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Brats, Wursts, Schnitzel & Spaetzle- Taste of Germany

You don’t have to go to far before you can find a Bratwurst, schnitzel or any number of German favorites while wandering the streets of Munich or Planegg Germany.

If you are lucky enough you will enjoy the combination of one of your favorite German foods while having it in one of Germany’s oldest beer houses or brewery’s of some of the worlds most famous beers.
To have as a nice side you need to try a specialty potato salad that originates from Germany commonly called


This salad is a nice change to the traditional potato salad that we all had growing up…..and trust me when I say that even within the different regions of Germany you will find other variations but most seem to be vinegar based as opposed to what we are used to being egg and mayonnaise based.
Some variations: bacon added or tomatoes added etc…
the basic salad will have a vinegar base with likely some onion and mustard seeds or mustard and simple seasoning such as salt & pepper and parsley.


shown is a Brat on a fresh bun with Kartoffesalat
Both we were delicious and a nice representation of the Bavarian region that we were visiting.

The selection of Bratwurst or Schnitzels are are similar but with a play on added flavor…..
Another flavorful dish tried was Currywurst basically similar to a brat or Kielbasa with a brown sauce mostly made from a tomato chili based sauce and finished with curry powder for a twist on flavors. This dish is a popular “fast food” dish in Berlin.

It is usually served with fries and no bun…. Try one for a kick up in flavor!

Wiener Schnitzel another common dish found in Germany or Austria with many different debates on its origin. Some say that it was first seen in Vienna during the 15th or 16th century and that it may have been brought to Austria by the German troops during the Battle of Vienna….one can’t be sure where it exactly originated but you can be sure that it is enjoyed in many parts of the world and is either called a schnitzel or a cutlet
Jäger schnitzel – which is not breaded and usually served with a cream mushroom sauce.

Naturschnitzel – also not breaded but sautéed and served with a simple sauce such as pan drippings and topped with a dollop of sour cream

Rahmschnitzel – (cream schnitzel) breaded and served with a cream mushroom sauce (as seen below)


As mentioned many country’s have variations of something similar, but expand your palate and try these wonderful dishes if you are visiting Germany or Austria or around the region……and enjoy the simple variations in flavors or textures….
One possible misperception of “Wiener Schnitzel” is that wiener is inside…’s not, you will commonly find veal, chicken and turkey used in most German or Austrian schnitzels as well as Italian cutlets.

Last but not least, Spaetzle these little taste treats are basically a traditional German dumpling based from flour, milk and eggs….. They are best had fresh and seasoned lightly as they can compliment your Schnitzel dish and soak up the nice mushroom gravy sauces. This dish is served just as we would potato or pasta as a side dish. The dish is commonly found lightly seasoned may be served with bacon bits inside or plain.
They are small and easy to eat……..


I hope that you enjoyed my little tour of a few common and delicious German foods…. It is a journey that will enjoy if you happen into the right genuine Schnitzel house or Beer house. Try some local fare and ask the locals where you will find your best schnitzel or wurst……

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