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Vancouver street food and restaurants flourishing?

Happy Sunny Wednesday great foodies!
A beautiful sunny summer day in Vancouver and great street food and delectable restaurants are a calling!

It is a great scene walking downtown these days…. Summer tourists, lunch break from work or a food cart addiction to the great foods that the culinary masters are producing on their moving kitchens or great restaurant kitchens or patio grills?
Whatever the answer it doesn’t really matter because it looks good on the food and beverage industry and city.

Vancouver really is a great city to walk around in and shop or tour. When you feel hungry or in need for a refreshment there really is endless choices.
Wether your down by the ocean and happen upon fresh local wild or in English bay and walk by Your favorite fish & chip stand or favorite hotdog stand or are in the heart of the city and find your way into any number or great restaurants that the city has to offer with flavors from around the world…. Or a favorite street food cart or truck the choices won’t disappoint!



Try and get out and enjoy our great city and take a culinary adventure…. Our wonderful city will tickle you palate and Flavors will pop on your taste buds if you dare to try the wonderful fares.
You want more? Then maybe head on down to Granville Island and poke in the shops, fresh market or Edible Canada….. There are also a great handful of restaurants with culinary delights and I would be remiss if I didn’t also add, some of the greatest views by the water.
Have a great day and remember, You Gotta Try this or That!