The Meatery – B to B Cavery

Happy Final days of summer good foodie friends,
Meatery B to B is a flavor alert must get to!
Do you remember Chef Krissy from Pig on the Street? At the very least you may remember her out of this world flavors?


I can’t write this first blog without mentioning Pig on the Street as that is where I first met Krissy and tasted her fantastic creations.
Pig on the Street continues to be successful serving up great unique flavor packed sandwiches full of bacon and flavorful sauces & Krissy is now on to creating another flavor wonderland!

The Meatery (B to B) is located in North Vancouver’s Edgemont Village. They are specifically located in the ever popular North Shore fixture Windsor Meats who have been serving fine cuts of meats for over 60 years!
The partnership of these two concepts is so natural and so aligned with the equal desire to supply quality and flavors that are a perfect fit to enhance each other and what they serve! The bonus of being located right in Windsor meats is that you can shop before, while waiting for your lunch or for after your meal and grab whatever you need for your dinner, BBQ or next great creation…. What could be better?
On to the Meatery…..
First up….

Special smoked chicken thigh with chipotle lime, guac, Pico De gallo and chipotle mayo on house made fresh bread.


I can’t even explain the layers of textures and flavors in this tender sandwich….. But all I know is I would eat it again and again.

Next up …..

Roast pork served with “cracklings(the crunchy bits from the top of the roast pork…Yum) served with spicy Italian sausage and artichoke aioli… “Out of this world!”


Did I mention the culinary love that is applied in making these mouth watering sandwiches? Truly food from the heart and soul!





Lastly you can’t leave before trying the Hand made butchers sausage roll!
Delectable beyond words…… As one fellow foodie was heard saying….”you had me at puff pastry” … You know who you are and by the way…. I totally agree with you.
This tasty treat is served with house made stout infused mustard and a hot sauce to add that little kick


Make sure to take a trip Edgemont or double the pleasure and do the grouse grind an then head in for lunch and visit Krissy and her wonderful partners in flavor town and top off your visit with grabbing your dinner from Windsor meats… Special mention goes to their Turducken sausage! A must try!



All in all this place is a winner in my books and a full recommend!
You gotta Try This!
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  1. Looks great – Will try for sure! Thanks for sharing!


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