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BC Fresh (Peaches) Stuffed French toast croissants

BC Fresh peaches Stuffed French croissants

Happy Sunny Saturday fellow foodies.
I was excited to try a recipe I had in
My head for the last few weeks and then I saw these…..

BC Fresh Peaches
The Sweet smell of the fruit starts your mouth watering right away!
To make Two servings you will need…..


2 – Croissants
2 – eggs
1/2 tsp of fresh lemon rind
1/4 of cream or half & half
1 Tbl spoon of brown sugar
1 Tbl spoon of butter
Cinnamon QB (as much as you think)
Ancho chili QB (just a shake if you don’t want to much kick)
1/8 tsp vanilla (pure, I used paste)
1/4 cup mascarpone cheese



Whisk together the eggs, cream, vanilla and a pinch of cinnamon. And set aside.
Peel the peaches and cut into even slices but not to thin.
Put in a pan with 1/2 the butter, brown sugar, lemon, cinnamon and ancho chili on medium heat to soften and caramelize the peaches for approx 10 mins.
While the peaches are caramelizing…

Stir or whip the mascarpone cheese to soften it, 3/4 cut the croissant(s) and then dip the croissant in the egg mixture.

Take the peaches off the heat after they are nicely caramelized and set aside for a moment.
Now carefully spread the mascarpone cheese on one side of the dipped croissant and now carefully spoon the peaches on top of the mascarpone side and close the halves.
Heat your pan to a med heat and put in the rest of the butter. As the butter melts carefully place the stuffed in the pan and brown.
Carefully flip and brown the next side. The mascarpone cheese will soften nicely and the egg mixture cooks just right as the bread browns.

Serve with warmed pure maple syrup I ether dribbled over or on the side.

pure bliss

The blending of these flavors are out of this world. The perfect melted mascarpone perfectly pair with the sweet fresh caramelized peaches.
The ancho chili is up to you but does add a nice kick and slight counterbalance to the sweetness.
This same recipe can be made with bread instead of croissants and also can be baked rather than in the fry pan….

Go out and get your BC fresh peaches and any fruit really…. And make your family swoon over this delectable desert….. Well ok breakfast!
You Gotta Try This!

Edible Canada- unique and wonderful spot

Edible Canada- unique and wonderful spot.

Edible Canada- unique and wonderful spot

Edible Canada is one of those spots that you just have to try. One can’t just look at it as just a store or a restaurant, I would definitely say it needs to be looked at as more of a culinary journey and experience that will take time and keep bringing more things to see and do along the way!
Start your journey at Edible Canada and take time to enjoy and savor your findings.
There are so many facets to the wonderment that Edible Canada has to offer on your journey that will open up the world of culinary enjoyment.
Why not start with a Granville Island market tour. Get a tour of the wonderful world of Granville Island and then end your tour with some tastes of Edible Canada’s retail goodies.
Or try a culinary tour of Chinatown…..
Keep the journey alive and try some of the ever changing menu items of great dishes at Edibles bistro……
On my previous blog I mentioned their ”

Alfresco Summer Dinner series

….. This was my first introduction to an Edible Canada event and if you didn’t see it please take a look Alfresco Summer Dinner blog
Click on the above link to see the wonderful experience that we had.

Back to the Bistro….
The menu is fresh and full of great flavors… There is some familiar items on it a well as some new and different items absolutely worth a try.
I definitely see the true commitment to sustainable ingredients and fresh / local choices in their bistro and retail store.
They also do their best to create mostly a gluten free selection but please ask if your unsure.
Sit either in their comfortable and contemporary dining room or on their nice wrap around patio


Look at this wonderful dish- East Coast Lobster Mac & Cheese. Canadian cheeses, double smoked bacon and caramelized onions to add the flavor wow to an already flavor packed dish.


And to top off with a sweet…..
Ginger apple fennel brûlée…. Unique flavor WOW
The journeys are truly endless…
Check back to the their website often as well as my blog for updates because the fun experiences are endless and a truly perfect way to hop into a culinary journey with some

Masters of the industry

Edible Canada – About page
I also would be remiss if I didn’t mention how friendly and knowledgable the staff is at Edible… A true great experience anytime you visit this wonderful bistro/retail store.
Learn more about the people behind what makes Edible Canada a successful going concern in the culinary world…..
See the team starting with the President that has been put together to be the The heart and soul of this company
the team of Edible Canada
When you are done eating or before you have, take a stroll through the retail store…. So many wonderful spices, sauces and other terrific goodies to explore. Again the store seems to scream local, fresh and exciting items….

