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Sunterra Market – an experience you must try!

    Sunterra Market – Keynote


From the very moment you walk through the door you will know that you are about to experience something different, something unique and comforting at the same time.

If you just stood and closed your eyes and just let your senses take over you may think you are walking through a European market…..
The atmosphere in Sunterra is similar to a sprawling “market” with a European flair.
I have never seem such a well oiled machine of offerings from groceries, fresh meats, pork, baked goods, fresh fruits and vegetables….. And much more!


Downstairs you can follow a long wall of fresh offerings starting at the “deli” style case and then over to the cut meats, pork of all types and poultry. Continue on to the bakery and see the busy pasty chefs fashioning delectable treats all day!

As you wander through the different sections of the store you will be amazed and impressed at the buzz and the peace that you feel at the same time.

Some might be coming in to grab an absolutely delicious meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner or snack) to eat in or to take out, or head to the 3rd floor to the sprawling restaurant with different flavor stations with the days specials all made from accredited chefs or culinary trained cooks….. Don’t be fooled or scared about the line of people as this highly experienced crew will get your extremely delicious meal in your hands or to your table quicker than you would think.

Later in the afternoon (after 4 I believe the eating area around the corner of the restaurant turns into a lounge for you to enjoy even more great culinary treats and possibly pair it with one of the nice wines off what looks to be a very nice wine selection.


Today, Pickled Chipotle beef brisket with rice or potatoes and fresh vegetables mmmm…. So many flavors came through!


On my way back down to the main level I was immediately drawn to a test kitchen that I learned performs cooking classes and demonstrations among other fun events…. What a great idea for inspiring amateur cooks or aspiring foodies……


This unique and wonderful concept is brought to us by the Price family who’s vision seems to have no end. I am told that the managing family members continually look to enhance the experience in a completely professional and traditional manner. The family has built a reputation in the farming business through humane and responsible practices that they have brought that same approach directly into all practices in their retail stores and restaurants.

Sunterra farms provide all of the beef, and pork products in their stores. They work tirelessly to provide exceptional value (you WON’T believe the prices I promise, the value is exceptional) exciting and fresh products, time saving services and competitive prices.

the bacon was out of this world good


Due to the fact that they supply much of their farm products to the store along with their best practices you can be sure there is near no waste in their stores.
Take a look at their website for so many wonderful things from cooking classes, recipes, locations, and many more things:
Did I mention that they cater?
click here for Sunterra website
And do yourself a favor if you live in or are visiting Calgary or Edmonton and visit one of their great locations.

Be sure to save enough time to eat some great food and shop for something special to take home.
On my way out I was tempted to pick up a fresh daily packed bag of all o the fixings for a burger dinner for 4- the bag included fresh burgers, tomato, lettuce, pickles, onions and fresh buns (I might have missed something) all for only $11.00!
I also learned about what wonderful community spirit that the Sunterra family has and how during different times of the year they reach out with unique offerings and support to the greater Alberta community.
I am fairly certain that I heard that on Thanksgiving that countless pieces of pumpkin pie was handed out on Sunterra’s dime.


You Gotta Try This!

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