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Roaming Dragon- Vancouver Streetfood

Do yourself a favor, as I mentioned on my last post about vancouver street food….. Go and try Roaming Dragon on this beautiful sunny Vancouver day.
Go and see Evan and the crew and try some flavors that will rock your mouth beyond belief.

On today’s menu was Chinese pork sliders and Fried rice balls – Chinese sausage, shrimp, chicken, bamboo shoots, Japanese rice, curry and teriyaki….. Need I say more?
Wow flavours for sure and great staff served with a smile and they want to know good or bad your experience!
Roamingdragonalicious!!! Gotta have it!
Oh yes……did I mention that they now have a “Roaming Dragonized” poutine? They do…. Purists come out and try a new twist.

Best part…. Ocean wise seafood only, local hormone free beef and chicken.
A must try… Please also let me know your thoughts as I really want to know and so does Roaming dragon!