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Applesauce cupcakes with brown sugar cream cheese frosting

Please take a look at these scrumptious treats! A must try


spicy applesauce cupcakes with brown-sugar cream-cheese frosting

I’ve been playing around with my spice shelf again. There’s something incredibly satisfying  about coming up with a new or unexpected group of spices that work. This time of year screams for cinnamon. The colder weather pushes me indoors and nothing cozies me up more than the smell of cinnamon. Then add the other winter spices; ginger, cloves, nutmeg and mace and a holiday potpourri is wafting through the house. While I was writing this recipe, I had a thought. Given that the spices I just mentioned are associated with heat as much as they inspire thoughts of winter – many ethnic foods like Moroccan, Vietnamese and Jamaican rely on these spices for the hot in their cooking –  why wouldn’t ground black pepper, which is often combined with these spices in savoury dishes, work in something sweet? I couldn’t come up with any reason it wouldn’t work so into the cupcakes…

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