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Sidecut Modern Steak & Bar- Whistler BC 

Hi great foodie friends. It’s been sometime since my last blog as life can hop in the way sometimes.

Where did I eat?

Sidecut Modern Steak & Bar

Atmosphere: Westcoast warmth and a balance of contemporary and traditional west coast. 

We happened to go to Sidecut located in Whistler at the Four seasons in September. Knowing we were in for a big meal we kept the appies to a minimum and they ended up not really being the star attraction. 

What I can say is that they are known for their steaks and coupled with a la cart sides that’s is where the star factor showed up! 

I had the WAGYU GOLD LABEL FLAT IRON 8OZ. $44 and it was cooked to perfection! True to its form the Wagyu was ripple marbled which kept it moist and very flavorful. 

Sidecut offers you 1 of 5 choices of seasoning, I chose the Black Angus.


I added the CORN AND JALAPEÑO GRATIN $9. This side dish was out of this world good. 

We enjoyed our steaks with a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and the warm fresh bread with Maple butter. 

To finish we shared a few sweet treats. 

I was very happy to see the… 

meyer lemon, torched meringue
$12 – 

I was impressed with the presentation but honestly that is where the smile ended. If you are going to have a name like Everyone Loves the Lemon Tart  – I think you have set the bar of expectations high. I honestly found it to fall flat, it wasn’t what I expected and wasn’t something that you wanted to keep diving into! Normally I love anything lemon or lime and protect my lemon dessert with my life! 

All in all a nice time with family, a great steak and sides but a sweet ending that wasn’t satisfying. 

All of my opinions are my own and reflect my personal opinions and tastes. 

Would I go back? Yes, the steaks and accompaniments were that good. The prices are a little steep but the quality of ingredients shine through. 

You Gotta Try This!