Bacon, bacon and more Bacon

    Bacon, Bacon, Bacon

Happy dog days of summer fellow foodies….
Have you noticed what a bang bacon is making these days?
You really can’t miss to be honest…..

Gone are the days of just expecting bacon with your eggs or on your hamburger or hot dog…. Here are the days of our culinary masters creating new and exciting bacon and bacon fusion dishes.
Who would have ever thought of bacon with sweets or desserts?

Here are a few interesting Bacon fusion items:
White Spot- Peanut butter banana bacon milkshake.

Pig on the Street Bacon everything…. (well except for the “No Piggy”)
The bacon at Pig on the street is all out of this world!
How about the Porker for $10.00 or the “Hair of the hog”? – A Bourbon caramel bacon fudge brownie… Mmmm.. Delectable! For $2.00

They source their bacon from a great supplier of antibiotic free and from responsibly raised environment of Gelderman Farms. Their bacon and pork products are a flavorful cut above!
Gelderman Farms link




Cartems Donuterie- Maple bourbon bacon donut


Edible Canada take out window- (closing for the season soon so get down there soon before they shut the window….
This window also serves everything bacon….. The menu speaks for itself.



How about their Bacon & Duck Rillette poutine for $9.00
Fries with Canadian cheese curds & caramelized onions. A true tasty twist on a Canadian cultural dish.
Also a favorite on some of the bacon dishes is the bacon jam, it was so popular they are going to continue to sell it in the retail store for you to take home and enjoy….


The definition of bacon:

An excerpt from Wikipedia
The word bacon is derived from the Old High German bacho, meaning “buttock”, “ham”, or “side of bacon”, and cognate with the Old French bacon. Bacon is made from the sides, belly, or back of the pig and contains varying amounts of fat depending on the cut. It is cured and smoked over wood cut from apple trees, mesquite trees, or hickory trees. Bacon is used as an ingredient or condiment in a number of dishes.

Many cultures use and cure these different cuts of bacon to creat different flavors or textures for different food uses. Other common names you may find different iterations of these cuts:
There are many types of bacon depending on the thickness and which part of the pig it is cut from. Back bacon has less fat and more meat, and is taken from the loin of the pig and then cured. Streaky bacon is made from the pork belly – the ‘streaks’ refer to fat running through each slice or rasher. In Italy, uncooked cured cubes of bacon with a layer of fat is called pancetta. Cottage bacon is thinly sliced pork shoulder cut into meaty oval shapes. Jowl bacon is smoked and cured pig cheeks. Gammon, commonly eaten in the UK and Ireland is from the hind leg of the pig and traditionally ‘Wiltshire cured’ (a traditional cure using brine which originated in Wiltshire, England).
An excerpt from

Types of ham vary between countries. In Italy cured or cooked ham is called Proscuitto; in France wet-cured boneless ham is called Jambon de Paris; Parma ham from Italy uses little salt and includes sugar and garlic salt to cure it sealed with pig fat to slow the drying; in Spain Serrano ham comes from white pig; tinned ham common in the US is smaller cuts of meat sold in tins with aspic jelly

To finish off some of the new ways that we have seen and should expect to see more often…..
How about Chocolate covered bacon, bacon ice cream, bacon vodka and bacon martinis, bacon cup cakes, bacon gum balls, bacon cake, bacon mayo and bacon pie….. The list could go on and I am certain it will grow as this salty treat seems to be loved by so many and seems to be coming a staple in many creative chefs offerings of new dishes and new wow flavors

Roast chicken with homemade bacon jam! Yes…. Wow


Bacon and bacon bits from Sunterra, great quality!
This is what I made with my Sunterra bacon bits… Wow
Bourbon Maple bacon Jam….


To finish off what I hope to be an informative blog post for you, I have a few quotes that have made me smile…

Overhead by some Pig on the street fans:

They are living the dream as far as I am concerned, they get to work with bacon everyday!

If it can’t be fried in bacon grease, it ain’t worth cooking, let alone eating. ~ Southern proverb

there is only two types of people, those who love bacon and proudly say it, and those that love bacon but won’t admit it

Love it or hate it you have to admit its likely here to stay.

You Gotta Try This!

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  1. Dear Dear … is bacon the new Crack?


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