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Wagamama – Japanese restaurant & Noodle bar

Happy Sunday happy foodie friends,

Wagamama link – click here


If you happen upon this great Noodle house make sure that you stop in and try it for sure.

My first try was in Heathrow airport but I see that this UK based company with the unique name has opened locations in many cities including in North America.

No noodles for me on this visit but some excellent recommendations from the helpful waiter.
First up Prawn Lollipop Kushiyaki

skewers of grilled prawns marinated in lemongrass lime and chilli. glazed with a sweet-sour and hot sauce and served with a caramelised lime
The flavors were dancing on my tongue… Each bite was honestly better than the next.

Next up, Gyoza: your choice of a regular steamed chicken and vegetable dumpling, or your choice of ebi or duck Gyoza.


Again the flavors were right on the mark…and the dipping sauce perfectly matched.

And to finish off my Wagamama fun…
The Chili Squid (Calamari):
deep-fried squid seasoned with sea salt and shichimi. served with a chilli garlic and coriander dipping sauce

The Chili sauce was the perfect amount of heat ad sweet.
I recommend that you try Wagamama if you happen upon one in your travels or better yet click on the Wagamama link above and use their restaurant locater.

You Gotta Try This!