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Eat! Vancouver 2013


That’s a wrap!

Did you get down to the Eat! Vancouver 2013 – Food and Cooking Festival?

The show is done for another year!

How could a show get better every year? Last years show was very good but the show keeps growing in offerings, foodie love and the culinary masters that Food Network Canada, Fulcrum Events and all of the other sponsors that support and contribute to the show bring to the table for all of us to enjoy!
You can not go to a show like this come out without feeling well fed, well entertained and more confident about the inner chef in you!

There was an abundance of great vendor booths all showing or offering tastings of their wonderful products….a wide array of culinary tools and something for everybody!
Gulten Free? yes!


Tastes from around the world? yes !

Local eateries showing is their offering of new and established Yum! yes


The celebrity stage was bubbling with energetic culinary masters showing and talking about their creations as well as great interaction with the crowd!




I was lucky enough to catch both Chef Rob Feenie and Chef Chuck Hughes shows and was entertained from word 1!

Some quotes from the crowds: one question to Chef Hughes was “what would you say would make us a better cook at home?”
Chef Hughes thoughtful answer?

A good knife (not something you can buy in an 8 pack, but a good approx $150 knife with a “steel” for sharpening and you won’t believe how it will improve the flavor of your food!

also, think like a chef, prepare like a chef! Like when you see us lay out the ingredients on tv, Pre-measured etc… That is your best plan for making things taste and work out the best!

Whether you wanted to try new flavors or new sips, the offering was abundant!
Fun seemed to be had by all!

A few sips of something new with a friend….


a bite of something good between some foodies friends…..


All in all I have to commend Eat! Vancouver and its great list of sponsors as well as the hard work put into a busy 3 days by the exhibitors and chefs as well as all of the support staff….

Be sure to make it out to the show next year if you weren’t lucky enough to take part this year….. You won’t be disappointed!


click here for a direct link to Eat Vancouver’s page for a full listing of all events, vendors and celebrity chefs

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Places to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo in Las Vegas – brought to us from

Places to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo in Las Vegas

Thanks to for sharing.
About article – click here


Tequila, tacos, guacamole, margaritas, and the “Most Interesting Man in the World” contest. Cinco de Mayo in Las Vegas is set to be a day long fiesta with drink specials, food deals and plenty of Mariachi music!

1. Eric Estrada Hosts 12 Hours of Cinco De Mayo at Tacos and Tequila Las Vegas

You’ll get Mariachi, food, drinks and even a search for “Miss Hot Tamale” but what you’ll be most excited about is a party hosted by Eric Estrada. Everyone favorite motorcycle cop will do his thing at Tacos and Tequila at the Luxor Las Vegas.
Celine Dion Tickets Vegas
See Celine Live in Las Vegas Great Selection of Seats Available
Fairfield Inn & Suites
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$40 Bachelorette Party
$40 All Inclusive Party Package Free Drinks Limos & Male Strip Show
2. Cinco De Mayo Fiesta At Hussong’s Cantina Las Vegas

Are you interesting? Are you the most interesting man in the world? I tell people I am all the time so I might need to win me a “World’s Most Interesting Man” contest in Las Vegas. You could win a $250 bar tab on Cinco De Mayo. Drink specials include $10 48oz Dos Equis Pitchers and Jose Cuervo shots for $10.
3. Efren Ramirez of Napoleon Dynamite MC at Dos Caminos Las Vegas

Cinco de Mayo at Dos Caminos Las Vegas will start at noon on May 5th with mariachis kicking off the party and soon the festivities will evolve to magicians and luchadores entertaining deep into the evening.
4. Pablo McFadden’s Cinco de Mayo celebration and “Sexy Señorita Showdown”

Pablo McFadden’s will kick-off its Cinco de Mayo fiesta at 4 p.m. with enough tequila, cerveza and guacamole to stuff a piñata. Pablo’s powerful Ambhar Tequila margaritas will be available for $5 throughout the night, along with $3 Tecates and $10 yard glasses of frozen Malibu beverages to keep the crowd saying “Ole!” until the final lime is squeezed. “Sexy Senorita Showdown” for a $500 cash prize.
5. Rock ‘N’ Roll Cinco De Mayo at Cabo Wabo Cantina

Cabo Wabo Tequila drink specials and food specials right on the Las Vegas strip. One person will walk away with a Sammy Hagar autographed guitar. Live music on the stage and plenty of fun out on the patio as Cinco de Mayo is celebrated only feet from the Las Vegas strip.

