Famoso Pizzeria – continues to please

Happy Tuesday all,

As I always tout food needs to come from the heart and the soul in order to make my taste buds dance. Italians find a way through simple rustic cooking and best ingredients to deliver the wow flavors that evokes smiles.
The other thing that we hope for is familiarity or consistency…… Famoso does deliver that so far.

Come for a while or a short time and behold the friendly caring atmosphere time and time again.

If you want the flavors but want a lighter meal or lunch try the “combo” Pizzetta and soup or salad and marvel at pizza magic that comes from the chef and the magical 900 degree stone pizza oven.
Today its soup with the Pizzetta…. Not just any soup but the Fire-Roasted tomato bisque (and as always made from scratch and made from the same beautiful imported tomatoes used in the pizzas from Southern Italy -Campania To be exact from the beautiful volcanic soils in the region. This delectable bisque is creamy and full of flavors that touch your inner soul. A perfect finish of delicate feta and fresh basil on top… Yum!

With the soup combo came my choice of Vesuvio Pizzetta… Always yummy and repeatable goodness.
One added fact about their flour, it is also imported from Naples Italy – Caputo 00 flour.

a highly refined and low gluten flour which produces that soft but crispy pizza crust<;/

All in all a cant miss experience for the simple pleasure of those rustic but oh so good flavors of Italy and a Neapolitan pizza that is a perfect bite!

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