The Burger Bus

The Burger Bus…. Like a scene from the Partridge Family or Love American style for the look and the taste is outta this world!


Go see Sean and Pierre and get ready for a friendly greeting and 2 guys having fun while they are taking care of the passers bye…
Stop and try a great burger on a potato or whole wheat bun… And ask as I always do when trying a new food cart… “if I could only have 1 thing what would you recommend?”
Today I was offered 3 selections and decided to go for the “book’m Dan-o” or better known as the Hawaii 5-0.

Certified Angus beef smothered in carmelized onions and topped with their house made Hawaiian teriyaki flavor POW
Topped with melted cheddar and mozzarella cheeses (melted, the only way to go and grilled pineapple. Finished with tomato and greens and some other delectable white sauce of some kind…
The burgers are a little pricier but with the taste being bang on and the local organic and nitrate free ingredients I am sure you will agree that they are worth it.

The burgers are freshly grilled and as it was explained to me with organic

gluten free

burgers and locally sourced ingredients. I do don’t know about you but these statements are important to me. (so important I will be writing a blog article on the benefits of both statement soon)
As I said the burger was grilled fresh on a great clean looking grill and topped with grilled pineapple


and some fresh greens with a simple but tasty vinaigrette and cilantro (be careful to ask before if you are allergic to cilantro which many people seem to be)
While waiting for your burger you will be pleasantly chatted to sincerely and see Pierre and Sean having fun while they work.


I really believe truly from my heart and soul the statement that is on my blog “food from the heart and the soul” is what makes the flavors dance and pop in your mouth. The people are the heart of these food carts / food trucks and it truly shows in their food, if they sincerely love what they do and create their tasty treats…it will show in the flavors hands down. If they go from

farm to table

and they cook from the heart the results speak for themselves.
The finished product served with a smile



You Gotta Try This!

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  1. awesome! Great meeting you and happy that you enjoyed your food, sorry we didn’t have time to chat today at the bus! Thanks again awesome writeup!! you rock!!


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