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Pig on the street – flavor wow alert

Pig on the Street – flavor Alert!
Good afternoon happy foodies.

A great sight is how the Vancouver street food scene is evolving and truly coming into its own.

The feeling in the downtown core is fun, vibrant and bustling with foodies searching for their favorite treat from any number of the popular food trucks.
It is hard to believe that many of these trucks / carts are still so new. What’s more is that it is exciting to see what a following that they have already established.

Do your self a favor and get out and try one of the great food trucks throughout the downtown core.
now back to Pig on the Street…….
Today’s flavor alert update includes a Chef Krissy special…..
Napoleon Piggy….

The flavor profiles of this special were right on the spot
The creamy French Brie combined with the fresh local apricot chutney (lovingly made by Chef), dijon mayo and finished with the ever so perfectly cooked double smoked bacon and fresh arugula…. If you watch any cooking show you will likely hear the judges or chefs describe

ying & yang

or contrasting balance of sweet and savory. They will also mention textures…. This sandwich has it all…. Creamy, smooth…. Crunchy, all on a perfectly soft flatbread….. And sweet combined with savory and slightly bitter coming from the arugula.
you hit this one out of the park Chef Krissy
To top all of this off served to you by the ever charming James Bond of the Oinkalicious world, Mark……


People are definitely coming in droves to search out the flavor of the day!

If you are lucky enough to still have room for one of their

becoming famous

Hair of the Hog Brownies
You will be in heaven with each bite….
If you like Salted caramels you will love this treat… Very similar flavor profile with the sweet gewy chocolate of the brownie and the contrasting salty notes of the bacon all wrapped up in a bourbon caramel…. Well pure bliss

Get out and try something new and marvel at the culinary wonders that come from a cart or a truck….. It all relates back to the people which are the heart and soul of what they create for us. I know one thing for sure, the foods are mostly unique and fire up your taste buds…..

You Gotta Try This!