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Vij’s Railway Express hits home again

Happy Monday great foodies (a sunny one at that)
If you haven’t tried Chef Vikram’s and Gourmet Syndicates newer offering Food truck in Vancouver you are missing

the train so to speak

the whole beautiful theory of this new food truck goes so well with my theory of a

Joyous culinary journey

as this story goes as the Railcar moves from station to station on a journey through the rustic South Asian countryside so does the food choices slightly change with the region that it represents.
What a wonderful opportunity for all of us to expand our palates and adventurous culinary journey. We need to remember what a wonderful part of the world we live in and having such a melting pot of wondrous cultures lending us to the perfect choices that we will all love!
Today was Coconut beef with rice and perfect flatbread and no meal of of the wonderful foodtruck would be complete without the perfect cup of Chai!
Thanks again for a great lunch!