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To Die for Banana Bread

Happy Thursday happy foodie friends,


To Die For Fine Foods and Erin Ireland are definitely on to something here!

I was fortunate to first try Erin’s To Die for Banana bread on the recommendation of one of my favorite food trucks…. (Yolks breakfast by the way) and I was hooked!
I reached out to the more than pleasant Erin and decided to do a larger sampling and try it a few different ways….

My first bite was

to die for

and it just got better from there…
Lets be honest, you first have to like bananas to want to dive in and then what we do is always compare a traditional banana bread that we may all know from days gone past and ask is it at least as good as mine or possibly even better?!
Did I mention that this was Chocolate macadamia nut banana bread?
The subtle but perfect added flavors from these two ingredients kick up the wow/to die for factor…..


ahhhh nothing better with my Saturday morning coffee
I tried this wonderful to die for banana bread simply fresh cut and with my favorite coffee and immediate satisfaction overcame me….

The next slice was warmed up with just a little dab of butter….. More heaven!
Wow, could this sweet and healthy treat actually be even better than my first bite?
Oh yes it was……

Hmmmm I wonder……? to die for banana bread french toast?…. Why not!



The aroma started to fill my kitchen and my mouth truly started to water at the prospect of what I was about to try…..


Just a little bit of pure maple syrup and guess what!
It was

To Die For!

Truly the flavors just enhanced to new heights and made the best French toast I have ever created in our kitchen…..

I love Erin’s approach to creating her delectable products: “Food is not to be enjoyed without health”
You can read more about Erin’s approach to social causes and attention to using healthy and quality ingredients in all of To Die For Fine Foods products on their website.
To Die For Fine foods -click here
A message from Erin on her new To Die For Banana Bread:
I have been dying to shout these words for months (years?)…
“Gluten Free To Die For Banana Bread has arrived!”
Apologies to the celiac population for taking so long. I promised it would happen and it has, thanks to a wonderful gluten free bakery called Two Daughters Bakeshop. Lisa, the owner and baker of this adorable hidden gem, is mom to a celiac daughter and has mastered GF bread, donuts, muffins, etc. Her baking is egg free, too.
The gluten free loaves will be available on a limited edition pre-order / pick-up basis. They are very freezer friendly, so feel free to stock up as the next bake sale is yet to be determined.
How To Order Gluten Free “To Die For Banana Bread”

How to order: Fill out this form
When: Loaf pick-up is Saturday, July 6, 10am – noon
Where to pick-up: 121 E. 1st Street in North Van (entrance is in the alley between 1st and esplanade – look for yellow balloons and signage!)
Place your orders by: Thursday, June 27
Price: One for $14, two for $26, five for $60, ten for $110
Please note: Gluten free To Die For Banana Bread contains macadamia nuts, milk products (Callebaut Milk Chocolate), and eggs. Have a question? Tweet at me: @erinireland or email: erin at itstodiefor dot ca.

Who is Erin Ireland:
Owner of To Die For Fine Foods | Editor of Vancouver Food Site | Contributing Food Reporter for @TheRushTV & @CTVMorningLive


Next up…. To Die For Lemon loaf…. I can’t wait!
You Gotta Try This!