Pasta with a kick!

Happy Tuesday great food lovers!

Well after a long holiday weekend are you feeling full?
Looking for a healthy option to get back on track and yet not lacking some flavors to warm your soul (literally)

This pasta is so good and so flavorful but believe it or not pretty good on the healthy side (all depending of course on how much cheese you put on….)

1/2 cup finely diced onion
Olive oil (QB- when enough is enough) but approx 1/4 cup
1/2 tin of anchovies finely chopped
1- tablespoon capers
Pepperincino (QB) this will all count on your taste for fire flavor
Oregano (1 sprig of fresh or more or a small pinch of dry)
Fresh ground black pepper
Garlic (1 bud finely chopped or more is you want)
2 cups of dry pasta of your choice….
Parmigiana cheese
Pepperincino oil for finishing

As soon as your onions are carmelized please start to boil your pasta.

In a pan heat the olive oil and put in the onions and cook to a nice carmelized look. When the onions look just right add in the garlic, pepper and oregano on a low heat and stir to let the flavors meld. Now add in the pepperincino, capers and anchovies (this dish can be made without anchovies if you prefer, just add anything you like or leave as is)
Turn the heat off and let sit while you drain your pasta.

When the pasta is just right and water is drained put the pasta right into your flavor packed sauce and toss to ensure it is all coated.
Place your beautiful and so aromatic flavor packed pasta into a bowl and top with parmigiana cheese and drizzle some finishing pepperincino olive oil over top.

Make sure that you have some fresh focaccia or your favorite dipping bread to serve with your pasta.

Buon Appetito



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