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BBQ bacon-wrapped chicken bites

Out of this world BBQ bacon wrapped chicken bites!

Happy Friday great foodie friends,
I have been putting together a Superbowl menu list and this is a MUST!

What you need:
*6-8 boneless and skinless chicken thighs (you could use chicken breast but the thighs are much more flavorful)
(If you can’t find boneless, the bone is easy to take out!)
*At least 1 lb of bacon (I love and use Geldermans)
*House of Q -house rub
*House of Q – Slow smoke gold BBQ sauce
(You could substitute the rub and sauce if needed but I really suggest you try to get your hands on these two beauties)
*Tooth picks (as many as the bites you prepare)


What you will do:

*If the thigh still has the bone in it remove it (it’s quite easy, just work two fingers down the bone and pull the bone out and down. At this point you can either pull the bone out or cut it out)
*Cut the thigh into bite size pieces
*Cut the bacon in half
*Now put your chicken bite on to the bacon and basically wrap or roll the bacon around the chicken and secure with the tooth pick.


*Now sprinkle both (all) sides with the rub (the amount is up to you)
*Now your ready to grill- I use a Cookina pad (similar to silpat) on my BBQ but you can cook it directly on the BBQ grill.


*Grill until the chicken and bacon are nicely browned and almost caramelized (approx 15-20 mins)
*Now it’s time to brush on the BBQ sauce on both sides and continue to BBQ for another few minutes – look for a perfect color and glaze with an ice caramelized finish.



Now all that is left is to plate these delectable treat and enjoy!
These will sure to be a winner so make sure that you make enough for all to try but be careful, they are honestly addictive.

Thank you as always to Brian Misko (BBQ Brian) of House of Q for the recommendations and tips not to mention the great run and sauces that help create these BBQ treats!

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