You Gotta Try This…. Vegas for Cinco de Mayo? Of course!

The Reef Runner

Bistro Jeanty (Napa, CA) – my review


Bistro Jeanty
6510 Washington Street
Yountville, CA 94599

Hi happy foodie friends…..
If you have the Napa wine region in your plans then a must try restaurant has to be Bistro Jeanty. If you don’t have Napa planned, then make plans……you won’t be disappointed.
The magic of this region of California touches all senses and truly warms the heart. The flavours of the Napa valley do not end at the grapebut actually just start at the grape!

Bistro Jeanty was our first stop for dinner on our first night.
After a great day wine testing (simple name for a taste bud tantalizing day) we had reservations at Chef Phillipe Jeanty’s bistro and were surely in for a treat.


When we arrived we were happily surprised to see Chef Phillipe sitting in his Bistro and welcome us with a smile!

I was thrilled to meet such a talented but truly humble and welcoming culinary icon….

Warm, comfortable, full of character bistro full of happy patrons enjoying a sip or a nosh.

The menu is seasonal and full of Chef Phillipe’s creations that suit the flavours of the valley…..
The staff were friendly and helpful and best of all knowledgable. They could explain every menu item with knowledge and recommend the perfect dish for you to enjoy…..they would absolutely also help you pair the perfect wine to pair with your meal.

click here for Bistro Jeanty’s menu

Tonight for me the waiter recommended the:
Crême de Tomate en Croute
Tomato soup in puff pastry $12.00 to start.
The restaurant is well known for this delectable creation and is proud to post the recipe on their website for you to try to prepare at home.
I wanted to post this for you in my review so you could get working on it right away…..



1⁄2 cup unsalted butter
1⁄2lb. Yellow onions-sliced
6ea. Garlic cloves
1ea. Bay leaf
1⁄2Tbl. Whole black peppercorns
1tsp. Dried thyme leaves
1/4cup tomato paste
2 1⁄2 lb. tomatoes-ripe, cored and quartered
1cup water (only use if tomatoes are NOT ripe and juicy)
4 cups heavy cream
2-4Tbl. Butter
salt to taste
1⁄2 tsp. Ground White Pepper
1lb. Puff pastry or store bought sheets
1ea. Egg-beaten with 1 Tblsp of water


Melt the 1⁄2 cup butter in a large stockpot over medium-low heat. Add the onions, garlic, thyme, bay leaf and peppercorns; cover and cook for about 5 minutes. Do not let the onions color. Add tomato paste and lightly “toast” the tomato paste to cook out the raw flavor then add tomatoes, and water if needed.

Simmer over low heat for 30-40 minutes, until the tomatoes and onions are very soft and broken down. Puree by passing through a food mill. A food mill works best however you may use a blender in batches or a handheld immersion blender until finished, the strain.

Return the soup to the pot. Add the cream, salt, white pepper and remaining butter to taste. Bring soup to a simmer the remove from heat. Allow the soup to cool for two hours or overnight – in the refrigerator.

Divide the soup among six 8-ounce soup cups or bowls. Roll out the puff pastry to 1/4 inch. Cut into 6 rounds slightly larger than your cups. Paint the dough with the egg wash and turn the circles, egg wash side down, over the tops of the cups, pulling lightly on the sides to make the dough somewhat tight like a drum. Try not to allow the dough to touch the soup. These may be made up to 24 hours in advance and covered with plastic in the refrigerator.

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

Lightly paint the top of the dough rounds with egg wash with out pushing the dough down. Bake for 10-15 minutes, until the dough is golden brown. Do not open the oven in the first several minutes of cooking as the dough may fall.

Serve immediately.


I think the picture speak for themselves but just in case it’s not clear… The flavours were absolutely wonderful and the soup perfectly balanced.