I do want to mention that there is a perfect addition outside the Edible Canada location on Granville Island, it is an Electric car hook up or Recharge station in a few spots outside of Edibles bistro/store.



You Gotta Try This!

“;Edible Canada at the Market on Urbanspoon


Pig on the Street-Vancouver food truck

Happy Holiday Monday fellow foodies…
Pig on the Street keeps knocking it out of the park!

Whether its the cute little pigs with names, Chef Krissy’s desire to keep kicking it up a notch or our ever growing

Achin for the Bacon<
This food truck keeps growing in popularity.
They have grown to 3 people in their not so massively spacious rolling kitchen….. Which helps the flow and speed of getting your food…..
That said good things are worth the wait and sometimes take a little time to make it right

Some people who haven’t tried the delectable treats from this excellent food truck (provided you like bacon of course and who doesn’t ?) might just not know exactly what the truck makes….
Let me see if I can help explain the Bacon sandwiches / wraps.
Krissy and Mark make the Flat bread everyday fresh and from the finest flour and some special fresh ingredients that make a great flavorful flatbread.

Then the fun begins, Chef Krissy will start with local double smoked bacon cut just right….. Then the choice of flavors and textures is up to you!


There is alot of choices and flavors and believe me when I tell you that Some of Chef Krissy’s magic is in her fresh Avocado spread (like a guacamole but not exactly) and her infused mayos…. Mmmm

The result is more of a flatbread sandwich rather than a wrap due to the flatbread. Make sure that you grab some extra napkins, you WILL need them.
If you want something small you could also grab a twisty bread….. Yes there is a hidden bacon surprise tucked in to this twisty treat!

If you are serious about your bacon adventure make sure that you grab a Hair of the Hog
Or better known of as a bourbon Carmel bacon chocolate brownie. They sell out fast so make sure to order one up front!

The taste is out of this world and your fingers will need to be licked clean.
Do yourself a favor and try this different than you would make at home lunch… You will get hooked.
you gotta try this!

Street Meet Food truck -Vancouver

Happy sunny long weekend great foodies!
We took a trip down to the Street Food Fest at the Waldorf Hotel last Sunday.

Check this out as it is open until the end of summer and it is a great place to try some great food trucks all in one area as well as listen to some great music outside the Waldorf while you taste the wondrous flavors all in one spot!
This particular Sunday I was able to try
Street Meet
This beautiful food truck serves European style Street food with fine dining techniques.
The friendly (mostly Italian smiling faces) follow the motto

Meet…Eat…. Repeat!

An excerpt from their web page:
Street Meet is a mobile restaurant that serves up the most delicious Mediterranean food using the best local and sustainable products that are available to us here on the West Coast of Canada. Established in 2012 by Chef Alessandro Vianello and Chef Mike Carter, both born and raised in Vancouver.
The line up at the food festival was long but fairly quick and may I say…. Soooo worth the wait.
This great truck as I have mentioned in most of my blogs created food made from the heart and soul of these fine chefs and despite how hot it was that day (especially in the truck) did it with a smile!
First up:

Crispy Risotto Balls $5 – Stuffed with Slow Braised Pork and Green Olives, Truffle Aioli. Words can’t translate the flavor to the page but trust me when I say, outta this world Street Meet!


Pork Belly Bites $7 – Italian Agro Dolce Sauce
If my smile wasn’t already big enough this dish did it! It was the prefect balance of sweet and savory and again served on a bed of fresh greens….mmm

Lastly (but admittedly on a different day)…

Cannoli Cones – Tiramisu Filling
As mouth watering as one would imagine.
You must try one or share with a friend or sweetie!
Did I mention these fine chefs commitment to sustainability and local purchases? They do everything they can to source the best quality and healthiest ingredients.
Also this great food truck is:

Vancouver Street food continues to impress…
You Gotta Try This!


Looks great! Worth a read


I loved the reaction I got this week when I told the kids that I had made them homemade marshmallows. “Really – you can make marshmallows?” Keep in mind that these kids grew up with a mom who made everything. They weren’t asking whether I could make marshmallows but rather that marshmallows could be made at home. Frankly, I was just as amazed at how easy they were to whip up. A little play on words because that’s the trick – you should have a stand mixer to whip the hot syrup into the gelatin. It would be possible with a hand mixer but your arm would need a sling by the time you finished.

