefs shopped for all of the fruits and vegetables at Granville Island and fresh herbs from Edible Canada. The Wagyu beef brought from from Alberta and the Pork from Quebec.

This is an experience that you must try and once you have I am sure that it won’t be your last!
You Gotta Try This!

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