The table also wanted to share some plates…..
Next up
Quenelles de Brochet
Pike dumplings with lobster sauce $14.50

The flavour of these perfectly done dumplings bathing in a lobster sauce / bisque was another delectable treat of rich mouth watering wonderment……

Next, my entree…..
Epaule de Porc
Slow roasted pork shoulder with butternut squash gratin ,brussels sprouts and lardons $24.50
I have to be honest, I am not nor have ever been a fan of butternut squash and especially brussels sprouts but somehow Bistro Jeanty prepared them in such a way that I enjoyed every bite of everything on my plate.


The pork shoulder was cooked perfectly and tender….the sauce accompanying the dish was rich and creamy, I truly enjoyed every bite.

Other meals at the table…..

Daube de Bœuf
Beef stew with mashed potatoes, buttered peas and carrots $19.50


Sole Meunière
Sole fillet with mashed potatoes lemon caper butter sauce $23.50


And….Filet au Poivre
Black Angus tournedos with a black pepper crust, haricots verts and a creamy mushroom sauce $38.50


I report smiles all around…. A great meal was had by all.
No meal is completed without a sweet treat, wouldn’t you all agree?

Crème Brûlée au Chocolat $10.50 Chocolate mousse crème brulee


Hidden right under the delectable caramelized sugar was a mouthwatering chocolate mouse and then the creme to balance the right amount of sweetness to balance the dessert.

Last but not least….
Bread Pudding $9.50
Warm rum and golden raisin bread pudding with vanilla ice cream


Though all of the desserts were excellent, this may have well been the star of the perfect finish….
Did I say last but not least? Well I might have because this last dessert was as much a sweet treat milk shake as it was a dessert….

This item was a special on the menu for the night so it will not be found on the menu link.
It was a chocolate bag filled with the house made strawberry shake……


All in all a perfect culinary journey for the evening and a restaurant I absolutely recommend if you are in the Napa region.
Accolades like this are why Bistro Jeanty may well be busy most all of the time, but continued creations from Chef Phillipe and his team are why you will keep coming back.


You Gotta Try This!

Bistro Jeanty on Urbanspoon

Eat Street – Season 4 premiers April 8th, on Food Network Canada

Happy Friday great foodie friends….
Eat Street season 4 is about to kick off!


There is also an Eat Street cookbook that just launched! What better way than to publish a cook book that shows you how to prepare some of your delectables from your favorite food truck?! I can’t wait to try it!
I believe that I heard that one of Vancouver’s own foodie photographers may have some of his own “outta this world” food pictures showcased in this Eat Street gem…. Could it be true @YVRBCbro ?


What is Eat St.?
Eat St. is back for a fourth season to serve up the biggest and best belly filling street food around. This season features 120 brand new, over-the-top vendors from even more locations across North America. From jerk chicken sliders in Calgary to blackstrap molasses ice cream in Austin, Eat St. Season 4 is a nonstop quest to find the tastiest curbside curiosities. Watch the TV Series, explore Eat St. online, read the Eat St. Cookbook and download our accompanying Mobile App. Season 4 premiers April 8, 2013 on Food Network Canada.

Food glorious food from passionate chefs and cooks keep astounding us with new creative “outta the box” creations!
This season does rumor to showcase some delectable food trucks from the Vancouver area… So be sure to tune in to see what treat you can find that you “just have to try” and make sure you get down quickly to your “soon to be favorite” food truck… once Eat Street showcases them, they are sure to be busy!

Who knows….. My smiling face may just pop up!?

You Gotta Try This!

Food pics update…. Taste the goodness

Happy Tuesday great foodie friends…. It has been some time since my last blog post as I just needed some time to enjoy the holidays with my family and friends….
I thought it would be great to start back up with a simple photo gallery of some yummy meals and treats over the last several weeks!

Hope you enjoy!

Spicy Tuna cone


Ahhhh Burrata… Sooo creamy


tasty Bruschetta… To die for


Jalebi- popular Indian sweet


Ahhhh simple pleasure at Wagamama

Simple German pleasure , schnitzel and Weissbier


Spicy Panko prawns


Creamy Risotto-Bolzano Italy


Spicy prawn Udon


Cinnamon bun Yum!


warm chocolate cookie with gelato


fresh spring salad


Finger licking good homemade ribs

Spaghetti Q4 yum!


