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Urban Spoon Review

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Famoso Pizza

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Mom’s Grilled cheese

Mom’s Grilled cheese.

Achin for the Bacon?

Happy First Day of Summer great Foodies…
Pig on the street OINKS again with the oinkalicious “Piggy Blues”
Mark and Chrissy are great hosts and will always put a smile on your face!
Come on to downtown Vancouver on this beautiful Wednesday and come visit the food trucks and their masters and delight in every bite! You didn’t make it so why not enjoy their magical culinary creations and walk it off while enjoying this beautiful day!

Today it was the yum Piggy Blues – double smoked bacon with grilled peppers, bourbon BBQ sauce, corn, cheddar, chipotle mayo and fresh Arugula all on Chef Krissey’s hand rolled and (bike milled flour) flat bread… All made with British charm! 😉
Enjoy this day Bacon! Why not!?
you Gotta Try This!


Mom’s Grilled cheese

Happy Sunny Wednesday Foodie lovers!
Moms grilled cheese launched her new menu a few weeks ago and on this perfect sunny day head on down and visit your VERY friendly and helpful Food truck masters….
Today Cindy (mom) made up a Hot Angie for me…. It’s Hot Angie Wednesday and the fan fare on this new addition is


Smiles await while you patiently wait for your handmade moms grilled cheese.
The Hot Angie- hot Cappicollo, spicy red pepper aioli, mozzarella and Havarti on crispy French bread!

The heart of these wonderful food trucks is solely the people and the flavors that they make from the heart and the soul.


you gotta try this!

That perfect cup of coffee at home

That perfect cup of coffee at home.



A true sweet treat


Happy Monday great foodies,

Every so often you need to take your taste buds along a new culinary journey and try new and wonderful flavors.
Next time you are in an Italian restaurant, cafe or your favorite Gelateria, look for this truly wonderful treat…..

the Affogato

Literal Italian meaning……drowned
My Affogato on this wonderful day was Salted Carmel Gelato with a fresh shot of Espresso poured over the top.
2 simple but sought after pleasures joined together to create taste bud bliss.
The beauty of this dessert is that you can choose your gelato flavor and once topped with a good quality espresso, look out you may be hooked!
Savor and enjoy this wonderful dessert and share some great conversation with friends over a nice coffee dessert.



Homemade Tiramisu

Happy Wednesday / Thursday everyone.
In true Italian Style my homemade Tiramisu

pick me up

is truly a simple but delectable dessert that is sure to put smiles all around.
I use only the best ingredients whether I am making traditional Tiramisu or Lemoncello Tiramisu.
Just a few basic ingredients and you are off to a good start.
6 eggs
5 tablespoon raw sugar
Lady fingers
Mascarpone cheese
Good quality espresso (I use my Nespresso machine)
Kaluha (coffee liquor) (Quanto Basta)
Brandy/cognac (Quanto Basta) which Remember means just enough, by your standards.
Valrhona cocoa
Shaved Bernard Callebaut chocolate.

Separate the eggs and beat the yolks with the sugar until smooth and creamy. Then fold in the Mascarpone cheese until smooth…..
In a separate bowl beat the egg whites until light a fluffy.
Then fold the egg white mixture into the egg yolk and mascarpone cheese mixture folding gently until fully blended.
Mix the espresso, and 2 liquors together
Now comes the fun…..
Pick your favorite serving dish, bowl or dessert bowl and start to layer.
I always put a little of the creamy mixture lightly on the bottom and then I dip each lady in the coffee liquor mixture and lay in a patterned row in your dish. Cover the whole bottom and when it is covered spoon enough creamy cheese mixture to cover your lady fingers.
Once covered I sprinkle some shaved chocolate and just a little cocoa until light covering the surface of your first layer.

Repeat the steps for the second layer and finish with a nice dusting of cocoa and sprinkle shaved chocolate over the finished surface.
Then cover and refrigerate (overnight is best)
Scoop into a nice serving dish and top with a few nice raspberries and a mint leaf for garnish.
Made with love this is a crowd pleaser.