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Ululani’s Hawaiian Shaved ice- Maui, HI

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice



Dreaming of a cooling smooth wow treat in the heat? Ululani’s is a must try while in Maui!
A first I wasn’t sure I was going to try it as most shaved ice that I have had in the past usually has some larger ice chunks and be coarse in nature….. The flavor board is what enticed me and the overall experience sealed the deal!
This is truly the best shaved ice I have ever had…… Smooth and creamy textures and distinct and intense fresh flavors of the island were over the top!

I asked the very friendly staff what the best or most popular flavors were….. I was directed to the top flavors list and told that the papaya and mango was pressed freshly each day…. Add the coconut and the tropical flavor wow was just perfect!
The flavor choices are abundant and the options for toppings or add-ons was also very good…. I tried one with Haupia ice-cream (coconut) at the bottom of the ice or you could also add condensed milk poured over the top……


Pick your favourite flavor and enjoy! Make sure that you get a punch card, if you are with your family or friends you will fill it up quickly and after ten, you will get a freebie!
They offer a new size that isn’t on the menu board above micro is slightly smaller than the small but more than enough to satisfy your craving.

Then they put a fresh block of ice in the machine and the magic starts….. A few pokes into the ice to make way for the flavors and Hawaiian shaved ice is ready to go…….

mango, tigers blood (no, not really…just a mixture of yum flavors, and coconut topped with condensed milk!


blue raspberry with pink lemonade and vanilla


This is a perfect treat for young and older alike! Ululani’s is a double thumbs up!

You Gotta Try This!


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