Romer’s burger wow


Simple but necessary Affogato pleasure


who doesn’t love breakfast?


or this breakfast?


Red dragon roll wow….


Last but not least… Homemade Key lime pie…. Mmmm


Hope you enjoyed!
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17 Hottest Sushi Restaurants in America right now – brought to us by

Happy Friday great foodie friends…..

Travelling the US and looking for great sushi?
Take a look at the list compiled by of some great spots….

link to 17 Best Sushi Restaurants in America right now


When reading the list please remember that they are listed geographically and not by ranking!
Thank you!

I am currently researching a great selection of “Best of” Sushi restaurants in Vancouver….stay tuned.
Here is a photo from one great little spot that has already made my list……


Have a great culinary weekend!

Nabucco Ristorante – Furstenfelbruck Germany

Happy Saturday happy foodie friends,
Nabucco Ristorante in Furstenfeldbruck is truly a gem for anyone who happens to be lucky enough to walk in.


The genuine Italian flavors along with the heartwarming personalities of Antonio Di Gorga, his wife Francesca Licheri and their son Elesio they have established a top reputation for being one of the best eats in town!

I was lucky enough to eat here several days during my visit to the area and I marvel every time I sit down for a genuine Italian meal at the simplicity of many authentic Italian dishes but the powerful and wonderful flavors that are achieved.
Something as wonderful as bruschetta


Or something carefully prepared such as lasagna


The flavors and smells continued to please……
When the chef of the house (Antonio Di Gorga) puts on his chefs coat and asks with his Italian accent “what do you want to eat today” I just knew I was in for another treat!

Another great dish was a veal cutlet that was so scrumptious my mouth is watering just remembering it.



Topped with a rich sauce and fresh parmigiana and served with fresh vegetables cooked just right. I was saddened when the last bite was gone!

The great thing about a perfect Italian restaurant is whether you order something simple or something more complicated the result is the same…. Great flavors and aromas that fill your space and mouthwatering memories.

Fresh spaghetti with fresh fish……


Grilled calamari with penne.


Your choice of delectable traditional Italian desserts….. Or an Affogato- espresso with gelato…





Make plans if you are near Munich to get out to Furstenfeldbruck to try Nabucco!




And look for Antonio, Francesca or Alessio and let them warm your culinary heart and tempt your taste buds.

You Gotta Try This!

Wagamama – Japanese restaurant & Noodle bar

Happy Sunday happy foodie friends,

Wagamama link – click here


If you happen upon this great Noodle house make sure that you stop in and try it for sure.

My first try was in Heathrow airport but I see that this UK based company with the unique name has opened locations in many cities including in North America.

No noodles for me on this visit but some excellent recommendations from the helpful waiter.
First up Prawn Lollipop Kushiyaki

skewers of grilled prawns marinated in lemongrass lime and chilli. glazed with a sweet-sour and hot sauce and served with a caramelised lime
The flavors were dancing on my tongue… Each bite was honestly better than the next.

Next up, Gyoza: your choice of a regular steamed chicken and vegetable dumpling, or your choice of ebi or duck Gyoza.


Again the flavors were right on the mark…and the dipping sauce perfectly matched.

And to finish off my Wagamama fun…
The Chili Squid (Calamari):
deep-fried squid seasoned with sea salt and shichimi. served with a chilli garlic and coriander dipping sauce

The Chili sauce was the perfect amount of heat ad sweet.
I recommend that you try Wagamama if you happen upon one in your travels or better yet click on the Wagamama link above and use their restaurant locater.

You Gotta Try This!

A first for Vikram Vij

Happy Wednesday happy foodie friends….
Look at this fantastic new show and opportunity for Vancouver’s own Chef Vikram Vij.
Chef Vikram has such a warm and inviting way about him as he sincerely connects with his food, culture and people all around him.
Chef Vikram truly cares about how we connect with our inner souls as only we can do when we sit around a table with our family and friends and connect with the age old tradition of good talk and good food made from the heart and the soul….

Take a look at the press release and be sure to watch and learn from one of the best!
click her for the press release