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Cafe Crema 

Happy Thursday great foodie friends, one wet afternoon I happens upon Cafe Crema in West Vancouver near Ambleside. 

Crema (@cremawestvan)

1495 Bellevue Avenue

West Vancouver, BC

V7T 1C3 | Map

The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable and the aromas of fresh baked goods, sandwiches grilling and coffee being crafted by the baristas you settle in to enjoy a nice break from the weather or a rest stop / sip after walking the path along the beach. (They are just near Ambleside beach) 

My sandwich was fresh and filled just right with the tastes of Montreal smoked meat and soft melted cheese! 

We also thought long and hard about needs and wants and decided the wants  outweighed the needs and opted to try the delectable looking Almond Croissants.

The croissant was slightly warm and was the perfect sweet bite to follow the sandwich.

No coffee for us today but it smelled fantastic and we are sure to go back and try a sip or two! 

Treat yourself to a nice break at Cafe Crema, you will be pleasantly surprised.