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Proven Ance restaurant in Newport Beach, California

A work trip took me to Orange County and as always a new culinary treat is usually on the docket for one night with my foodie workmates.


The atmosphere is a combination of rustic and contemporary and welcoming almost as if you are walking into the chefs dining room.
The service was pretty good and certainly friendly.
We happened to be there during “Dine Newport” so there was a “Prix Fix” $40 menu option which we did as a group.
Many of the menu items were also found on the daily menu so a mix of specials and favorites were sure to be found for regulars.
The table started with a Charcuterie board which was flavorful and pleased all.


I started with the Cauliflower soup served bisque style-

The flavors were decent with a hint of curry but fell short due to being under seasoned. The soup lacked salt and also benefitted with fresh ground pepper.

Next up the Braised short ribs with Demi glaze served over cheesy grits and accompanied with grilled Brussel sprouts. This dish was spot on. The ribs were tender and fall off the bone perfect with deep flavors that matched perfectly over the cheesy grits.


Finally the special menu had a Carrot cake listed which was exactly what I was in the mood for. I was underwhelmed by the cake as it was slightly dry and no wow factor was present just begging for another bite.


I have heard many good things about Provenance but also that consistency is lacking. Orange County has restaurants that I just can’t wait to go back to, I can’t say that this one won my tastebuds and culinary heart just yet.

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