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Pulled Pork – Wow (gluten free rub and sauces)

Pulled Pork- melt in your mouth goodness

Happy Wednesday good foodie friends, I had a dream……
So I thought it was time to give it a go!

This process is time consuming as many will tell you but it isn’t overly complicated…..
First let me say that all BBQ recipes are not all created equal and that taking your time on the front side and finding the right rub, the right sauce and the right method will pay you back in culinary magic!

I know that I repeat this time and time again but believe it to the core, first you must start from the heart and the soul and use that a your “cooking fuel” then throw in a cup full of confidence as well as a cup full of patience (especially with this recipe), you are sure to end up with a crown pleaser!

Ok, here we go!


What you will need:
*Approx 8-10 lbs of Pork butt /shoulder (you can use more or less) bone in or out -it doesn’t matter
*Approx 1/2 cup of your favorite BBQ sauce (home made or store bought, I used the award winning House of Q -Slow smoke gold – and it was worth it!)
*Approx 1- 1 1/2 cups of “rub” use your favorite ( again I used House of Q house rub, and it was fantastic!)
*Smoking chips
*QB BBQ sauce (QB =when enough is enough) for mixing in the pulled pork after you have pulled it.
*Food thermometer

What you will do:
*Slather the pork all over with the BBQ sauce
*Now cover the whole pork butt with the rub (pat it in to ensure it sticks and covers the whole pork butt. I also did this step the night before, covered it with foil and put it in the fridge) you can do this for as little as 15-30 minutes before if you would rather.



*Soak your wood chips for at least 60 mins (I did for a few hours) to ensure that they won’t catch fire.
Now put your chips in a foil pack and poke a few small holes in the top for smoking.
*Start your BBQ or smoker (I used my BBQ as it is accurate and has the ability to smoke) and set it for between 225-250 F.
What you will do is take your grill off and place the foil pouch on the plate below over the heated section of your BBQ)
Now put your pork roasting pan on the “non” heated side of your BBQ (not over the direct heat) and close the BBQ/smoker and let the magic happen.


I shouldn’t have left this comment so late but I credit the main bulk of this recipe to the BBQ master – BBQ Brian from the House of Q! I followed his advice and did a few things as most experienced cooks will and tweaked it to make it a little of my own! Thank you as always Brian for your great sauces, rub and advice!
I also want to mention at this time that I used Gelderman Farms Pork butt. The quality of the pork from this local family farm is absolutely noticeable and the difference in taste is immediately detected.

Back to the recipe…. This is now where the magic happens…. The best advice I received from Brian was


Now temperature (s) lead the rest of the path… I smoked the pork for approx. 2 1/2 hours but that was determined by the temperature reaching approx 145 F. Once the internal temperature of the roast reaches this 145 F you no longer need to smoke as the roast will technically no longer accept any more.
Leave the roast on the BBQ until it reaches approx 160 F or so…..

Now transfer the roast to a proper roasting pan ensuring that you retain and transfer all of the drippings (the flavor magic) into the roasting pan and cover completely with foil. It is your choice now if you want to continue cooking on the BBQ but I did move my pork to the oven and used the same temperature.
Now did I mention “patience”?
The roast now needs several hours to continue on its magic tasty path… It needs to reach an internal temperature of 190 F or above (this took my roast approx 8 1/2 hours). The rule of thumb is approx 60 – 90 minutes per lb.
Patience can’t be mentioned enough and is crucial to the end result …. So resist opening the oven to much (though you can turn the roast over for the first few hours if you want so that the roast evenly cooks, I only did it twice, once during the BBQ to oven transfer and once more… The I left the house for server all hours)

Once the Roast has reached 190 F or higher pull it out of the oven or BBQ, leave covered and let it cool down and rest.
Now remove but retain the liquid from the roasting pan for later and start the process of “pulling” your pork. Use forks or a fork and tongs and watch how perfectly the pork pulls apart! This is when you know you have had success…..


Now I added back in some of the drippings (the amount should be regulated based on how moist or dry your pork is… Now I added some House of Q -Apple Butter BBQ sauce (which I have read that it was created for this very purpose / dish as well as some “jerk” BBQ sauce for an added kick.
One big thing to mention is that both the House of Q rub and sauces are all Gluten Free!

I thought a perfect way to serve my first try at pulled pork was sliders…..
I made a simple slaw to pair with my slider and to add that genuine feel to a pulled pork sandwich….

The Slaw

What you will need:
*Use either a fresh pre packed slaw (no dressing) or 1 small head of green and red cabbage
*1 carrot
*3 tablespoons mayonnaise or buttermilk
*3 tablespoons of cider vinegar
*1 tablespoon of sugar (I use organic raw)
*Sea salt and fresh black pepper to taste.

What to do:
Cut the slaw with a sharp knife and julienne the carrots.
In a separate bowl mix the the other ingredients until smooth. Now add the dressing to the slaw.


The Sandwich:
*Use your favorite bun (I used slider buns which are available almost anywhere these days)
*Spread a little Apple butter BBQ sauce or your favorite sauce on each bun.
*Top your bottom bun with a healthy amount of pulled pork. Drizzle a little BBQ sauce over the pork and now top that with Slaw…… Put on the top and enjoy!



You Gotta Try This!