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Soho Road – Naan Kebab

    Soho Road – Naan Kebabs street cart


While the Vancouver weather is still so nice make a trip to downtown Vancouver and stop by to see Sarb, Mack and Uncle at Soho Road.

Vancouver is lucky to have so many great street food trucks / carts that you should do your best to try one or better yet, mix it up and try a few!!

It is such pleasure to see the many simple ingredients being prepared right in front of you…… Trust when I say, it makes all the difference

Uncle is rolling the naan dough right in front of you and then shapes it and sets it into what looks like a custom clay oven.
Traditional naan is baked in a clay oven reaching temperatures of nearly 900F.


Beside Uncle, Sarb and Mack are taking the fresh baked chicken and lamb off the long skewers that look so fresh and full of flavor!


Today Sarb was making a 1/2 Butter Chicken kebab on fresh baked naan bread right out of the clay baker- tandoori chicken with butter chicken sauce, tamarind chutney and salad made of cucumber, tomato, red onion and cilantro….



The flavors popped and were fresh… The smell of the fresh naked naan while you were eating was a lingering delight!

You Gotta Try This!