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Eat Street featuring food trucks in Vancouver

Happy Monday great foodie friends,
Update date change alert!


Monday May 27th, 2013 tune into Eat Street to see a few of Vancouver finest featured!

The Vancouver street food or food truck Phenomenon continues to grow, refine and getter better every day.
Opening any business today is no small task…. To get on the radar of the very popular show Eat Street is also no small task….
The Vancouver food scene boasts some of the best and most creative culinary masters around North America whether in a brick and mortar restaurant or one of the ever popular food trucks emerging in Vancouver.

This coming Monday tune in to Eat Street and watch the magic behind the scenes as only shows like this can reveal to us!

Look for the James Bond of the food truck world – Mark and his lovely wife Chef Krissy and their pink Volkswagen Pig truck!



The show will feature their unique Bacon sandwiches keying in on the fresh and unique ingredients that create to die for flavors that bring you back again and again
If the sandwiches don’t get you then the Hair of the Hog brownies will or simply the charm of Mark or Krissy….
Also look for the truck to resume its regular schedule starting I believe May 21st.


hair of the hog- bourbon, bacon, Carmel chocolate brownie, need I say more?


Another truck to look for is the fairly new but very tasty Le Tigre, look for young dynamic Chefs Chan and Kuan slinging their modern Asian cuisine spinning a play off classic Asian dishes.
This truck caught the eye of Eat Street before they even officially opened due to their success at the night market in Richmond as well as the award winning reputation of young Chefs Chan and Kuan.

Look for Eat Street to showcase the culinary magic of Le Tigre on the same night as Pig on the Street!




Other trucks that have been featured on Eat Street in the past are Roaming Dragon, the Juice truck and Tacofino, Re-up, Vijis Railcar,Feastro…. (If I am missing any I apologize) …
Congrats to these new trucks for making the show…
Thank you to Eat Street for for continuing to feature the culinary wonders that comes out of a kitchen on wheels.

Here is the teaser….. Is that BCFoodieblogger eating a massive bacon sandwich on TV? Oh yes it is!

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