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Las Vegas wow – Jaleo by José Andres (Cosmopolitan)

Happy summer day great foodie friends!
Jaleo by Jose’ Andres
Is a must try in Vegas!
One criteria I am sure that we all must think about when we eat out is…

let’s try something we couldn’t or wouldn’t make at home

Jaleo gives you just that!
From the moment that you walk in you will smell (almost taste the flavors) in this great tapas restaurant

It has a hip but comfortable atmosphere in the ever posh Cosmopolitan Hotel.
Let your waiter/waitress take you into the world of Spain with the flavors to match.
The menu is vast and full of flavors to wow the taste buds.

Ask the waiter/waitress for some recommendations and trust their guidance. They are friendly and helpful (as is everyone we met in the restaurant) and are versed in what the menu holds as well as what the popular dishes are.
Every dish presented a new flavor journey and seemed to ramp up or get better as the night went on.


20120801-010052.jpg first was a selection of cheese and meats…..
Then came some olives as well as gastronomic magic in what looked like an olive but was some gastronomy.mmmm

Then came the chicken croquets


And the ham croquets……
The dishes kept coming and continued to please the taste buds.
Make sure that you try the Veal cheeks as it will make your mouth water and your taste buds sing!

It is served with velvet whipped potato and olive oil and morel mushroom.
If you get a chance and the timing is right try the Paella, a traditional Spanish dish. There are a few different versions and your helpful server will guide you based on your tastes.

Lastly if you are lucky enough to leave room for some sweets or another glass of sangria….



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You Gotta Try This!