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Have some fun and enjoy the smiles

Happy Sunday all!
Remember that We all start the enjoyment of our wonderful foods with our eyes first! The look upon the faces when they first cast a glance is what I live for in watching how our foods when made from the heart and soul through the passion light up and connect you with others.
I was so excited to try this treat with my daughter and we both were so happy doing it together and seeing the smiling faces! please absolutely know that we both realize that it doesn’t end with the eyes….it tasted even better than it looked!
Let me know if you want me to share the recipe with you, it would be my pleasure. We do take seriously the statement from Chef Buddy Valestro when he says that the flavor in a chocolate dish isn’t directly from the chocolate, it is from the cocoa. And boy is he right!
Whatever you do please if you can afford it buy the best quality cocoa that you can, it makes all the difference and is worth it! We use either Valrhona or Bensdrop Dutch Cocoa and the flavor is intense and bold but just perfect.
look at these awesome Cookie Monster cupcakes/strong>;;;

Cookie monster eating his favorite thing and you getting eat a double treat! How could it be any better? Well okay a glass of cold milk to wash it down I will admit would top it off!
Have fun and dare to dream and try new things….. Make it from the heart and soul and how could it be anything but great!
“you gotta try this!”