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Perfect Asparagus -accompaniment

Happy Monday great foodie friends,

I want to share this simple but wow side dish that I have made several times. It is a perfect adder to any meal whether for your family or a perfect elegant dinner that you are preparing that brings a new level to asparagus.

What you will need:
*Fresh asparagus
*Fresh thinly sliced prosciutto (as many pieces to match how many asparagus you want to prepare)
*Cream cheese
*Fresh ground pepper
*Fresh lemon juice (or real lemon)
*Cayenne pepper
*Olive oil

The ingredients are simple yet add a powerful flavour profile to a simple vegetable.


What you need to do:
Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees F

First wash your asparagus with fresh water and trim off the ends (matching heights is a great presentation but for this quick dinner, you’ll notice I went rustic style! )


Lay out your prosciutto flat for preparation of the next step.


Now spread on a modest amount of cream cheese, sprinkle with your cayenne pepper and fresh ground pepper evenly across your prosciutto.

Now take your asparagus and carefully wrap (by rolling the asparagus over the prosciutto while making sure you do it on an angle to cover most of the length of the asparagus)


Now drizzle over the top of the rolled asparagus olive oil and lemon juice (approx the juice of one lemon, no need to measure but don’t use to much. The acid from the lemon is to add the perfect balance and kick up the flavours)

Now place in oven at 350 for approx 10 mins.
You don’t want to over cook the asparagus as it can become stringy, but you will best know how your oven cooks and the size or thickness of the asparagus. The prosciutto will also start to look perfectly caramelized.


You Gotta Try This!