I started out intending to make a classic vanilla marshmallow thinking that I had all the required ingredients. WRONG! I had forgotten to buy corn syrup. First rule of thumb when you are cooking is to…

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Alfresco Summer Dinner series- Edible Canada

Happy Summer Friday great food lovers….
Have you ever heard about this spectacular culinary treat and food journey?
Alfresco Summer Dining Series brought to us by Edible Canada.
click on this link and sign up – Edible Canada tour page
From the moment I received this over the top caring gift from my family to attend this event the excitement started to build.
The chefs were announced, Chefs Connie DeSousa & John Jackson of CHARCUT
click on this link to Charcut Roast House website
But the location was a surprise “pop-up” not divulged until a week before!

As you can see from this shot the night started out just perfect.
We were pleasantly greeted and offered a perfect infused refreshment right away and left to marvel at the perfect view and mingle with the other friendly foodies in the perfect sized dinner party.

We were introduced to the two wonderful and engaging chefs Chefs Connie DeSousa & John Jackson owners of CHARCUT restaurant in Calgary. Chef Connie also known to many from both being a contestant on Top Chef Canada 2 years ago and a guest chef/judge this last season.
I truly can see why Chef Connie wowed the judges of Top Chef Canada! Both Chefs Connie and John are “top chefs” in my book!

The menu?

Each course was pre-explained to us by Chefs Connie and John which was a perfect set up to the flavor Wow about to be unveiled.
As you can see each course was perfectly paired with just the right wines from Mission Hill Winery to wonderfully compliment the complex flavors…. Edible Canada’s Sommelier was right on the mark!
Mission Hill Winery

One can’t perfectly bring the flavors into words to do the food and chefs magical creations justice. Silence fell upon the table as the first bites were taken and the smiles and hum of the mmmm’s told the tale.

After our Porchetta and beets came the most tender flavor filled beef

Wagyu Beef

Wagyu beef is beef grown from the Wagyu cattle. It was once nearly exclusively raised in Kobe, Japan, where it is considered the premium cut of beef because of its extensive marbling. In fact, while American Prime beef, the most expensive cut, is graded a 6 on a marbling scale of 1-12, Wagyu beef tends to be graded at 12, making it a very rich cut of meat.
The taste and flavor was out of this world and served with a house made Chimichurri seasoned rub and the dish was served “family style”


20120803-082623.jpg and served with wonderful BC nugget potatoes and green beans as well as a out of this world bone marrow au gratin!
The Chefs belief seemed very much “farm to table” and respectfully “all parts” of the vegetable and the protein.
Everything about this night was

Just Right!

The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed and our gracious host Edible Canada was helpful and a perfect host.
We finished with a mouthwatering whipped cream cheesecake with Granville Island fresh fruit.
In fact the Chefs shopped for all of the fruits and vegetables at Granville Island and fresh herbs from Edible Canada. The Wagyu beef brought from from Alberta and the Pork from Quebec.

This is an experience that you must try and once you have I am sure that it won’t be your last!
You Gotta Try This!

La Brasserie – food cart


Happy Summer night great foodies,
La Brasserie food cart in Vancouver…..

Go and see Dustin and Chris and your choice will be simple and served by friendly smiles of knowledge that their simple yet complex chicken sandwich will be sure to please.

The chicken will bring the thoughts of Comfort food to your taste buds and warm your heart and stomach.
Add on the crunchy onions for added flavor and texture and you will be sure not to be disappointed!
If you dare to have room left, try their home made butter tarts. Mmmmmm
Another great food truck that brings the

Wow flavors


You Gotta try this!

Worth a read for our health and well being

Take a peek on this blog, great info

zoetic * epics


What do you get if you mash together some of the hottest food sources in Toronto? Think Urbanspoon, Yelp, BlogTO. Then bring these hotshots with the best reviews and gather them together under one roof and just imagine what kind of tasting experiences and surprises are waiting to unfold!

Winston Chiu and the other members on the Board of Directors for TO Food Fest envisioned this “food fantasy” and launched the very first event on Sunday, July 29th at the Chinese Cultural Community Center in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

With such hype, we were lucky to get media passes from Susanne Wong to explore the event through an informative food tour led by our knowledgeable foodie guide, Jing Loh.

The usual media suspects at the Toronto foodie events!


With way too many vendors to taste test or mention, and truly a challenge to…

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