Puro Gelato- Planegg Germany

Puro Gelato
What a treat to find a genuine Italian Gelateria in Planegg Germany!
This is just a short but sweet blog post about a sweet and fresh treat!

Is there any better way to have a cooling treat but with Gelato? I think not…….


You are immediately greeted with a smile and a friendly


And then you see the mouthwatering flavors all jump out at you…..

A cone or a cup? Try a cone, they are fresh and light.
The flavors are wow and the ingredients fresh as they make the gelato daily on site.
The store is located on a quaint little street in the town with a nice little sitting area inside or out.
With 38 degree weather today let’s just say Puro Gelato seems to be hitting the spot for Local and tourists alike!


20120821-113349.jpg<br /

You Gotta Try This!

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  1. Ciao Andrea! Spero di venire presto a visitare la tua bellissima gelateria! Complimenti!


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