Meat and Bread- simple but Wow

Happy Summer day great food lovers…..
The best thing about Vancouver is the absolute abundance of great spots to choose from. Cultural, fusion, food trucks galore, international, local fare and in this case simple good old Meat and Bread(like meat and potatoes but better!)

Meat and Bread web-click me
Check the menu for the daily updates as it changes up daily or simply surprise yourself and be adventurous…
Simple pleasures are sometimes all that we need with the sunshine to put a smile on our faces…..

Today on the daily special offer was Porchetta (or sometimes known as Porketta)
Also on the menu was “Thursday’s” sandwich – Azteca Turkey lime sour cream, tortilla and Arugula.

Or the Meatball sandwich with Grana Padano, sambal.

Also had was the potato bacon soup……..mmmmmmm…..

The atmosphere is casual and contemporary/modern at the same time and the staff friendly and knowledgable to a fault.
Try this great Vancouver spot but try and get there early… has built a reputation quickly for a simple menu with complicated and wow designs on flavor. You can stay as simple as you want or add any one of their special sauces or infused oils on the sandwiches or soups.

You can get your sandwiches to stay or to go……… And the tastes will touch your taste buds and warm your tummy all the same.
A great new spot!

You Gotta Try this!




and the finished product




Meat & Bread on Urbanspoon

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