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Reel Mac and Cheese food truck

Reel Mac and Cheese

Happy sunny Thursday happy foodie friends….
Another great food truck is on the road……
Located on Hamilton and Georgia in front of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.



You are instantly greeted with a smile and a few friendly folks just wanting to take you to the right taste…..
Remember what I always say, the heart of any successful kitchen with wheels or not is food made from the heart and soul! If you top that off with a smile and friendly disposition all is good!

Often when I try a new spot I will ask

if I can only have one thing, what would that be?

I was told that the “classic” is the way to go…. But let’s add a little kick and it turned into the “Green mile”… Basically the classic Mac and cheese with fresh nicely cooked broccoli spears and crunchy onions on top to finish of a great bowl of comfort food!


This was not Mac and cheese out of a box with powdered cheese like product but rather a good old fashioned homemade Mac and cheese with some special seasoning secrets that were just right.
Good flavor, fresh broccoli and crunchy onions…. Hit the spot!
I tried a little sriracha sauce to add a kick but as I told the owners Suzanne and Chef Perry Poudrier….. It was just right and didn’t need anything else on it.

Other great sounding variations were movie themed gourmet Mac and cheese like Godzilla or Slumdog millionaire …. Or deep fried Mac and cheese balls called “Run fat boy run”

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