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Pig on the Street-Vancouver food truck

Happy Holiday Monday fellow foodies…
Pig on the Street keeps knocking it out of the park!

Whether its the cute little pigs with names, Chef Krissy’s desire to keep kicking it up a notch or our ever growing

Achin for the Bacon<
This food truck keeps growing in popularity.
They have grown to 3 people in their not so massively spacious rolling kitchen….. Which helps the flow and speed of getting your food…..
That said good things are worth the wait and sometimes take a little time to make it right

Some people who haven’t tried the delectable treats from this excellent food truck (provided you like bacon of course and who doesn’t ?) might just not know exactly what the truck makes….
Let me see if I can help explain the Bacon sandwiches / wraps.
Krissy and Mark make the Flat bread everyday fresh and from the finest flour and some special fresh ingredients that make a great flavorful flatbread.

Then the fun begins, Chef Krissy will start with local double smoked bacon cut just right….. Then the choice of flavors and textures is up to you!


There is alot of choices and flavors and believe me when I tell you that Some of Chef Krissy’s magic is in her fresh Avocado spread (like a guacamole but not exactly) and her infused mayos…. Mmmm

The result is more of a flatbread sandwich rather than a wrap due to the flatbread. Make sure that you grab some extra napkins, you WILL need them.
If you want something small you could also grab a twisty bread….. Yes there is a hidden bacon surprise tucked in to this twisty treat!

If you are serious about your bacon adventure make sure that you grab a Hair of the Hog
Or better known of as a bourbon Carmel bacon chocolate brownie. They sell out fast so make sure to order one up front!

The taste is out of this world and your fingers will need to be licked clean.
Do yourself a favor and try this different than you would make at home lunch… You will get hooked.
you gotta try this!