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Earls Restaurants – new Brunch
Hi great foodie friends,


If you have grown up in Vancouver you will be familiar with a popular local chain run by a well known family! I actually was lucky enough to go to high school with one of the Fuller sons so I have always felt an extra connection to this hip chain.
Over the years I would find myself heading to Earls with friends or family for a good night of good food and good times, I can’t ever say it was on the top of my list for brunch but do remember the brunch of old. I was lucky enough to learn about their new brunch menu now only 3 weeks into its launch!

The menu focuses on their House made Sourdough bread that they have been working on perfecting for over two years!
They have hit the mark and created a wonderful, rustic house made fresh sourdough which is one of the Stars in this new flavourful brunch.


The new menu has something for everyone.
A truly heart and tummy warming surprise is a little treat that all brunch guests are presented with as you get ready for your brunch experience…. mini cinnamon rolls for all, these little treats are perfectly prepared As they were warm, soft and gooey with the perfect balance of cinnamon, raisins and just the right amount of cream cheese frosting.


Your next decision will be what great brunch dish to enjoy and wether to pair it with a nice Mimosa $8.75 or a unique play on a Caesar, the Beaser $10.00 – a one ounce Caesar served with a bottle of bud.



The Granola & Yogurt parfait : $9.00. This house made healthy choice is full of flax seeds, rolled oats, dried cranberries, sultanas, toasted almonds and pecans topped with fresh berries. The bonus for me is that Earls uses Greek yogurt and serves the agave drizzle on the side for a perfect balance of natures sweetness to bring this dish together.

A perfect presentation


Eggs Benny: $13.00 -This classic is taken to a new level using Earls house made sourdough, Virginia ham, house made hollandaise served on grilled sourdough. The flavours were on the mark, you will be anxious for your next bite!


Croque Madame $13.00 – this flavour wow brunch dish is something you may have not tried before as it is not an item found everywhere. It’s similar enough to the Benny but has some unique differences that set it apart. A perfectly poached egg, Virginia ham & Swiss cheese served on Earls house made sourdough bread and served with a roasted Serrano cream, your taste buds will thank you for this one.


Chorizo & Mushroom Hash: $14.00- Poached eggs served on top of crispy fried potatoes, avocado, fried mushrooms and house made hollandaise. This dish is probably my favourite…it offers a perfect balance of complex flavours and tummy warming notes.


Sourdough French Toast: $12.00 – The sweeter alternative brings French toast to a new level as it is again staring Earls house made sourdough and then topped with delectable chantilly cream, berry purée, pure maple syrup and whipped butter.


Frittata $12.00 – Fresh eggs (a play on an Italian style omelet) served with field mushrooms, grape tomatoes and goat cheese to bring it all together. The dish is presented in a iron cast skillet and served with a fresh salad.

Earls has introduced a fresh and exciting new brunch menu that offers a new play on some traditional favourites as well as introducing you to some new items…. You will quickly understand why Earls house made sourdough shines as a star performer in the brunch dishes.

I recommend that you try Earls new brunch… You will surely Meet, eat and repeat!

You Gotta Try This!

href=”http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/14/180552/restaurant/Vancouver/Burnaby-North/Earls-Kitchen-Bar-Burnaby”>Earls Kitchen + Bar on Urbanspoon}

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Looks like some great brunch items at Earls! Have not been to one in ages, but will go again soon based on your recommendation! Eggs Benny – Here I come!


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