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House of Q

Hi great foodie friends….

I first met Brian Misko at the West Coast Christmas show and am I glad I did! One show and cooking demonstration and then a great conversation with Brian and his wife and I was inspired immediately.


Brian and his lovely wife are actually
an award winning competitive BBQ team and have competed since 2007.

Through their success they have created some award winning a flavor wow sauces and a signature rub!

They launched their first sauce Apple Butter and haven’t looked back since.
Brian has continued to refine his line of sauces to offer different kicks to your meats, pork or chicken.
I have heard Brian say “I want to bring the outdoor flavors inside”
“BBQ isn’t just for summer!”



It`s official… House of Q has one of the world`s best BBQ sauces after winning second place at the 33rd Annual American Royal World Series of BBQ in Kansas City. They have won many awards for our sauces but this one is huge!

Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce and Slather is one of the world`s best.
It won second place in the International tournament, counting it 2nd best in the world! What an accomplishment.


I picked up one of each sauce and a bottle of rub and couldn’t wait to jump in to action with them right away!

I started with using the rub on my pork ribs and then using their latest award winning sauce – Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce and Slather! After letting that sit for 15 minutes, I then added the old favorite – Apple Butter.


Then I mixed 2 tablespoons of apple butter with 1/4 cup of pure apple juice and 1/4 cup of orange juice to the bottom of the pan for liquid.

Now they were ready…. Cover with foil and into a 250 oven for 3 hours.

Once out of the oven I finished them on the BBQ and seared the flavors in for our magical first bites!


On to the plate!


pure flavor heaven!

The ribs were fall off the bone tender and the complex layers of flavor wow blended just right for the perfect bite!

Thanks to the out of this world rub and sauces… And of course the cook! These were truly the best ribs I have ever made.

Check out Brian’s The House of Q website and click on the recipe link for some great ideas and tips!

Also look for Brian on Global tv for his BBQ tips….

You Gotta Try This!

West Coast Christmas Show – Tradex


West Coast Christmas Show

What a wonderful show that helped anyone who visited get into the Holiday spirit!

From the moment you entered the show the sights, sounds and smells brought you into a Christmas wonderland.


As you walked through the festival of trees you could hear the sounds of Christmas filling the room…. Then you might have been mezmorized by the smells of Christmas flavours or the twinkle of Christmas crafts……

The show had a little bit of everything for all visitors….a Christmas train ride or pictures with Santa for the kids maybe?
Gifts for your family or friends? The organizers did their best to bring in a great mix of vendors and entertainment.
Once again the Dairy Farmers of Canada put on a great show featuring Reg Hendrickson, a trainer/consultant with Dairy Farmers of Canada that guided the guests through a ‘sensing’ of six different varieties of cheese at each seminar sharing his knowledge of the characteristics of soft, semi-soft, firm and delicious blue cheeses. He provided some tips on how to store your cheese and how to serve it as well as gave advice on perfect pairings with cheese, wine and beer.


There was approximately 40 different cheeses from 11 cheese makers, and seven regional cheeses and four national ones.
Let’s say that Reg filed his space to standing room only!

Once again there was a “Home for the Holidays stage” which featured a mix of holiday craft and decoration tips as well as some tasty recipe / menu ideas showcased by Chef Ann Kirsebom- Executive Chef of the The Toast of the Town Cuisine, a successful, full service catering company in Vancouver, British Columbia. Chef Ann also had a booth at the show featuring wonderful sauces and spreads…

Or BBQ master – Brian Misko of House of Q. Both shared stories and wonderful recipes and tips to help warm the hearts and tummies of our families and friends over the holidays….. Brian and his lovely wife had a booth as well showcasing some highly acclaimed award-winning sauces as well as House of Q’s signature rub…..


Whether you we’re looking for a reason to get into the holiday spirit, buy a special gift, find a new holiday tasty treat, learn how to decorate or simply just relax and enjoy the surroundings… were sure to find it at The West Coast Christmas Show……


Holiday smiles all around…….


When I was done for the day it was great to hop on the Trolly provided by the Vancouver Trolly company back to my complimentary parking stall….
I will be sure to attend next years show and I urge you all to do the same!