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The Red Wagon

    The Red Wagon-a great Vancouver breakfast spot and all day diner!

Pick any day of the week that you are craving a great breakfast for a reasonable price that cures that “breakfast aching” and head into The Red Wagon
The Red Wagon – location
I first heard about this great little spot from friends and then saw it appear on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri and now luckily I have tried it myself thanks to my beautiful wife stealing me away for a special day breakfast! Thank you

It’s a comfortable little spot on Hastings just off Nanaimo…. The staff greets you with a smile and the scents lure you in right when you get near the door.
Take yourself a little bit back to a simpler time and arrive in the diner of yesteryear …. Quaint, small and a little quirky in a good way.
Take a look at the menu but you also must ask the server what they are known for!
The Red Wagon – Menu
The answer right away will be “our pulled pork pancakes”
If you want that perfect blend of semisweet and salty savory then this is your dish….


On the menu for me today was the
Super Trucker
2 eggs, 2 pulled pork pancakes, crisp pork belly, homefries, toast….
The reputation of the pulled pork pancakes was true…. Sometimes you wonder how sweet and savory combines for flavor wow but trust me when it works it is delectable.
The pulled pork had a smooth and almost sweet rub that combined very well with the fluffy and light pancakes. Topped with Jack Daniels maple syrup…. Sinfully good!
The pork belly was also fall apart melt in your mouth goodness…. The rub used on this beauty…. More of a 5 spice Asian touch. The bark was flavorful and a perfect pairing with the tender fall apart inside of the pork belly.

From what I can tell all of the great flavors are made in house (with a few exceptions where they import a few items from some great deli’s in town)

The smoker……

Happily smoking away the next flavor treat to hit the plates later in the day…. Brisket in this batch I believe according to the smiling prep cook.
If breakfast isn’t your pleasure then you should still head in for lunch, brunch or dinner.
Pulled pork or pork belly or some other great smoked treat is always on the menu…..
They also serve great Benny’s, sandwiches and many other house made treats.
They are licensed and I saw a fairly nice selection of micro brews……
This is truly a diner and it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.
{The Red Wagon Restaurant’} 2296 East Hastings Street

Open Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Look for the little red….


Wagon on the side of the building and the “come in we are open” sign but be prepared to wait if you arrive to much past opening on the weekends…..

Guy Fieri was right….. You Gotta Try This!

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