Buy Local, Eat Local – Save On Foods

Hi great foodie friends…..

I just had to write a quick blog post on what I think is one of the best new marketing directions that Save on Foods has launched Talk about Local.


The first day that I walked into Save on Foods and saw the signs and better yet the products featured throughout the store I was encouraged that Save on is listening to their customers and has their finger on the pulse of changing trends…….

Have you noticed how many wonderful farmers markets are around now? The fact is there is nearly 10+ farmers markets within the greater metro Vancouver area showcasing local producers fresh and fantastic products every weekend. How wonderful is it to find a connection to understanding where your foods and products actually come from? Even better how wonderful is it to actually meet the farmer, chocolatier, baker or artists that is bringing the products to you?!

Now that Save on Foods has brought this concept to their stores you can count on a similar experience and definitely access to many of these same local products while you do your daily or weekly shopping……




Great local / award winning hand crafted chocolate! From Wild Sweets – tasting actually served by award winning Chocolatier Dominique and Cindy Duby!
The local producers have been great in explaining their process, product and educating us as to our choices!


Herb’s Crushed Garlic…. The aroma pulled me to this tasting ….wow!


Fantastic pork (organic too!) from a great local farming family Gelderman Farms


Whistler Chocolates….yum


Local spice producer Ricks Rubs……


Local sweets……


Local crackers…….


Local breads……..


Local cereals…….

There are far more products than I can put into one posting but I wanted to make sure that you all knew that the options and availability of local products is expanding in multiple locations of Save on Foods…. This has to be good news for all of us!
Support our local industry, producers, farmers and grocers….. It is important to us, our economy and our health! Know where your food and products come from, celebrate our local options….. Eat fresh wholesome things……

Buy local, eat local, support local

Thank you Save on Foods for embracing this trend!

You Gotta Try This!

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  1. I’m happy to see your blog post and the recognition for the support that Save On Foods has been giving to local food businesses. We are part of their local program with our line of condiments, jams, dressings and gluten free cookies with hidden vegetables, and I can tell you first hand that they really do provide genuine support for our small business. Lots of other stores market themselves as supporting local products, but then only stock a few local items in their sea of thousands. Save On Foods is really fantastic to deal with and provides a ton of shelf space and support to small producers. I hope some of your readers will choose Save On next time instead of visiting their nearby Walmart!


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